March 04, 2010

French TV on Alchemy

DVDs on old Hermetical Writing

I have not yet buy these DVDs but the titles seems interesting :

If someone have a commentary about the The Phoenix Library let me know please, thanks !

A valuable collection of original manuscripts full of classics in the field of Alchemy, Magick and Astrology, from the 15th through to18th Century. With an interactive interface, finding, reading and printing the books is made easy.
The library of Alchemy books offer all the wisdom and source material an alchemist needs for successful experimentation in the Spagyric and Alchemical realm. Most of the content is focused on attaining the Philosopher's Stone, the legendary Elixir of Life. These books also teach how to prepare alchemical elixirs, tinctures and essences from herbs, gems and metals.
The library of Magick books instruct in the casting of spells, invocations and magickal rites. Diagrams of Talismans, Amulets and Sigils are illustrated throughout. A great reference library of general occult philosophy for magicians or wiccans alike.
The library of Astrology books reveal how medieval Astrology was practiced according to the ancient adepts and soothsayers. Instructs in the casting of Square Horoscopes, Natal charts, Predictive Astrology and more. A must for serious astrologers.

These e-books are scanned from microfilm copies of the original documents, therefore they are not text-editable but are high resolution images in PDF format for easy reading. It's as if you had the book right there, which reduces the risk of translation errors that may have occurred in the last few centuries. All books are in English.