July 31, 2014

Alchemy and Psychedelics

(ATTENTION : I don't smoke nor practice drugs habitually, everything was done perfectly legally in Amsterdam, place where these substances are tolerated. I do not promote nor encourage the uses of these substances. The experiences here are narrated for information purposes only and philosophical researches).

After smoking a bit of cannabis (light, just to be high) here is what I saw and understand :
I see a sadhu with dreadlocks smoking a huge bang.
He turns and faces me he invites me to smoke. I take three times of this smoke/energy. I feel a choc in my aura. I know I've just inhaled in myself his force. I think it is a contact with the Archetype of the Sadhu who is one with cannabis.

I understand that the smoke acts as a medium between "heaven", its natural place, and this wold down here. It's a sublimation, and smoke makes us go high with her.
Smoke gives us the possibility, with the hallucinogenic substance, THC, to rise up to "God". In a way, all these hallucinogenic substances are only one substance, cooked to a different level (alike metal in the earth). They are a Mercury. And all of them have the facultie alike alcohol or ether for example, to make you dizzy, and to give you a "psychotropic" effect more or less pronounced in function of their dose of "air" or Mercury. 

Smoke makes a bridge on which we can walk in order to go higher and dive into "God". It permits us to "rise", and also to catch and anchor in our world, this so specific energy.
It opens us and gives us access to something that we cannot always touch naturally.
Not that it adds us something that we don't have at first, but it releases the blockages in us, things that we have that blocks the perceptions.

The idea is to go farther than this external substance, and to success by yourself, to go as high. Because we cannot go higher than the degree of coction of the sulfur of the plant itself ... this is limiting us in the experience that we can do of it.

We also have to understand that the intention that we expres when we take psychedelics is very important,it will orientate our mind, making in fact that the plant can work on ourself in a different direction that a lot of people take, and which is a dead end in fact. Using these plants to have fun is not my goal. Normally, alcohol, tobacco, & psychoactives plants are sacred, and are used in precise social and ritual contexts. They are the allies of the shaman (albeit not all of them use plants), of the guide, the healer, of the wise. But in our society, they are just for fun and business, forgetting problems of life, flying from reality.

The Nagual, or the other world, can only offer what it is, what it has. The Tonal, our physical world, should not be run out by the uses of plants. But it can be understood under another angle, the two worlds are strongly linked. And the plants makes the jonction.

Psychoactive plants are more than probably the most "mercurian" that exist. They are possibly the most evolved of that kingdome. They are/have a dream (every plant, gems, metal, etc, has a dream, or a world) the is wider and wilder than other plants. More a plant has DMT in its structure and composition, more its dream is "high".
These plants are the sporadic allies for spiritual opening, psychic healing, energetical too, and physic also. They bring us with them, thanks to their Mercury, they penetrate the highest kingdoms and thelowest one, the most exteriors, and the most interiors to us. And our consciousness is carried with them.
Because they are aware and intelligent spirits, full of wisdom and love, they read in us & understand what we need. Once ingested, whatever the form we use to do so (smoke, herbal tea, juice, onction...) they penetrate our system and expand our channels. What was stucked can go out, our spirit is carry away, and we recieve teachings.

Can we think that these plants are kinds of Vegetable Philosopher Stones ? We can ask the question.
Technically, I cannot say yes. But, nonetheless, their degree of power, their spirit of wisdom, can show us a reat and deep maturity in these friendly and loving plants. But they are not perfect. My answer could then be, yes, and no.
But they have a faculty to make us feel very particular spiritual states of being, like forgetting who we are, and the reality of the world. Which is initiatic and wider than what we are.

These experiences of forgetting the personnality reminds me the primordial question of "God" : "who am I" ?

During the Amsterdam Alchemyforums Congress of last week, I took part in a ceremony with ingestion of sacrd truffles (the strongest one and we ingested 25 grams, and smoked also a enhancer based on a mix of plants, after approx one hour after ingestion of the truffles). The experience lasted approximatively for 7 hours. It is from that, that i take the conclusions and informations presented here.

One of the person present made a break through, forgetting where he was, who he was, and who we were too - frightening. Panic can be felt and the total loss of  landmar can be truly scary. Things were no more real for several of us.

We were 6 and every person in the group had probebly had a similar experience once, a profound un realization of the world, of the self. And the important, crucial thing is to have a clear answer to this question.
And it can be manifested differently according ot people.

The truffle spoke to the shaman of our group, (that formed a shield around us). It told him that it cannot do the experiences more or less easy, or strong for us, just putting us into the trip and that's all. Just giving us the right state to receive what we were meant to receive. 

The plant had a healing from our shaman and was very happy of it. The spirit of the plant worked alike a cloud of heat, full of bright colours, swirling above our lied down bodies/and spirits.
It had like arms of light upon each on of us. And was staying at the center of the group.

Dev explained me that there is three rings of power : cannabis the lowest one, then psylocybine, with maybe mescaline if I remember well, and at last DMT. It is from there that I take the idea that all the psycho active molecules are the same molecule, but not cooked at the same level, and charged of more or less mercury.

He also explained me that every psychotropic plant gives us to see a grid, a pattern of pure geometry that is over the world and that is present in the visions. It can be animated, changing, dark, or full of colours as it was my experience. I saw rainbow fractals, and rainbow labyrinths ... but always with a process of exploration and healing of it. Sometime broken, sometime dark, sometime entites were inside it. Sometime it was pure gold, and clean, with the form of a church.
Ayahuasca, l'Iboga, or other, present seemingly, all a grid.

I also communicated with the plant. I explained it that I understood that the pattern was a prism to my own light or consciouness, and it was diffracted, this explained the rainbows everywhere. To what I received an electric choc from the crown chakra, saying a bit roughly what I took for a 'yes'.

It transports us through the pattern/labyrinth and gives us the opportunity to be healed. 

the physical effects are impressive. Loss of landmarks, coordination, consciousness, hyperventilation with tetany, visual and sensory hallucinations (I have believed, and saw that I was bleeding from the nose, they then gave me a handkerchief for me to sponge it, but they knew that I wasn't bleeding at all ... the important thing was that I realized that I wasn't bleeding !). Distorted visions, vision of the grid on people and objects around you, with your eyes opened, pupils fully dilated, loss of contact with your body and even OOBE, spasms, mucus discharges, euphoria, joy, ecstasy, psychological effects of loss of sense of reality, or of personality, physical pain, general or localized extreme hot/ cold, very very profuse sweating, states of excitement or lethargy, impressions of falling, flying, expanding ... and who knows what else.

It is important to ask several things during this types of trips :

Chew your truffles asking sincerely the guidance of your higher self, ask to see what you need to see, ask for the knowledge of the plant.
In all cases, we must accept what comes and we have to let things happen. Shamanic healing work has nothing to do with a pleasure trip. As Dev told me: Bad trips are best trips. Bad trips do not exist. This is what teaches us the most, what makes us grow. Other types of fun trips, those of ecstasy, teach nothing. It is normal, necessary and totally obvious that we will have psychic and physical tests when we go in such trips.

The grid of consciousness of these plants is very wide. At the beginning I saw myself at 300 meter above the rainforest, on a small plateform made of few peices of wood, the whole thing in equilibrium on one thin pillar of wood. Slightly under me, at my left hand, rainforest indians on same plateforms. More than probably the spirit of shamans in the same trip, or maybe humans guides that resides there. I had the same type of meeting happened in the beginning of this article, with the sadhu and also when I was practicing the Kriya Pranayama, I found myself in the Himalaya with meditating sadhus. 
The state of consciousness affects our mental and spiritual level. We encounter the students and masters on the same waves lenght. We are never alone when we practice something spiritual.

The night after I dreamed that mercury was running out of my left nostril. This happens when I have a cleansing, via a tincture, of heavy metals. This is how my mind tells me what is happening. This plant is cooked at a similar level already, and able to perform a purge of heavy metals. The night after I redid a "trip" but I have no memories. And that night, I made a sort of conscious astral out of body but without vision. What I do know, is that this plant is still always a bit in me, even if the substance is probably out.

I think I could reconnect with her in the future, just with my mind. I had already done that with ayahuasca, yet never ingest. The mental journey here will be that much easier, because I've been in contact with it.

The experience of hallucination is very interesting from a spiritual point of view. Loss of contact with reality makes us understand that the mind, once lifted with a high "mercury", loses its density, the real world is losing in accordance its reality. The question then arises: what is real? We have the same question when taking distance is the same, of our ego / personality. Who am I then? 

The answer is: I am. There is no "thing" to answer such questions. What is real, IS.

This puts into question the true nature of the world, worlds. The astral world is the world illusion and is just  a world of a higher degree to ours. In ours, the shapes are just "fixed", more stable, in fact, less mercurial and cooked. We cna also say coagulated or crystallized. This does not prevent it to not be however unreal. It is just an hallucination, or hear, a mental creation, more stable. Simply with a degree of stronger density. Basically, a collective hallucination and a divine one.

When we are in the astral, the material world is only a vapour. In this world, everything seems so hard and dense. So our senses deceive us according to our degree in the illusion. From our point of view.

We need to understand the role of the Philosopher's Stone in such a context. A mater, which is cooked and fixed, giving an answer to the profound questions of the humans. It gives initiation.

It is a substance that normally is found in nature (maybe not on this planet, but as something quite natural, nature can produce it). It is psychoactive ... initiating, supporting healing, of rejuvenation over the long term. 
The question is: is that R + C which rejuvenated for 40 days, was not a type of shamanic trip of 40 days in reality ? My answer is: it is probable. The effects are the same, except that we do not really know if there is a trip, it was always kept under silence.

The Stone would be THE psychotropic par excellence. What's better than a psychotropic substance for a world of Divine hallucination ? I said earlier that two things were involved in psychoactive substances: mercury, which is hallucinogenic, the carrier of consciousness and sulfur, which itself takes you higher or lower depending on its coction / maturity and which opens the door, it also carries the light from above. It is the active substance. There is the elevator (mercury) and the elevator button which gives the floor level and the experience (sulfur). 

What happens when you ingest it, times in this case ? It seems that you can go on the top floor. And you fly.

The loop is closed between Shamanism and Alchemy. My understanding is becoming clearer every day and things are enlightened in a new light.

I also understand that the Sulphur in us is consciousness (Shiva) fixed. And mercury is the Shakti (the principle of lifting and lifting the mind).

Internal Yoga  Alchemy is both a physical preparation of the receptacle and of the energies in it, and also a complete internal initiation system without the use of an external support for these substances.  You see, our pineal gland produces DMT naturally ... most likely in connection with the kundalini. It is a fluid capacitor carrier of the mercury and our Sulphur, and in the cases of higher initiations, a Perfect Divine Cosmic Sulfur/Light. According to our degree of internal psychic coction and the ability of our body to bear physically the energy of the High voltage of the Perfect Divine Light, we can be lifted up, even very high, even ultimately high.