July 31, 2014

Alchemy and Psychedelics

(ATTENTION : I don't smoke nor practice drugs habitually, everything was done perfectly legally in Amsterdam, place where these substances are tolerated. I do not promote nor encourage the uses of these substances. The experiences here are narrated for information purposes only and philosophical researches).

After smoking a bit of cannabis (light, just to be high) here is what I saw and understand :
I see a sadhu with dreadlocks smoking a huge bang.
He turns and faces me he invites me to smoke. I take three times of this smoke/energy. I feel a choc in my aura. I know I've just inhaled in myself his force. I think it is a contact with the Archetype of the Sadhu who is one with cannabis.

I understand that the smoke acts as a medium between "heaven", its natural place, and this wold down here. It's a sublimation, and smoke makes us go high with her.
Smoke gives us the possibility, with the hallucinogenic substance, THC, to rise up to "God". In a way, all these hallucinogenic substances are only one substance, cooked to a different level (alike metal in the earth). They are a Mercury. And all of them have the facultie alike alcohol or ether for example, to make you dizzy, and to give you a "psychotropic" effect more or less pronounced in function of their dose of "air" or Mercury. 

Smoke makes a bridge on which we can walk in order to go higher and dive into "God". It permits us to "rise", and also to catch and anchor in our world, this so specific energy.
It opens us and gives us access to something that we cannot always touch naturally.
Not that it adds us something that we don't have at first, but it releases the blockages in us, things that we have that blocks the perceptions.

The idea is to go farther than this external substance, and to success by yourself, to go as high. Because we cannot go higher than the degree of coction of the sulfur of the plant itself ... this is limiting us in the experience that we can do of it.

We also have to understand that the intention that we expres when we take psychedelics is very important,it will orientate our mind, making in fact that the plant can work on ourself in a different direction that a lot of people take, and which is a dead end in fact. Using these plants to have fun is not my goal. Normally, alcohol, tobacco, & psychoactives plants are sacred, and are used in precise social and ritual contexts. They are the allies of the shaman (albeit not all of them use plants), of the guide, the healer, of the wise. But in our society, they are just for fun and business, forgetting problems of life, flying from reality.

The Nagual, or the other world, can only offer what it is, what it has. The Tonal, our physical world, should not be run out by the uses of plants. But it can be understood under another angle, the two worlds are strongly linked. And the plants makes the jonction.

Psychoactive plants are more than probably the most "mercurian" that exist. They are possibly the most evolved of that kingdome. They are/have a dream (every plant, gems, metal, etc, has a dream, or a world) the is wider and wilder than other plants. More a plant has DMT in its structure and composition, more its dream is "high".
These plants are the sporadic allies for spiritual opening, psychic healing, energetical too, and physic also. They bring us with them, thanks to their Mercury, they penetrate the highest kingdoms and thelowest one, the most exteriors, and the most interiors to us. And our consciousness is carried with them.
Because they are aware and intelligent spirits, full of wisdom and love, they read in us & understand what we need. Once ingested, whatever the form we use to do so (smoke, herbal tea, juice, onction...) they penetrate our system and expand our channels. What was stucked can go out, our spirit is carry away, and we recieve teachings.

Can we think that these plants are kinds of Vegetable Philosopher Stones ? We can ask the question.
Technically, I cannot say yes. But, nonetheless, their degree of power, their spirit of wisdom, can show us a reat and deep maturity in these friendly and loving plants. But they are not perfect. My answer could then be, yes, and no.
But they have a faculty to make us feel very particular spiritual states of being, like forgetting who we are, and the reality of the world. Which is initiatic and wider than what we are.

These experiences of forgetting the personnality reminds me the primordial question of "God" : "who am I" ?

During the Amsterdam Alchemyforums Congress of last week, I took part in a ceremony with ingestion of sacrd truffles (the strongest one and we ingested 25 grams, and smoked also a enhancer based on a mix of plants, after approx one hour after ingestion of the truffles). The experience lasted approximatively for 7 hours. It is from that, that i take the conclusions and informations presented here.

One of the person present made a break through, forgetting where he was, who he was, and who we were too - frightening. Panic can be felt and the total loss of  landmar can be truly scary. Things were no more real for several of us.

We were 6 and every person in the group had probebly had a similar experience once, a profound un realization of the world, of the self. And the important, crucial thing is to have a clear answer to this question.
And it can be manifested differently according ot people.

The truffle spoke to the shaman of our group, (that formed a shield around us). It told him that it cannot do the experiences more or less easy, or strong for us, just putting us into the trip and that's all. Just giving us the right state to receive what we were meant to receive. 

The plant had a healing from our shaman and was very happy of it. The spirit of the plant worked alike a cloud of heat, full of bright colours, swirling above our lied down bodies/and spirits.
It had like arms of light upon each on of us. And was staying at the center of the group.

Dev explained me that there is three rings of power : cannabis the lowest one, then psylocybine, with maybe mescaline if I remember well, and at last DMT. It is from there that I take the idea that all the psycho active molecules are the same molecule, but not cooked at the same level, and charged of more or less mercury.

He also explained me that every psychotropic plant gives us to see a grid, a pattern of pure geometry that is over the world and that is present in the visions. It can be animated, changing, dark, or full of colours as it was my experience. I saw rainbow fractals, and rainbow labyrinths ... but always with a process of exploration and healing of it. Sometime broken, sometime dark, sometime entites were inside it. Sometime it was pure gold, and clean, with the form of a church.
Ayahuasca, l'Iboga, or other, present seemingly, all a grid.

I also communicated with the plant. I explained it that I understood that the pattern was a prism to my own light or consciouness, and it was diffracted, this explained the rainbows everywhere. To what I received an electric choc from the crown chakra, saying a bit roughly what I took for a 'yes'.

It transports us through the pattern/labyrinth and gives us the opportunity to be healed. 

the physical effects are impressive. Loss of landmarks, coordination, consciousness, hyperventilation with tetany, visual and sensory hallucinations (I have believed, and saw that I was bleeding from the nose, they then gave me a handkerchief for me to sponge it, but they knew that I wasn't bleeding at all ... the important thing was that I realized that I wasn't bleeding !). Distorted visions, vision of the grid on people and objects around you, with your eyes opened, pupils fully dilated, loss of contact with your body and even OOBE, spasms, mucus discharges, euphoria, joy, ecstasy, psychological effects of loss of sense of reality, or of personality, physical pain, general or localized extreme hot/ cold, very very profuse sweating, states of excitement or lethargy, impressions of falling, flying, expanding ... and who knows what else.

It is important to ask several things during this types of trips :

Chew your truffles asking sincerely the guidance of your higher self, ask to see what you need to see, ask for the knowledge of the plant.
In all cases, we must accept what comes and we have to let things happen. Shamanic healing work has nothing to do with a pleasure trip. As Dev told me: Bad trips are best trips. Bad trips do not exist. This is what teaches us the most, what makes us grow. Other types of fun trips, those of ecstasy, teach nothing. It is normal, necessary and totally obvious that we will have psychic and physical tests when we go in such trips.

The grid of consciousness of these plants is very wide. At the beginning I saw myself at 300 meter above the rainforest, on a small plateform made of few peices of wood, the whole thing in equilibrium on one thin pillar of wood. Slightly under me, at my left hand, rainforest indians on same plateforms. More than probably the spirit of shamans in the same trip, or maybe humans guides that resides there. I had the same type of meeting happened in the beginning of this article, with the sadhu and also when I was practicing the Kriya Pranayama, I found myself in the Himalaya with meditating sadhus. 
The state of consciousness affects our mental and spiritual level. We encounter the students and masters on the same waves lenght. We are never alone when we practice something spiritual.

The night after I dreamed that mercury was running out of my left nostril. This happens when I have a cleansing, via a tincture, of heavy metals. This is how my mind tells me what is happening. This plant is cooked at a similar level already, and able to perform a purge of heavy metals. The night after I redid a "trip" but I have no memories. And that night, I made a sort of conscious astral out of body but without vision. What I do know, is that this plant is still always a bit in me, even if the substance is probably out.

I think I could reconnect with her in the future, just with my mind. I had already done that with ayahuasca, yet never ingest. The mental journey here will be that much easier, because I've been in contact with it.

The experience of hallucination is very interesting from a spiritual point of view. Loss of contact with reality makes us understand that the mind, once lifted with a high "mercury", loses its density, the real world is losing in accordance its reality. The question then arises: what is real? We have the same question when taking distance is the same, of our ego / personality. Who am I then? 

The answer is: I am. There is no "thing" to answer such questions. What is real, IS.

This puts into question the true nature of the world, worlds. The astral world is the world illusion and is just  a world of a higher degree to ours. In ours, the shapes are just "fixed", more stable, in fact, less mercurial and cooked. We cna also say coagulated or crystallized. This does not prevent it to not be however unreal. It is just an hallucination, or hear, a mental creation, more stable. Simply with a degree of stronger density. Basically, a collective hallucination and a divine one.

When we are in the astral, the material world is only a vapour. In this world, everything seems so hard and dense. So our senses deceive us according to our degree in the illusion. From our point of view.

We need to understand the role of the Philosopher's Stone in such a context. A mater, which is cooked and fixed, giving an answer to the profound questions of the humans. It gives initiation.

It is a substance that normally is found in nature (maybe not on this planet, but as something quite natural, nature can produce it). It is psychoactive ... initiating, supporting healing, of rejuvenation over the long term. 
The question is: is that R + C which rejuvenated for 40 days, was not a type of shamanic trip of 40 days in reality ? My answer is: it is probable. The effects are the same, except that we do not really know if there is a trip, it was always kept under silence.

The Stone would be THE psychotropic par excellence. What's better than a psychotropic substance for a world of Divine hallucination ? I said earlier that two things were involved in psychoactive substances: mercury, which is hallucinogenic, the carrier of consciousness and sulfur, which itself takes you higher or lower depending on its coction / maturity and which opens the door, it also carries the light from above. It is the active substance. There is the elevator (mercury) and the elevator button which gives the floor level and the experience (sulfur). 

What happens when you ingest it, times in this case ? It seems that you can go on the top floor. And you fly.

The loop is closed between Shamanism and Alchemy. My understanding is becoming clearer every day and things are enlightened in a new light.

I also understand that the Sulphur in us is consciousness (Shiva) fixed. And mercury is the Shakti (the principle of lifting and lifting the mind).

Internal Yoga  Alchemy is both a physical preparation of the receptacle and of the energies in it, and also a complete internal initiation system without the use of an external support for these substances.  You see, our pineal gland produces DMT naturally ... most likely in connection with the kundalini. It is a fluid capacitor carrier of the mercury and our Sulphur, and in the cases of higher initiations, a Perfect Divine Cosmic Sulfur/Light. According to our degree of internal psychic coction and the ability of our body to bear physically the energy of the High voltage of the Perfect Divine Light, we can be lifted up, even very high, even ultimately high.

July 30, 2014

Les plantes psychoactives et l'Alchimie

(Avertissement : Je tiens à dire que je ne fume, ni ne pratique les drogues de manière habituelle, et tout ceci c'est fait en parfaite légalité à Amsterdam, lieu où ces substances sont parfaitement tolérées. Je n'incite ni ne recommande ces pratiques, qui sont illégales en France. Ces expériences sont relatées dans le seul but informatif et à portée philosophique, je ne recommande évidement pas l'usage de substances).

Après avoir fumé un peu de cannabis (léger pour être high) voici ce que j'ai vu et compris :
Je vois un sadhu avec dreadlocks qui fume un pétard géant.
Il le tourne vers moi et je le vois qu'il m'invite à fumer. J'inspire trois fois cette fumée/énergie. Je ressens un choc dans mon aura. Je sais que je viens d'inspirer en moi sa force. Je pense que c'est un contact avec l'Archétype même du Sadhu qui ne fait qu'un avec la plante cannabis.

Je comprend alors que la fumée agit comme un médium entre le "ciel", son milieu naturel, et le monde d'ici bas. Il s'agit d'une sublimation, et la fumée nous fait monter avec elle très haut.
La fumée nous permet, avec la substance hallucinogène, le THC, de monter vers Dieu. En somme, toutes les substances hallucinogènes ne sont qu'une seule substance hallucinogène, mais cuite à un niveau différent. Elles sont un Mercure. Et tous les mercures ont la faculté, comme l'alcool, l'éther par exemple, de faire tourner la tête, de donner un effet "psychotrope" plus ou moins marqué en fonction de leur dose "d'air" ou de Mercure. 

La fumée fait un pont sur lequel nous marchons pour pouvoir aller au plus haut, et plonger en Dieu. Elle permet de nous "élever", mais aussi de capter, d'ancrer ici bas, cette énergie si spéciale.
Elle nous ouvre et nous donne alors accès à quelque chose que nous ne pouvons pas toujours capter de manière naturelle.
Non qu'elle ne nous ajoute quelque chose que nous n'avons pas, elle nous enlève justement les blocages que nous avons en trop et qui nous bloquent dans nos perceptions.

L'idée est de dépasser cette substance externe, et de réussir par soi même, à aller aussi haut. Car nous ne pouvons aller plus haut que le degrés de coction du soufre de la plante elle même ... ceci nous limite donc en partie dans l'expérience que nous pouvons en faire.

Il faut aussi comprendre que l'intention que nous avons lorsque nous fumons est très importante, elle va orienter notre esprit, et faire en sorte que la plante travaille sur nous dans une direction différente de celle que beaucoup de gens prennent, et qui ne mène à rien, si ce n'est se perdre. Utiliser ces plantes pour s'amuser n'est pas mon objectif. Normalement, l'alcool, le tabac, les plantes psychoactives sont sacrées, et sont utilisées dans des cadres sociaux, et rituels très précis, ce sont souvent les alliées du shaman, du guide, du guérisseur, du sage. Mais dans notre société, elles ne sont que business et défonce, amusement, oubli de ses soucis, fuite de la réalité.

Le Nagual, ou l'autre monde, n'offre que ce qu'il est, que ce qu'il a. Le Tonal, le monde d'ici bas, n'a pas a être fuit par les plantes. Mais il peut être compris sous un autre angle, les deux monde sont reliés fermement. Et les plantes permettent de faire la jonction.

Les plantes psychoactives sont très probablement les plantes les plus "mercuriennes" qui existent. Elles sont possiblement les plus évoluées de ce règne. Elles s.ont un "rêve" (chaque plante et gemme, etc, à un monde à soi, un rêve), qui est plus vaste que d'autres plantes. Plus une plante a de DMT ou de substance active, plus son rêve est haut.
Ces plantes sont des alliées sporadiques à l'ouverture spirituelle, à la guérison psychique, énergétique, physique. Elles nous portent avec elles, et grâce à leur mercure, elles pénètrent aussi bien les royaumes les plus haut que les plus bas, les plus extérieurs que les plus intérieurs. Et notre conscience est transportée avec elles. Comme ce sont des esprit intelligent et conscient, emplis de sagesse, elles lisent en nous et comprennent ce dont nous avons besoin. Une fois ingérées, peu importe sous quelle forme (fumée, tisane, jus, onction ...) elles pénètrent notre système et dilatent nos canaux. Ce qui était bloqué ressort, l'esprit est transporté et nous recevons des enseignements.

Peut on penser que ces plantes sont des sortes de Pierre Philosophales végétales ? La question se pose. Nous ne pouvons techniquement pas dire "oui", elles le sont. Cependant, leur degré de puissance, leur esprit de sagesse font entrevoir une grande maturité dans ces plantes qui sont très amicales et pleines d'amour. Mais elles ne sont pas pour autant parfaite... Donc je dirais que oui, et non. Elles sont pourtant bien une faculté à nous faire ressentir des états spirituels très particuliers comme l'oubli de la personnalité et de la réalité du monde. Ce qui est initiatique, et aussi plus vaste que ce que nous sommes. Ces expériences d'oubli de soi rappellent la question primordiale Divine d'avant la création : Qui suis je ? 

Lors de l'Amsterdam Alchemyforums Congress de la semaine dernière, j'ai participé à la prise de truffes psychotropes (les plus fortes, et nous avons ingérés 25 grammes, plus fumé un mélange de plantes permettant d'augmenter l'effet à peu près une heure et demi après ingestion). L'expérience à durée environs 7 heures. C'est de là que je retire ces compréhensions ici exposées.

Un des participant a fait l'expérience de l'oubli de soi. La panique peut se faire sentir, et la perte totale de repères est effrayant. Il ne savait ni qui nous étions, ni où il était. Les choses n'avaient pas de réalité.

Chaque personne présente dans le groupe, nous étions 6, avaient fait je crois au moins une fois cette expérience profonde de déréalisation du monde, de soi. Mais l'important est d'avoir la réponse à cette interrogation. 

La plante a parlé au shaman de notre groupe, et lui a dit qu'elle ne pouvait pas faire les choses plus douces pour nous, elle ne pouvait que nous porter dans l'état en question et nous permettre de recevoir ce que nous devions recevoir.
Elle a reçu une guérison de sa part, et en a été très reconnaissante. L'esprit de la plante travaillait comme un nuage de chaleur au dessus de nous, tourbillonnant et se déplaçant avec ses couleurs chatoyantes.
Elle étendait ses "bras" de lumière sur chaque participant, et s'était placée au centre de notre groupe.

Dev m'a expliqué qu'il y a trois anneaux de pouvoir : le premier le cannabis, le plus faible, puis la psylocybine, avec probablement la mescaline, et enfin la DMT. C'est de là que je tire l'idée que ces molécules sont unique, mais cuites et chargées de plus ou moins de mercure. Elles auront alors un effet plus spirituel, ou plus physique.

Il m'a aussi été expliqué que chaque plante psychotrope donne à voir une grille, un pattern géométrique qui se surimpose au monde. Cette grille est parfois animée, colorée, changeante, comme ce fut mon expérience. Que ce soit l'Ayahuasca, l'Iboga, ou d'autres, il y a semble t'il toujours une grille. Ici, elle s'est manifestée sous la forme d'un labyrinthe arc en ciel. Parfois troué, absent, décoloré. Il se réparait grâce à l'action de la plante.
J'ai aussi communiqué avec elle. J'ai compris que la grille était un prisme, et que la lumière que je voyais était ma propre conscience diffractée par elle. J'ai alors reçu un choc affirmatif dans l'ensemble du corps, provenant de mon chakra sahasrara (coronal).
Elle transporte donc bien notre conscience dans notre grille, et nous permet de nous guérir. 

L'action physique est impressionnante. Perte de repères, de coordination, de conscience, hyperventilation avec tétanies, hallucinations visuelles et sensitives (j'ai cru, et vu, que je saignais du nez, ils m'ont alors donné un mouchoir pour que je m'éponge, mais ils savaient bien que je ne saignais pas... l'important était que je réalise que je ne saignais pas !). Visions déformées, vision de la grille sur les personnes et objets aux alentours les yeux ouverts, pupilles totalement dilatées, sorties du corps, spasmes, évacuations de mucus, euphorie, joie, extase, effets psychologiques de perte du sens de la réalité, du sens de personnalité, douleurs physiques, froid extrême général ou localisé, chaud localisé ou général, sueurs très très abondantes, états d’excitation ou de léthargie, impressions de tomber, de voler, de se dilater ... et que sais je encore.

Il est important de demander plusieurs choses lors de ce types de voyages :
Mâcher la truffe en demandant sincèrement : la guidance de son moi supérieur, demander à voir ce que nous devons voir, demander à voir le savoir de la plante.
Dans tous les cas, il faut accepter ce qui se présente et laisser les choses se faire. Un travail shamanique de guérison n'a rien à voir avec une défonce de plaisir. Comme me disait Dev : Bad trips are best trips. Les mauvais trips n'existent pas. C'est ce qui nous enseigne le plus, ce qui nous fait progresser. Les autres trips, ceux d'extase, n'enseignent rien. Il est donc normal, nécessaire et totalement évident que nous allons avoir des épreuves psychiques, énergétiques, et physiques lorsque nous allons partir dans ce voyage. Car il s'agit bien d'un voyage.

La trâme de conscience de ces plantes est très vaste. Au tout début je me suis retrouvé perché 300 mètres au dessus de la jungle, sur une petite plateforme faite de plantes de bois, le tout tenant sur un seul pilier de bois. Au dessous et à ma gauche, des indiens sur les mêmes plateforme. Très probablement l'esprit de shamans ou d'indiens d'amazonie qui sont dans le même voyage que moi. Peut être encore des esprits humains guides qui sont résidents permanent. Le même type de rencontre s'est fait sentir avec le cannabis au début de l'article, et aussi lorsque je pratiquais le Kriya Pranayama, je me retrouvais dans l'Himalaya avec des sadhus en méditation. 
L'état de conscience influence donc notre niveau spirituel. Nous rencontrons les maîtres et les étudiants sur les mêmes bandes de fréquences. Nous ne sommes jamais seuls lorsque nous pratiquons quelque chose de spirituel.

La nuit d'après j'ai rêvé que du mercure métal sortait de ma narine gauche. Ceci m'arrive lorsque j'épure, grâce à une teinture, des métaux lourds. C'est ainsi que mon esprit me communique les faits. Cette plante est donc cuite à un certain niveau déjà, et capable d'effectuer une purge de métaux lourds. Elle est de fait, déjà évoluée. La nuit d'après encore j'ai refait un "trip" dont je n'ai plus conscience. Et cette nuit, j'ai fais une sorte de sortie astrale consciente, mais sans vision. Ce que je sais, c'est que cette plante agit toujours un peu en moi, même si la substance est probablement en très grande partie épurée du corps.

Je pense que je pourrais reprendre contact avec elle par le futur, juste avec mon esprit. J'avais déjà fait cela avec l'ayahuasca, sans jamais pourtant l'ingérer. Le voyage mental ici n'en sera que d'autant plus aisé, car j'ai déjà été en relation avec elle.

L'expérience de l'hallucination est très intéressante d'un point de vue spirituel. La perte de contact avec la réalité fait comprendre que l'esprit, une fois élevé avec un "mercure", perd de sa densité, le monde réel perd de sa réalité. La question se pose alors : qu'est ce qui est réel ? Nous avons la même interrogation lorsque la prise de distance est la même, d'avec notre ego/personnalité. Qui suis je donc alors ?

La réponse est : Je suis. Il n'y a pas de réponse "sonore" ou matérielle à de telles interrogations. Ce qui est réel, EST.

Ceci remet en question la nature réelle du monde, des mondes. L'astral est le monde illusoire par excellence et ce n'est que le monde du degré supérieur au notre. Dans le notre, les formes sont juste plus fixes, plus stables, en somme, moins mercurielles et plus cuites, coagulées, cristallisées, fixées.
Ceci n'empêche pas qu'il ne soit pas pour autant irréel. C'est juste une hallucination, ou entendez création mentale, plus stable. Avec simplement une degré de densité plus fort. En gros, une hallucination collective et divine concrète.

Lorsque nous sommes dans l'astral, le monde matériel n'est que vapeur. Dans ce monde, tout semble si dur pourtant. Nos sens nous trompent donc en fonction de notre degré dans l'illusion. De notre point de vue.

Nous devons donc comprendre le rôle de la Pierre Philosophale dans un tel contexte. Une matière, qui est cuite et fixée, permettant de donner une réponse à l'interrogation profonde de l'homme. Elle donne l'initiation.
C'est une substance qui normalement, se trouve dans la nature (peut être pas sur cette planète, mais comme toute chose naturelle, la nature peut la produire). Elle est donc psychoactive... initiatrice, porteuse de guérison, de régénération sur le long terme.
La question est : est ce que les R+C qui régénéraient pendant 40 jours ne faisaient pas un trip de type shamanique de 40 jours en réalité ? Ma réponse est : c'est bien plus que probable. Les effets sont les mêmes, sauf que nous ne savons pas réellement si il y a un voyage, cela à toujours été passé sous silence. 

La Pierre Phi serait donc LE psychotrope par excellence. Qui de mieux qu'un psychotrope pour un monde d'hallucination divine ? J'ai dis plus haut que deux choses intervenaient dans les substances psychoactives : le mercure, qui est l'hallucinogène, le transporteur de la conscience et le soufre, qui lui, vous porte plus ou moins haut en fonction de sa coction/maturité et qui vous ouvre les portes, il porte aussi la lumière d'en haut. Il est la substance active. Il y a l’ascenseur (mercure) et le bouton de l'ascenseur qui donne l'étage et l'expérience (soufre).

Que se passe t'il lorsque vous ingérez une Pierre multipliée dans ce cas ? Il semble que vous pouvez monter au tout dernier étage. Et vous envoler.

La boucle est bouclée entre shamanisme et Alchimie. Ma compréhension se fait de plus en plus claire chaque jour et les choses s'éclairent sous un nouveau jour.

Je comprend aussi que le Soufre en nous est la conscience (Shiva) fixe. Et le mercure est la Shakti (principe d'élévation et de transport de l'esprit). Le yoga interne Alchimique est donc à la fois une préparation du réceptacle physique et énergétique à ces expériences, mais aussi un système complet d'initiation interne, sans support de substances externes. Car voyez vous, notre glande pinéale produit de la DMT de manière naturelle... très probablement en lien avec la kundalini. C'est un condensateur fluidique porteur du mercure et de notre Soufre, voir dans les cas d'initiation supérieures, d'un Soufre Cosmique Divin Parfait. En fonction de notre degré de coction interne psychique et de la capacité de notre corps physico énergétique à subir la tension de la Lumière Divine Parfaite, nous pourrons aller haut, voir très haut, voir, ultimement haut. 

July 29, 2014

Alchemyforums Congress Amsterdam 2014

The Alchemyforums Congress is of the first of the kind, - and was a success - it was only for the members of the www.alchemyforums.com/

A house in Amsterdam.

We finally were nine at this congress and we had seven different nationalities represented.

Everything was just perfect. The atmosphere, the place, the weather, the food, the rythm, the conversations, the program, the conferences, and the people. 
A great fraternity was felt, and great friendship too. We were very relaxed and open. We had a lot of informal conversations - about life, alchemy, and everything else. 

We also had time to joke, and to know everyone better. We enjoyed a visit of the Vondelpark, relaxing on the grass, also later, ice creams and milk shakes (bough outisde and made by some of our fellows at home also).


We had three presentations during the conference night. One by myself about Alchemical Yoga and the importance of spiritual practice in alchemy, Kiorionis shared his way to practice the inner smile, the middle pillar and the taosist microcosmic orbit, theFool explained us his understanding of the ormus, which opened for me some new fields. Then Androgynus presented the Genesis of the creation and the paradox linked with it. He explained us also his internal Alchemy. 

We then visited the Ritman Library. We could have an access to the treasures room, and enjoy a great talk with the conservator. I could see the Duchanteau's book, an amazing, huge book of 70 engraved plates.
We could also see the first edition of the Confessio Fraternitatis published in 1616. An exemplar of Michael Maïer 'Atalanta Fugiens', and the Compass of the Wise, published with the ICH's True and old Path of Hermes, with the rotations engravings, in colours !

In the Ritman.

We enjoyed also a moment of search and reading of different books at the first level of the library. We were warmly welcomed also by the director of the library.

A sacred shamanic truffle ceremony was also prepared for those who wanted. We took some "Hawaiian High", 25 grams by person. It began at 10pm and finished at 4.30 am.

The kind of vision I had. Also a lot of labyrinths.

Six of us tried. Everyone received what he was meant to receive. And the experience was very strong for all of us. Androgynus with his shaman's powers protected us, and had a discussion with the truffle spirit. A very loving and friendly spirit. 
My understanding from the experience ...

I had many visions, I fought several entities also. The cleansing was very deep and the spirit helped me to heal my "grid", the "lines of the world" (see Casteneda) that was disconected sometimes. I saw a lot of rainbows and golden light, flashes of light... and many, many other things. I saw, even eyes opened, the labyrinth covering everything. It was very interesting and fun.

I dreamed also the night after that Hg was going out of my nose, generally this is what happens when a spageric tincture cleanse the heavy metals in my body. So the truffle is by itself already "prepared" or eveolved in a way. 

I regret the Congress didn't last two more days, but it is as it is ! We had a good time together and I hope this will happen again. Thank you : Dev, Sleeveless, Ghislain, Thoth, Bubu dwarf, Kiorionis, theFool, and Androgynus for your friendship, openess, and cool, but serious when needed, attitude.

Ghislain, thot, Sleeveless, Dev, Androgynus, Bubu Dwarf, Kiorionis, TheFool, Salazius.

July 08, 2014

About a secret process : The Plant Alkahest


Today, I decided to share with you an idea, not a secret per se, but an idea in oder for you to start some researches, if you are inclined to do so. 

Opening new perspectives is sometime better than just limiting the possible experience of people by giving everything in clear. They can have marvellous ideas sometime, that are out of our own field of vision.

In order to explain myself better : We have a transmutation process in metals. We will do the same thing, but with plants. The sulfur and a secret fire are added to the metal, and it follows a logic of enhancement of the quality of the sulfur principle - a "graduation process". Id est, a transmutation, this is Archemy.

I propose here to create a liquid or a solid matter, (liquid is better IMO to fit the nature of plants) to transmute, to graduate, the fix and volatile sulfur of a plant. What is the goal ? To transmute it into a plant gold, a perfect sulfur.

The healing qualities of this plant should thus be higher than a simple plant, first because it is enhanced, and secondly because there is a fingerprint, a trace, of an Alchemical process of transmutation. (Transmuted gold is better than natural one, so, the same here too).

Here are some photos I made after having such a process of transmutation with my Plant Alkahest.

Curcuma/Tumeric Tincture.

The description of the process :

The Alkahest is added to a small quantity of zedoar/curcuma/Turmeric tincture made with pure spiritus vini (probably some water in it, of the order of 10%). We witness a direct reaction : everything turns white and blur. Then everything disappear and left a clear liquid. At the top, a moment after, a red hue comes. Then, the whole mass of the liquid turns deep ruby red. Which is not at all the colour of the turmeric, which is deep orange red. After a moment, the day after, everything turned deep gold, exactly of the colour of gold tincture (not represented here).

Do we have the same tincture that we had at the beginning ? No. There is a coction and a transmutation.

I'm still working on enhancing the process, because the one I used is gross. I plan to make it more alchemically suitable (even if it is already interesting and giving results).

I took up to 21 drops a day without bad side effects. It helped me in my energies and getting contacts with superior spheres. I also had a physical purification : it seems to go deep and far in the memories of the body. I had an old scar of shot on my left shoulder that began to have a red spot on it, and the whole area began to be red too. A good sign of purification IMO.

What is to be noticed, and which is very important in fact, is that all the plants do not react with the Alkahest. Some just have no sign at all of transmutations/changes. IMO, they are already perfect (to the gold level). We can also notice on very fine tinctures that the alkahest can separate impurities from the sulfur. Impurities, fall down, as a gross material cloud (like a Gurh in fact).
It clearly makes a separation from what is not pure from the pure.

I hope this will interest you and give you an idea about the transposition of processes in the metallic realm to the vegetal one :)

The Primum Ens melissae problem.

A lot of you guys do the Ens Melissae recipe - it's like a pre requisite of some sort, that popped out a magician's hat several years ago, and everybody does it now. 

But no one gets the expected results that should come with it. Why ? It is said to be one of the most potent recipe in the vegetable kingdom, that has deep rejuvenating effects on the physical body.

It is Franz Hartmann that the first stressed on the recipe of Paracelsus - (in short : letting tartar salt in deliquescence to the air, adding melissae, and then after letting the extraction being done, making a tincture of it with pure alcohol and 'tadaam', you have an ens (means "being" in latin).)

But here the the long form :

“Such a remedy is the Primum Ens, the source of all life. As the fabulous halcyon becomes rejuvenated and its own substance renewed by drawing its nutriment from the Primum Ens, so may man rejuvenate his constitution by purifying it so that it may be able to receive without any interruption the life-giving influences of the divine spirit. But the vehicle that forms the medium through which life acts consists of elementary substances that are found in Nature,and which forms the quintessence of all things. There are some substances in which this quintessence is contained in greater quantities than others, and from which it may more easily be extracted. Such substances are especially the herb called Melissa, and the human blood. But the Primum Ens Melissae is prepared in the following manner: Take half a pound of pure carbonate of potash, and expose it to the air until it is dissolved (by attracting water from the atmosphere). Filter the fluid, and put as many fresh leaves of the plant Melissa into it as it will hold, so that the fluid will cover the leaves. Let it stand in a well-closed glass in a moderately warm place for twenty-four hours. The fluid may then be removed from the leaves, and the latter thrown away. On the top of this fluid absolute alcohol is poured, so that it will cover the former to the height of one or two inches, and it is left to remain for one or two days, or until the alcohol becomes of an intensely green colour. This alcohol is then to be taken away and preserved, and fresh alcohol is put upon the alkaline fluid, and the operation is repeated until all the colouring matter is absorbed by the alcohol. This alcoholic fluid is now to be distilled, and the alcohol evaporated until it becomes of the thickness of a syrup, which is the Primum Ens Melissae; but the alcohol that has been distilled away and the liquid potash may be used again. The liquid potash must be of great concentration and the alcohol of great strength, else they would become mixed, and the experiment would not succeed."

The description of the effects are wonderful and of course, triggered a deep interest in the process.

Let see the marvellous effects now :

"Lesebure, a physician of Louis XIV. of France, gives, in his "Guide to Chemistry" ("Chemischer Handleiter," Nuremburg, 1685, page 276), an account of some experiments, witnessed by himself, with the Primum Ens Melissae as follows:- "One of my most intimate friends prepared the Primum Ens Melissae, and his curiosity would not allow him to rest until he had seen with his own eyes the effect of this arcanum, so he might be certain whether or not the accounts given of its virtues were true. He therefore made the experiment, first upon himself, then upon an old female servant, aged seventy years, and afterwards upon an old hen that was kept at his house. First he took, every morning at sunrise, a glass of white wine that was tinctured with this remedy, and after using it for fourteen days his fingernails and toe-nails began to fall out, without, however, causing any pain. He was not courageous enough to continue the experiment, but gave the same remedy to the old female servant. She took it every morning for about ten days, when she began to menstruate again as in former days. At this she was very much surprised, because she did not know that she had been taking a medicine. She became frightened, and refused to continue the experiment. My friend took, therefore, some rain, and soaked it in that wine and gave it to the old hen to eat, and on the sixth day that bird began to loose its feathers, and kept on loosing them until it was perfectly nude, but before two weeks had passed away, new feathers grew, which were much more beautifully coloured; her comb stood up again, and she began again to lay eggs." 

Well ... it's not the simple recipe given by Paracelsus that will bring such results, it is much more like a rejuvenation by Phi Stone. It seems obvious to me that the ens in question is not made by simple deliquescent tartar salt, pure alcohol and fresh Melissae... It is thus, something else that is used as so called "angel water", and maybe (maybe not) as plant melissae.

There's a "trick" (or two) behind all this, and the effects given by Lesebure should trigg something in you, because if you ever did the recipe as given by Paracelsus, and tested it, you'll see that your nails will not fall and regrew anew.

So, where is the problem ? Maybe the basis of the recipe is good. It is well tartar, alcohol and melissae, the process is maybe the good one. BUT, it is prepared tartar, prepared alcohol and prepared melissae. It is also maybe no common deliquescence ... and the Angel Water is truly an Angel's Water... Just my two cents.

My book, soon published (in french).

My dear friends,

I'm glad to tell you that I have finished to write my first book since two months now. It will be published this year at "Alliance Magique", a french publishing house specialized in occult, esoterism and well being. I'm very, very glad of it. Right now it is in proof reading at my publisher's house of edition. I hope we will soon work on the cover !

Everything began when I write an article on my blog, that I reposted here :

I considered that the newbies had a lack of basis. So I wrote this article. But, something popped in my mind and I decided to write an entire book, expanding the concepts and everything that goes with it in a single book. Fully documented etc. 307 pages on "word" at the end.

The title of the book is to change (maybe) but it is in english "The Alchemical Quest" (La Quête Alchimique).

At first, 60 laws, but it quickly passed to 68 ! Everything was falling into place and the book that was just a skeleton, grew to a dense, rich, illustrated peace of chapters - not anymore just "paragraphs". Like a magnet it was radiating of a sort of flux revolving on and on, it was at the end like blended, connected in himself. The mercury was flowing in it ! Writing this book was a very interesting experience for me. I learned a lot about the "inspiration" process, my muse, and how it gives me information from above. I learned tremendously about the process of writing and giving a form to ideas that goes not only ot the mental, but to the heart too. this blog helped a bit before, and it was like a training to write here.

These 68 "laws" or advices are described and commented in this book. Everything that I consider to be of importance is in it, in order to reach your goal, the Philosopher Stone, quicker, safer ... but for that, you need to rise yourself as an Alchemist. And it can be disappointing. It's not an easy task, and I give there some advices. Of course, I don't consider this book as finished (will it ever be ?). And things already evolved in my mind since I wrote them, but it will be nonetheless ok.

As the title of the original article stated : it is a Weird, Wild, Wide, Wise Science, Art, Mystic and Philosophy. So, I explore all these concepts, and all the things I've developed during my Alchemical and Hermetical studies over the years, like : Virgin Vision, Virgin Ground, Hermetical Vision, etc, and much much more concepts.
I also speak of Magick a bit, because everything is related in this world, to energies, and very much Alchemy itself.

People imagine that the Phi Stone can be reached out with a recipe. But no. It's not the case. It's more complex than that. You have to be first an Alchemist. And it's bits by bits that you can reach that state. A state of Alchemist and Hermetist at first, then, a state where you have the authorization of being Adept - you passed the exam, you graduated. Because this, this green light, comes only from Above. I explain all this in the book also.

Anyway, I hope it will be translated into english for you guys to enjoy it !