May 31, 2011

What you can do if you don't have the Stone.

What can you do if you don't have the Stone ? If you doubt you'll have it some day, you don't have to wait for it, cultivate the qualities you want now.

I already said that the Stone is a mean to an end, not a goal by itself. You maybe seek different things through the accomplishment of the Philosopher Stone. It can be enlightenment, health, wealth, wisdom, rejuvenation...

You maybe seek enlightenment. In this case, practice "Now" Paths, alike Zen, Buddhists paths, and all spiritual Path that lead to an Awakening to your True Nature. It is very easy to find sources about this, a lot of forums, teachers, books, cds, even internet radios are available. The good news is this : You don't have to buy a lot of things, find a teaching that pleases you (more zen with Adyashanti, more hindouist with Gangaji, more everything with Eckhart Tolle, whatever !!) and moreover : don't let yourself be sucked into the tremendous amount of publishing and resources. This is very, very simple : BE, conscious, where you are, now, here, all day long, and also in some reserved moments of peace and calmness. Gently your consciouness will rise. Consciousness rises when it is more conscious of itself, nothing else can rise it than itself. When you are perfectly in the now, you'll be it, and you'll know it. Try to stay like that all day/night long. That's all. The rest is an amount of words and concepts... of forms. But if you like that, then dive into it, get your library full of books, dvds, cds, your head full of teachings, your agenda full of conferences, and retreats...until you're fed up (white stage), and let go of it, until you find a new interest, with a total detachement of all the "corpus" of these teachings (red stage).

If you seek health, then in this case spagerics, high spagerics, and other natural treatments are good for you. Plants, gems, metals, salts have useful properties for the body. Diets of Andreas Moritz (for cleansing liver and gall bladder), fasting, juice fasting etc, shamanic diet of a plant is very good. You can make a lot of good tinctures of metals, plants, gems, and they all will help you in some way, in order to promote health in your bodies. This is a great thing, because spagerics will work upon all the levels of your self.
All tinctures are good. Whatever the technique you will use in order to create them. Just make things with love, patience, quality matters. For me, when it is simple it works better. More a process is complicated, more I charge it with negative energy. Of course you can enhance your products with energy (Theurgy, Shamanism, Yoga, and other magnetism practices, as below). Try to focus on your organs, and the purification process of all of them. Try to focus on all the levels of your inner self (elements, planets, zodical forces) and clean them, enhance them, etc. It is a good way to start.

Practice an energetic path, in order to develop you inner body and your inner equilibrium (vitality, health, inner psychological equilibrium). Alike Theurgy, Shamanism, Yoga, and other magnetism practices. Franz Bardon gives a safe a very good path in Hermetics. It is sometime seen as a path of Power. Yes, and powers are like everything. Like a double-edged sword, they can tremendously help you, or they can be used as a weapon and harm people. Great knowledge mean great power, and great power need great wisdom. Te most important thing is to be able to equilibriate your energetical body, to unfold your astral, and mental capacities (like clairvoyance, imagination and so on). You'll learn about your energetical bodies, your chakras, and so on. Which is very important of course !

Practice sport (able to equilibrate yourself) like gymnastic, bodybuilding, stretching, aerobic, jogging, whatever works for your body and your nature (it must be holistic - tennis is for example, a disequilibrated sport, because only one arm work, but again, whatever works !!). Always seek equilibrium. If you are build like an halterophile, don't practice much of it, which would be a natural, but disequilibrated choice, prefer some swimming, stretching, and jogging. I, for example, practice bodybuilding since 12 years now, because I was skinny and of a rangy type. Now, after years, I'm having an equilibrated and athletic, healthy body, strong, flexible, able to run, walk for a long time, etc. It is before everything, a healthy mental attitude that must be cultivated. Trampoline is one of the best exercise for both muscles and heart, and you don't have to jump high for this. It is used by NASA since years with great benefits. You'll learn about diet, your muscles, and you'll have a sharp feeling of your inner body, because with the effort, you'll have pains, and they will focus your consciouness more importantly in your body, which is very important for the "Now" practice. The sense of effort, exercising your will to push your limits, is also very very good, it can give you confidence and even for some persons, amaze them because of capacities and potentials they would never imagine they could express. A sense of victory over their imaginary limits is felt. It's healthy and joyful !

Live a cool life. Go for a walk in nature, enjoy playing with your pet dog on the beach or in some parks if you can, enjoy sunbathing, and taking fresh air. Gardening is also very good, being in contact with plants, earth, cultivating vegetables is great and gives you rewards, you live in the cycles of nature and you can learn about agriculture (which is important for the Alchemy). Read a novel, look at a film, go to cinema ...
See friends, go to restaurant or a picninc, go for a lesson of Salsa, develop a social circle of nice persons, but again, in an equilibrated way. Don't necessarily stay with only spiritual persons, but go with other kind of people. Be adaptable. Don't drink, don't eat fat, or sugar, don't smoke, don't use drugs, don't eat too much or too less (be careful with red meat and BBQ). Find a good mate, or enjoy the one you have ! Or avoid staying with people that are negative and blocking your life expression. Avoid also places like that. Be careful of what you take inside yourself (like horrible pictures, films, songs, arts, etc). Do new things. Learn a new language, read a new book, go to see new things.
Practice a creative activity, paint, write, singing, play music, sculpt, make graphics, dance, etc, anything you enjoy, and it can even be your job ! Your creativity is very important. Let flow your inspiration and let it go. You can be surprized by your artistic capacity. Let go of your mental, of technique. Let yourself be in contact with beauty, force, life, joy, or sadness, love ... just find the right way for you to let it go. It can be through movements, colours, sounds, forms ... test what is good for you at the moment. Don't force, it is art, it is the Muse that governs it in you, it comes, or not. You have no control over it.

Think positive, adopt a positive and optimistic attitude concerning the present and future, and an ability to understand your own negative patterns and programs, and try to reprogram yourself. It is a very important thing. A lot of resources are available now on this topic. The subconscious' laws are important to know.

Practice spirituality (your ethic and non dual vision of the universe) everyday. Express your truth in your daily life. Get some inspiration in books of wisdom. Whatever works for you ...

If you're seeking gold, and then wealth, then practice archemy. Plenty of delicious, dangerous, expensive recipes are waiting you in almost every possible books of Alchemy ! Just a word : keep on ! (and wear a mask and safety gloves please, don't complain if you have a hole in your hand !).

If you seek wisdom, read philosophical books and make life experiences. And then take your conclusions. The fastest way to wisdom is probably immaturity. Now you know what to do.

Personnal developpement is also very important. Psychotherapy, psych.ology/analysis, etc can be good for you, a lot of thechniques can be important for helping your self. Holotropic breath is great and powerful too. Just find the technique that works for you.
If you want rejuvenation, then, get old and die, and you'll have a new, fresh body (next time you reincarnate) ! Or avoid ingesting oxygen while inspiring the air .. since it is what oxidizes us ! But it is not very easy...

All this is an act of love and respect for your self. It is a gift you give yourself. It is very important.

You can't give yourself the Gift of Gifts, which is the Stone, if you don't give yourself minor things ... and all these things are steps on a star, leading you to greater gifts. You get aligned with the vibration of the Stone.

If I speak of Karma I would say that, in order to have the Stone you must have the predispositions in all the levels ... I mean predispositions in the solar level for enlightenment, predispositions in the lunar level for your subconscious/psychic level, predispositions in your mercurian level for understanding and wisdom, predispositions in the venussian level for total love and acceptation, and the artistic abilities it will give you, predispositions in your martian level for the force and power you'll have, predispositions in the jupiterian level for the wealth it can give, predispositions in your uranian level for the revolution it will causes in your ability to function 'technically' in this world, predispositions in your saturnian level, concerning your health and longevity ... I made it short ! But I hope you get it. You need predispositions in every possible levels. All of them are one. This is why they are all enclosed into the Stone.

Anyway, it is just a quick overview of the possible things to do, in order to have an ersatz of the Stone in your life. Enjoy !

May 30, 2011

First or not First, that's the question...

The First Matter ... vast and difficult subject. One can actually perceive the extraordinary difficulty of this concept only, - paradoxically - after completing the 'whole thing'. Because, when you don't know what it is, it is simply this : ignorance. And being ignorant is a simple state.

We can find our mercury in minerals - but not as you think it could be found. We just have to know exactly how to trick the whole thing in order to art-ificially extract the Spiritus Mundi out of it. OR to be able to use them as "philosophical bridges" and "Philosophical keys".
But, minerals and all this stuff are not the First Matter. First mean, actually, "FIRST".

Of course, from another point of view, they are the First Matter, but under a *particular* form. So, we say it is not the First Matter, as Pure First Matter.
Yes it is cheap, yes it is everywhere. Cheap because it is everywhere, for everyone. Everyone, everything catch it unconsciously.

A lot of matters are involved under the term of First Matter. Sometime it is a First Matter to use in the process. But, only in order to have the True, Pure, First Matter.

Do not misunderstand the terminology, it is not a fix one, they had not the same codes for their pointers, it is the scientific mind of today that biased this. Authors, depending of their reliance to some schools of arcanas, or to some authors, etc, will use the terms differently, form is not important, the essence behind form is primordial. First Matter can be a lot of things. You can only have a good discrimination when, again, paradoxically, 'you get it'.

This 'vapour', is not exactly a vapour at first. It behaves like it, yes of course. It comes out of the gate of the Axis Mundi and the Perpetuum Mobile. With a system of flux, and cycles. We can see it in the Macrocosm, and recreate it in the Microcosm. Pure, simple imitation of Nature.

Imitate what you can see behind the curtain of Nature's Expressions.

Yes understanding the Book Of Nature's Expression (BONE), and the Principles Of Life's Expression (POLE), can be difficult but it is a necessary part to learn (and you'll have to unlearn so much, and stay with this capacity to unlearn, even when you think you get it, because nothing is more dangerous than certitude in alchemy, always embrace the paradox in your vision, because sometime you'll need to embrace both possibilities, and both are right) - I was saying, a part to learn before having a serious work in the lab. Nothing actually mature can come out of the Lab without a strong, firm, mature, vision of the Nature's Laws/Expressions/Principles/ etc ... You can cross the right path without seeing it, because you're blind ! Rearrange inside, and everything rearrange outside. And you can see it. You need a P.H.D in Hermetical Vision okay ? Or, you need a good friend. Or you need a direct Wifi Link with Nature Spirit. Or you can be a reincarnation of Paracelsus or of Hermes Trismegist (this one is ... less possible). Anyway, the Wifi Link must be sustained. Cultivated. And you can only have it if you have a strong need to know. Hermetical Vision, this capacity to reach this place behind the curtain, is a marvellous capacity to unfold the mysteries of the Universe. The goal is NOT the Stone. The goal is Fusion with everything. The Stone is just a mean to an end. Nothing else. Just a piece of matter, chewed by "Spititus Mundi".

You cannot run without learning to crawl, then stagger, then walk, etc. It TAKES TIME !! Yes, a long time. You can only be "a desperate Labmen" if you want to go quick. But even with the knowledge, you need something else to complete the Opus, it is something I will not speak here, because it is out of the subject, anyway Alchemy and the Magnum Opus is more than what we could imagine at first sight. We can only see the whole pattern once you are out of the Labyrinth.

Of course, when the old authors speak of the Mercury as a seed for metals, they don't speak of Hg at all. Vulgar mercury is not the source of all metals. It is just a liquid form. Alike all metals can be made liquid exactly as running mercury. Some authors stressed on this in order to make the Opus. But it is just a specific work. I don't say it is bad, or wrong, just it is ... good as everything else since the Spiritus is present.

We have to know that a specified matter will never give more than what it can give in essence, because a specification will only lead to a higher specified matter. If you have gold, then you'll have exalted gold. If you have silver, then you'll have exalted silver. Gold will act in you as gold can, in the gold's realms. Silver will act in you as a lunar force, and will not touch anything else, because it is beyond its scope of action. And so on. Ask gold if it can act upon the lunar side in you, and it will answer you 'ask Luna ! This is not my job !'. Everything will depend on the Source of the Matter you'll use. Generally of course, Gold or a seed of Gold is used - it is present in ALL kingdoms. Depending how one will work. But the best thing is to have the First Matter's Gold Seed. Because it comes from the Central Fire/Sun, it is Universal, and can lead you to the Universal realm, and Universal means that it can have an effect upon all the sides of creation, because it is actually the source of all "metals" or "planets".

And here is the trick : a specified macro or microcosm can give you a universal agent. Depending how you'll treat it. And some are easier to work with.

May 26, 2011

Sub-cycles, sub-colours.

Cycle is cyclic. Sub Cycles are in the Cycles. As such we have to be aware of that. Only if we want to be precise of course, but sometime we can have the need to know, where exactly we are.

Die to blackness. Let go of your archetype of victim, of hermit.

Black, green, white, red, are also composed of black, green, white and red. Here I took the example of the Green phase, with a black peacock, peacock, white peacock and red peacock. All these phases have a gift to give, and a trap in which one should not fall. We can experience also both sides, the "Light side of the cycles" and their Darkest side ... it is a necessity sometime.

Green, green, green. An amazing change. Learn to be alive.

Lately I was remembering my teenagehood, I felt that it wasn't enough green at all - nor the years after. I was feeling regrets. But it is stupid after all, because I behaved in the way I behaved, it is done, and it was like that, the cycle wasn't green, it was another colour. Now the colours are coming and going. And I have to accept them. Otherwise it hurts and will hurt.

You learn what is life. Now you can see it.

It is amazing how we can change during all these cycles. Several years ago I was fond of Non Duality and Enlightenment - it was my goal, but full of bypasses on my material life. I had the taste of the Bliss, the Vacuity, the Now, the Clarity, etc, I 'worked hard' for that. Now it is souvenir. And I don't care at all. I don't see Enlightenment as an important thing now. It's just a colour as another, not more important than the greenest green possible. We are not fix personallities. We change in the colours, even if we have a basis as "being".

Now I know and I enjoy it fully.

"Spiritual" People run after Enligntement. They run because they have to. One day they'll stop running, because they can see that ... Enlightenment stand where it stands, in due time, in due place, in due conditions, you can't run after something that do not move. A fruit cannot bring new seeds in earth before being a flower and being fertilized. Logical thing. I don't put spiritual stuff before material stuff. Material stuff comes into the material cycle. Spiritual Stuff comes into the spiritual cycle. Both hand in hand, alternatively, and both are not separated at all, because spiritual is material, and material is spiritual.

And of course, I speak now, from a biased point of view, because, of course, I am in a colour ...and I enjoy it. Really. I don't feel the need to have no colour.

May 11, 2011

Du Sel

Notre Lune ou l'Une, est un principe fondamental en Alchimie. Je ne ne parle PAS de la Lune ou argent vulgaire, ou encore de quelques métal ou chose composée que ce soit. C'est une matière (tiers de matière, puisque Sel, Soufre et Mercure).

Je parle ici d'un Principe PUR, seul et unique, en tant qu'archetype, c'est la Grande Prostituée. Les Sages, les Mystiques (en tout cas certains, comme Ramakrishna, vouaient un grande respect envers les paripapétitiennes).  Car elles ont cette capacité d'être des Amantes pour le plus grand nombre. Certains courrants mystiques ont vu "la Déesse" comme une telle prostituée, ayant l'amour de toutes les âmes.

Pierre Particuliere en Voie Sèche : Nigredo.

Ce Sel, ce "Sel scelle le Ciel au Sol", deux explications : en premier lieu car elle est notre Aimant(e) et Amante, car nous faisons copuler le Soufre, Homme, Mâle, Soleil, avec Elle, Femme, Lune, Mercure (et oui, elle est appellée aussi Mercure parfois = Mère qui Cure/Mère Cure !), elle Scelle le Ciel (tout ce qui est Pré Cieux est du Ciel), en cela elle est le principe terrestre de l'Oeuvre, sans elle, et sans lui, point de couleurs, point de régime.
Lorsque la femelle Veuve Noire, copule avec le Male, elle le dévore, ici nous avons le même destin. C'est le Régime Noir, ou Nigredo. Lorsque dans la conscience de l'Alchimiste/Alchi.myste, les archétypes sont bien éveillés, nous avons donc droit à la confrontation avec la Mère dévorante/castratrice ou au Père dévorant (Saturne) ses enfants, en un mot à tout ce qui à trait à l'angoisse de castration, de mort, de perte, (et je ne vous dis donc pas les rêves angoissant que cela peut engendrer jusqu'à ce que "ça" émerge, avec les symboles animaliers familiers qu'on connait, requins (les dents de la "mère", araignées par exemple).

Pierre Particuliere en Voie Sèche : Citrinitas.

Puis, avec la gestation au sein de son ventre, les couleurs vertes et blanches se succèdent, enfin la rouge, le Soufre revient en équilibre avec elle. Elle est présente, mais occultée, et lui rayonnant de Pourpre, phase Solaire (Sol.eil ("seul oeil") = elle scelle donc jusqu'au Sol !).

Pierre Particuliere en Voie Sèche : Rubedo.

Le Soufre et le Mercure seront dès le départ en équilibre, puis, un déséquilibre va s'engendrer, la phase 'magnétique' ou de solution va s'amorcer et les couleurs noire (terre) et verte (eau) viennent. La seconde phase, 'électrique' ou de coagulation se déroule, et va viser à rendre 'extérieur' le soufre qui est dans la matrice saline (en partie grace à ses médiateurs mercuriels). L'Albédo et le Rubedo se présentent. La phase de rééquilibrage se fait doucement, et les polarités dans la matière se remettent à leur place.

Pierre Particuliere en Voie Sèche : Poudre Poupre.

Elle accepte sans condition, pleinement, parfaitement, entièrement, à coeur ouvert, ce soufre teingeant, qu'elle va tuer desitôt la conjonction effectuée, le Rebis à peine consommé, les deux têtes tombent pour laisser place à une tête de mort (un caput "kaput").

Pierre Particuliere en Voie Sèche : Elixir en voie de préparation.

Nous avons beaucoup à apprendre des qualités de la matière dans l'Oeuvre et de leurs interactions. Souvent nous ne comprenons pas ce qui se passe dans notre existence, et pourtant nous pouvons voir que tout à une réponse dans l'Oeuvre de la Nature. Tout à une logique. Les relations humaines sont souvent le terrain d'un tel enjeu.

May 03, 2011

A-Z Genesis 101.

A-Z (easy) Genesis 101.

Big bang, do not exist, it's not big and not bang, it's all silent, and it's not explosive, and it takes place, between two infinites : infinitely big, and infinitely small, so, in no dimension possible, because there is no possible reference point, only a Nothing, but a Nothing is by definition, nothing at all...

Genesis is a perpetual spring, a fog, then water, and then a circulation and a densification. And also, a decreation. The Spring in order to exist must have a reverse process. Like Sun and Black Holes. This is the mystery of the cycle, and of multiplication. We know that when the Stone is multiplied, it goes back to the Source, it is an uncoagulation of matter, back to Silence. Silence is before the Word. The Word/Verb is a beat, a pulse, a wave, a sound, a vibration, a contraction and an expansion, a cycle, a ripple on the surface of silence, a music, and when this expression reach the limit of the Cosmos (which is the limit of its own expression in quality and quantity, which is under the sigil of Saturn) then there is a bounce, a decreation, going backward to the Source for the reverse part of the cycle. The Word have a limit in its expression, because the Whole Potential is Expressed. Each Creation and Recreation will always replay the same song. Because … there is nothing else in the nothing than an infinity of potential. Like all the colours in the rainbow are present in the white light. But this expression is marvellous, because it can by itself set a beginning and an end, a start line and a finish line, because by itself, it is equilibrated, balanced. Creation is a perfect thing. Again, it cannot be otherwise, simply because Nothing is Perfect too, as a mirror of the Nothing, it is then Perfect, even if you don’t think so.

True time is marked as cycle, the only way to mark a moment is to know the entire cycle, in order to have a reference point in the whole cycle, true cycle is marked by colours or phases; the alchemical time is marked by black, green, white and red, and back to back again and so on. But only by its own cycle. The cycle of another structure is not a reference point. We are not planets. We are not (totally) devoted to the planet and Sun's cycles. We are humans, and we depend on another level of the Sun. Each kingdom depends on a Sun. Even the Whole creation depends on a Sun. This is the Central and Universal Sun of the Cosmos.

An Enochean Call say : " the true colours of time", yes, they are indeed, because everything happens now, but not in the same space time. Otherwise, everything would be One and Unified, without ex.istence possible. Nowness in the creation process is diffracted.

The Whole Nothing as Potential will, and need, and must be Ex.pressed as Something. This is the Cosmical Scale, bringing equilibrium.
Spiritus Mundi, Anima Mundi, Sal Mundi, are the Expression of this Nothing as coagulated vibrations. The Word comes BEFORE Light (Sulfur). The Word is the Mercury, the information, from it, everything comes out. Everything you are, everything you touch, see, smell, etc. All this is an imaginary creation by the Nothing as a mechanical process. God is Life, and Life is Lived by Itself. The Whole Creation is an inevitable, and automatic process. It cannot BE otherwise, otherwise it is True Death, and it is impossible, because Life is Life ! It is an imaginary creation because only the mental principle set patterns and conceives things, that will come to density, but nonetheless, will always be from the Nothing, for the Nothing, via the Nothing, into this Something. Only the Nothing is real, everything else is imaginary. The Stone is an imaginary thing, created in order to makes you understand that this world is an imagination.
"It is you mind that created this world" Buddha.
Creation IS Balanced, Nothing IS balanced, but ALONE they are NOT ! Imbalance is just a partial vision of the whole pattern. Cyclic imbalance creates balance and perfect dynamic dis./equilibrium.

Spiritus Mundi is able to express the whole spectrum of the Divinity by making in and by itself a prism able to make a diffraction of its qualities. You have God;ess/Nothing, and you have a Some.thing (as Binah), that express itself as things, as a 'rainbow', this is the Chokmah state (for kabbalists). And then you have everything coming and dividing itself again and again until they create vortexes and begin to agglomerate into denser realities.

Matter finds a dynamic equilibrium in the cycles of its evolution. It is a whole pattern of expression, in perpetual communication.

The Beginning is an End. Depending the sense you take it, from where you come from.
The Primordial Void is a disequilibrium, that's why the Something must come to life, to
When the Something and Nothing are equilibrated it is the maturity of the Universe, but the Something will take the advantage upon the Nothing, and then the Nothing will come back in force. This is the Cosmical Ouroboros or Perpetual Motion/Perpetuum Mobile ad Infinitum. Because it cannot be otherwise. Everthing comes from One Source, Ex.isting as this expressed (ex.pressed something) in the Oneness, and going back to Oneness but in the Nothingness.

Spiritus Mundi comes into our Universe because of an imbalance in the equilibrium between things and nothing.
It is the Word, the Word is the flesh of the World. When you take the Word, and express the Word by yourself, both annihilate and recreate Primordial Silence. Noise or sound, or vibration, is the first something out of pure nothing.

Grasp the essence of the Art before your bunsen beak.

As a beginner you'll rush on labware, on protocols and recipes, you are eager to create tinctures and different products and most importantly, to test them in order to have results.

You want to express your creativity and your inner genius in your practical work with what (the little) you know. But, you have no experience yet, you don't even know how these products will work, some keys are obviously missing. Of course they miss because they are not found in books, or you can have them by an initiator. (and I wonder why it's always a kind of "101"- a lot of stuff on this blog, very important 'details' and informations, coming out of my practical experience in the lab was exclusive and new, and I wonder why, if all the authors have been actually working in the lab, why then, they don't express all this knowledge in their books, rarely, very rarely old authors speak about the inner contact with the matter in the flask, the contacted "archetypes"/beasts, the feelings and experience you can have in such situation, as if, a whole side of Alchemy was hidden or only existing as symbols in engravings, but it is a far more vast Science).

It is important to grasp the essence of the Art before being a technician in Alchemy. You technique is just a mirror of what you have inside yourself. At the beginning you have nothing personal (as experience and philosophy) in you, what you have can come from others via books, teachers, conferences, blogs ... but all this must be checked in the reality, and must pass the test of truth : Matter Never Lies. This is why Alchemy is one of the most concrete and palpable spiritual path. If the Matter shows you the Truth, if you don't see it, it is because of your inner chaotic vision. You cannot grasp a message when you don't understand the language, and when you are not able to decipher it.

Here are the two main problems : How to make the matter speak, how to understand what it says. Both depends of what you understand of the Art. Both can be solved by the Hermetical Vision or the True Understanding of Nature.

All this takes time & work, also a lot of engagement, dedication and energy are needed by the neophyte in order to have some advancement in this Art.

In order for you make matter speak, you need to open it, to make it evolve, and for this you need to know the Fires. Once you master the different Fires, you can witness changes. And then you can try to understand what Nature is trying to tell you. We can really touch cosmical concepts with that.

Empty techniques will yield nothing philosophical. You need to act philosophically in the Lab, and to make a conjunction of Lab, and Oratory in order to really have a Laboratory work. Only one will give nothing, both complete each other and are the complete philosophy. Alone they give nothing striking, but together they will generate a deeper impact on your psyche. And this is important.

Not all that shines is Gold, not all that is red is the Stone. Fool’s Gold is not just a pyrite, but an important principle. Discrimination can only be done by the mind’s eye, and not by the physical eye. Only the essence of the Art will give you this understanding of the real level of a production you have. Alchemical Science encompass a lot of levels of powers, from the simple extraction to the multi cycle evolved Pure Spiritus Mundi upon itself, which is the highest level of Stone. Between them you have a variety of productions, more or less powerful. Only the knowledge of the levels can give you a reference point for what you get.

Being an Artist is being a philosophical technician, with this Wild, Wise and Wide Vision of Nature in yourself, in a communion with the process you launch. You are just an agent of Nature, an applier of the Fires.

Matter never lies because it is an impossibility. Matter is the engraving of signatures, cycles, energies, process, evolutions, forces... and will express it as they are, directly under a language of forms. This is how God.ess speaks down here. The imprint, or fingerprint of Life is directly stamped into shapes and events, qualities of the matter. You see it or not. Having the Hermetic Vision is having access to this level of language. At first you find the language, and then you can speak it. The matter is the body of God.ess, as such, it is a precise vehicle of principles, the tables of laws were engraved into the rock, the laws are engraved into matter, this is the same thing. You can see specific things in the lab, and you can, will and should, broaden your vision by encompassing everything that is. You can decipher the whole creation. You can clearly find the Ariane's string into the labyrinth. Explaining this Vision in the detail would take a whole book, and one should have a strong stomach to digest all the principles and complexities of such language...but to the brave heart, everything is possible !

May 01, 2011

Effect of Alkahest upon pure Gold. Transmutation.

Some High Spageric process use an Alkahest in order to open and reduce metals into their first matters, and to create a humidity that will bring fermentation and blackness in order to start a new cycle of life in it.
It was a week ago. I used 2 gold leaves for the test, and 15 drops of the Alkahest. The process took maybe, 10 minutes.

After cooling it, I saw a grey dust at the bottom of the flask. I wondered if my flask wasn't clean at first. But no, a new element was there, under a metallic form.
Iwill not give all the process, but what Ican say it that obviously, a special part of the metal (the 'metalline' one) mixed with a specific part of the Alkahest (a structural one), created, with the energy released by the fermentation process of gold under the influence of vulgar fire and the cold fire, a transmutation or, a generation of a metal/recombination of elements.

I had to make several other tests with gold under various forms and this Alkahest to understand what element was at play.

Alchemy IS a Spiritual Path

Spiritual mean from Spirit. Alchemy studies Nature, and thus Nature's Spirit. If you discover what is behind those terms, you can find your own True Nature/Spirit, out of the bonds of Human Culture.

The Human race is a part of Nature, not apart, its arrogance is to believe that, when a human take an action in a natural process, it is no longer natural ... here is where the human stand : out of nature.

We regain this natural quality by being ONE, in fusion with Nature, yes, the Alchemist IS NATURE (in such state, there is no more "Alchemist" - I personally begin to reject this term, I almost do an allergy of all '-ism' and '-ist' and such, but I have no other way to speak for now).

Alchemy is a way, a medium, a path, in no way it is the Truth. It's just a way to make things clear in this jungle. Unlearning is essential, intuition too, you also need to be reasonably crazy (a certain kind of craziness - don't you have to be crazy in order to believe in the rejuvenation process ? But being out of reason will be a problem, we are not in these stupid mangas here, we have to be clear with what we seek and what we can reach in the next step).

Today, and it is incredible, millions of people heard about the Philosopher Stone in the books of JK Rowling's - 'Harry Potter'. What is even MORE incredible, is that on all these people, maybe a handful of them actually believed it is a possible thing - and that they can actually do it. There is no real rush in alchemical forums. Alchemy seems to be very dusty maybe, incredibly complicated and hermetic? An old, romantic, poetic vision of nature for crazy people. In reality, it is a hard clash with the strong and raw forces of Nature. How can the Alchemist deal with this Omnipotence ? By regaining it. You master it, or you are mastered. It's a path of wisdom, total love, suffering and solitude, happiness and miracle, gratitude and humility, knowledge and intuition, learning and unlearning, remembering and forgetting, of tremendous power and delicate blossoming, of wonder and profound disgust... Such a roller coaster ! All the opposites are united and live together; they must be lived, dreaded and enjoyed.

It is indeed not a simple path. Why is it so ? Because of the Cultural programming of people. How can you reach the rawest level of Nature's Power and Expression if you are not a True Virgin ? Virgin in culture. Once you unlearned everything that makes you a social being, you can find the expression of Nature into Culture, and you can enjoy it without problem. - I'm regaining this ability those days, it is a curious thing. Once you separated Culture and Nature you can join them together, in the right place. But only after, otherwise you can’t do any real difference between them, and what is right or not in culture and nature. Because after all, we are not living as wild animals in savannah, we mostly live in towns … with other social beings. We need to be readapted. Which is a natural process.

When you 'see' a process in Nature's language, it is simple, because you perceive it with the simple part of yourself (when you can reach it of course), and when you want to express that under a cultural form, in order to discuss it, or to share it, it endorses a very complicated form and expression. Culture is complicated, Nature expressed under cultural concepts, in order to be easily understood, with the less filter possible, must be put under the fairy tales' form, because the inner child is closer to the Alchemical world than any inner adult could be. The Inner Adult is an adult-ery form, between Nature and Culture, a bastard. I try to not express my alchemical adult-ery form here, because this blog would become such a mess with concepts and books, and sentences ... it's too much heavy for me to bear and express. But I still have this part, this very scientific, and rational part in me (Virgo one), but I’m able to express my child's Gemini side, more poetic, more sensitive, with both I combine head and hearth together, serious stuff and humour, in order to give an alive message, at first to myself, and then, to other.

For some Alchemists, Alchemy is serious Stuff, it's dry, not funny, a duty, a mission. They tell you to read books for 10 years (or 20 is better) and THEN you can do some lab work. They tell you to learn Latin, Greek, Arab, French, Italian, German and English. They tell you to go in European libraries in order to read the true old texts in velin folio. They tell you to go into old R+C orders and to find there a master, because doing Alchemy by yourself is impossible. They tell you how to learn to DO Alchemy, but it do NOT work like that. It's not a cultural and Human cursus, it do not work in a mental way, it's a path of Life. I answer okay to this methodology, only IF you don't HAVE *IT*. This knack, this stamp, this mark, this flame, this intuition, this ability in you, this talent, this profound need, this pain caused by duality, ce "tour de main".

You're a great cooker, when you make an Art of the technique, you're a great painter when you make of your technique a delight for the eyes, this "something" that another do NOT have. Mozart was a genius, a marvellous compositor, it was in his blood. Alchemy cannot be done without some genius talent. Maybe going a little to the autistic side ... a Nature's Autistic Side, not a Cultural one. This is mostly why Artists are linked to drugs, and "non reality" experiences (preferably, other realities). You clearly need to have a foot on the other world. This is from where comes the genius - a genius is an angel, or Spirit, the Hermes, that makes you a genius (a genius is not, what is commonly understood), as everything, there is a vulgar genius and a philosophical one !

Alchemy is not just "Alchemy", it is an ART, a "very personal way of expression", it is of course a capacity to be holistic in the perception and fusion with Nature, but it is still very personal. Even when you don't have ego, you still have a style. This Style is your signature, the way you sign your piece of Art, the baby you take care of in the flask. It's indeed Nature's Production, and Generation, but it is still Your Natural Expression, Nature will be Expressed Through You, because You and Nature are One; and there is No One Else Here. No In, No Out.

This capacity to make a technique an Art, requires two capacities, a receptive one, and an expressive one. A feminine part, and a masculine part. This is the natural androgyny of the psyche, it is very important to grasp all the sides of Nature, because Nature It.Him.Herself is in it's expression a polarized and medium polarized expression (here is the adult side speaking). This ‘Rebis’ must be well affirmed into the Child and the Adult.

To give an example: when a bi sexual person or a gay/lesbian person is stamped by hermetism or Alchemy it is generally (not always OF COURSE) an advanced person in these Arts. Even more when this sexual/polar orientation is fully accepted and lived with the Child part of the psyche.

Nature in His Expression created polarities and medium Polarities. Fire and Earth elements are extreme polarities, and we could say that they are heterosexual, because they are linked with only one element, for Fire, with Air, the medium, with Water, and Earth is linked with Water, which is the Medium with Air. Air and Water are medium elements, they are linked with two poles/elements, can we say they are bisexual, yes in a way. Air is slightly more feminine than Fire for example. Earth, is slightly more masculine than Water. They are all co-ordinated in order to create a perfect balance. Such is the role of gay, lesbian, bi, transsexual people in the energies of this world. They create a better equilibrium. Maybe a new kind of person will exist, true complete man and women, able to auto-reproduce themselves, like the Ouroboros. Some animals already do that like snails. Just hypothesis. But The Whole tend to be imitated into the Particular expression.

When it is a gay/bi man, the feminine side is generally far more reachable and accepted than into normal people - the womb is alive, and the nurturing breast also. The capacity to reach the cycle and the mystery of giving birth is updated in the psyche, maybe not every month, but often (and when you are heterosexual you discover that with Alchemy, ‘the cycle’). A macho man will have more difficulties with all this stuff, same thing with straight women, the penis is more at hand than in bi/gay girl's psyche. But even gay have their own sub polarities. Some are more ‘man’ and some more ‘women’. Isn’t it marvellous to see this expression of Life in such a range of variation ?

I speak by experience, I'm not gay (should I say unfortunately ?), but I know, and I knew gay persons, and I am still friend with some of them, that were like that, these persons are initiators for us so called "straight". We have to overcome our own DNA/hormonal disequilibrium in order to have the capacity to touch in ourselves all these worlds of possibilities that lacks us, most part of the time - but we don't really have to make an effort, because our cycle/path will guide us, Nature's process is already defined, and everything is done in due time, in the right conditions. Great beings are Androgynies. Having the capacity to develop a tremendous Masculine Power, and a marvellous forgiving and compassionate side, totally equilibrated, a perfect harmony, both here, and in the other world, some are just Light coagulated, that they can uncoagulate at any time. This is one of the high goal of the Game.

So if you have difficulties with gay/ lesbian people, bi sexual, transsexuals (and after all, any kind of person in this world), ask yourself if it is not a cultural vision, and that in fact you accept them as they are, as expression of Nature, because nothing out of Nature can exist here. If you have difficulties with some of their behaviours - and you feel uncomfortable with them, or seeing them behaving, you can see that some part of you are not liberated and expressed (maybe not SO much !! of course ... I don't ask you guys to wear a dress and lipstick and you girls to cut your hairs and wear ranger’s boots and being muscular). So, this is for repulsion.

Now attraction, as "straight"/hetero, I enjoy women, DNA tendency, and also probably a psychic tendency. My psyche is searching 'outside' some qualities or a ground in order to express them. Remember that we always cultivate what we lack. We speak of what is important for us…

I saw something very curious lately in my daily life, I've been amazed to cross people, in which I can see my own personality in them, like if it was me, but in another body. Very different people, of different ages, and sexes, and styles, but having 'my' personality signature... Not a few, but a LOT ! Thus I guess that I perceive what is the general integration of the universal personality in other and in myself. And you can see what you are by the acceptation you have of these persons and actions they can do. You can only accept the world totally when you have been it all.

This is a daily Alchemy I could say. 'An Alchemy' is a marvellous harmony. It is. Alchemy is a Spiritual Path, by which you can gain access to your True Divine/Natural State of Consciousness. And this is the most important thing.

Alchemy can lead you to several "miracles" as creating autonomous moving images, creating new creatures (in different realms - known as homunculi), regeneration /rejuvenation of living beings and giving them a higher level of energy, and spirituality, a very very long life, transmutations of metals, and transformations of structures (salts changing their crystallization form for example, and their colour), matter evolving through different colours by cycles, you can bring dead to life, and give inner death to living beings - in all kingdoms, you can heal illnesses, you can gain powers and develop abilities, you can gain access to different realms of Nature and see the living beings there, you can develop Wisdom, I said it, it is our WWW : Wild, Wise, Wide. In a word, "an Alchemy".