December 24, 2011

Speaking or remaining silent ?

What to say when someone (neophyte) ask you for advices ?
Do we have to speak or not, and if we speak, of what do we have to speak ?

At first, lets not speak about practical applicaitons. Never. Recipes are not a good way in order to direct people.They are never a good thing for a neophyte. Lab is only accessible after the long way of unlearning (Virgin Vision) and seeing nature, and understanding it, then, imitiating it.

At first, speak about the difference between Nature and Culture.
When one can understand the difference, it's already a great step. Because it can set the goal without dogma. Seeking, finding, seeing Nature is first step.

Then speak about Hermetic Vision. And the unlearning process. (Virgin Vision) Because both are taking place in the same time almost.

Speak about Polarities, elements, and principles. Cycle, and structure of matter. Without unveiling the whole thing, simply because one has to give himself in the process in order to advance.
This is a big deal. BIG one !

Out of a known perception, Nature will be unveiled with an even more precise language/science. If culture speaks a language (french, german, english, italian, chinese ...) Nature speaks its own language, the WORD. And the Word is everywhere, everything (even culture ha ha :) but we have to go from the general to the particular).

Then once Nature is understood, it has to be imitated. In an Inside way or outside way. Internal Alchemy or external/lab Alchemy.

We are here in order to give steps. We do not give everything. This is not how Alchemy is earned. Nor spirituality.

You can bypass history of Alchemy - history can help you sometime with little anecdotes .... The true important thing is to learn from Nature. All Alchemical knowledge is Nature's knowledge.

Learning from Nature is easy for the Virgin Minded one. Because everything is in plain sight.