April 22, 2011

The Book of Nature's Elucidation - I was blind now I see the P.O.L.E.

The Book Of Nature's Elucidation : B.O.N.E. And the P.O.L.E concept.

Once upon a time, I was blind. I say once upon a time, because this BONE is like a fairy tale (again, yes). It's imaginary, it's a story, it's a world. Exactly where we are now. Now.where.

I already said it : if you don't have the eyes of a baby, blossoming to this world, you'll have old structures in front of your eyes, acting like opaque glasses, filters and blinders - you'll not see. Remove them and everything is clear. It's indeed so clear that it can blind you. Alike Plato's Cave example, if you come back and speak to people of what you saw, they will not accept your speach. It's out of their possible understanding because it must be an experience of life, and not a meer mental concept.

This is a root experiment. This vision is induced by a personnal, profound, deep and structural rearragement in the alchemist/hermetist/;"guy.girl"'s psyche and bodies.
Rearrange inside, and everything rearrange outside. And you can see it.

In my daily life I speak a lot of Laws, Hermetical Principles applied in the cycles, compositions, structuressignatures and natures of living beings present in this matriochka universe.
The vision of 'It cannot be otherwise' is an impressive one. Because when you see clearly the BONE, and when you have it, the veil is being removed. Once the BONE is worked in daily life and subconsciously understood, a whole new array of experiments are opened to you, and a new quality of life also.

Of course BONE is a pun. It's because you have to perceive the whole thing/game to the deepest possible core of Nature Herself. The BONE is something palpable, you can touch it, smell it, see it, draw it, look at it evolve, and interact with it. BONE is the program of creation, preservation and destruction of everything/anything, every/anywhere, every/anytime. 

Thing = something poping out of Nothing.
Where = here (here is everywhere).
Time = now (and now is always).

It means that BONE deals with the Now. Where in No.thing.
Of course, it also deals with the Some Where out of Some.thing.

The Book Of Nature's Expression vision is vast, it's embracing everything, it is the pure philosophy of this world, without religion, without unverified concepts or theories, without culture infused in it (which is a chaotic factor because it is with blinders and taboos, etc). It's based upon Principles Of Life's Expression : P.O.L.E.

POLE is base upon ... polarities (tadaaaammm !! I wouldn't suspect it), POLE and BONE are the same thing in a different level of expression, one deals more with duality and this world (POLE) and the other one embraces everything even POLE itself. You need POLE to understand BONE and BONE to understand POLE.
POLE and BONE are one and the same thing after all... It deals with EVERYHING in this Nature's Expression. As I said earlier : "cycles, compositions, structures, signatures and natures of living beings present in this matriochka universe."
When you find a POLE expression/Law (to make it short), it's because you reached its level. When you reach a new level the Patterns Of Life's/Light Expression (this POLE = the first POLE cause it's the same) is seen in a clearer way and you world vision expand a little bit. Each time a little bit. And you can "discover" amazing things !! Hard time for blinders ...

Hermetism is not new. Alchemy is not new, it's only new to you, to me. Everyday it new for me. Fortunately it is. Hermetism is a label. Alchemy is a label. I would prefer to use POLE and BONE, it's speaking far more to me. Alchemy is too much full of history and cultures and social concepts, it's not pure "BONE".

All this is part of the Oratory part, these concepts must be understood because they have a direct impact upon the Lab expression of an Alchemist, because it is a reflection, a mirror of the interior level of perception of the BONE !
The perception and understanding of the Book Of Nature's Expression depends a lot of the Hermes in the Hermetist. The Hermes is this "something" you have, this knack and this fire in the deepest place of your heart for the breaking/understanding of the Matrix. What is the Hermes if it's not a spirit ? It is the abaility to see through the old vision. The old vision is the cultural one, the parental one, the delusionnal one. The one that makes you believe in false things. This hallucinatory state is based upon a vision without understanding of what surrounds you. It's like living a in chinese dictionnary and not understanding a single word !! (or Hebrew one ... ;) ) When you begin to perceive ... damned ! You begin to have the code ! There IS a code ! There IS a designed and functionnal Pattern. Oh WOW, S**t !! This happened by the medium, the hermes is you, able to unlock the locks in you. It will not unlock something out of you, but you will then be able to unlock things in this world (I didn't said out of you, because it's not the case, there is nothing out and nothing in... because what's in is alike out, and vice versa... so look at your life and tell me what's in you !!).

Anyway, seeking the "lost" Book Of Nature's Expression is passionnating. And it is a marvellous quest. It's very very rewarding spiritually.