May 24, 2017

Pour l'exposition de Buenos Aires 2

Photos que j'avais envoyé il y a quelques années pour l'exposition de Buenos Aires.


TITLE:  Chaos of the World

This is powderd Stibine (Antimony Ore) under a Secret 
Fire action. The first reaction of the matter is to show a strong 
reaction, with all these pleasing colours to witness : black, red, 
orange, yellow, grey, olive green and brown.

TITLE: Riples on antimony

During the process of the Simple Dry Wayof Antimony, the 
metal can behave strangely, and begin to boil with a normal 
temperature. He is releasing another Fire, the Salamander, 
the Spirit of the Fire Element, is said to be present. the metal 
begin to boil and when they reach the surface, they create this 

TITLE: Tectonics

A High Spageric process giving at the Vegetatio Stage some 
weird forms, alike continents moving and recreating the 
tectonics in a microcosm.

TITLE: Dot of Fire

After pouring Antimony, the Fire contained in the regulus is 
reducing itself to a central point. This phenomenon can only be 
witnessed in darkness. This is happening very quickly and one 
have to hurry in order to catch the perfect moment for the shot.

TITLE: Black Fleece of Gold

Gold leaves under the effect of a Particular Alkahest. The first 
stage is here happening, the Putrefaction or Nigredo. Slowly 
all the mass will be black.

TITLE: Like a Dawn

In a tincture of gold, different layers are forming after the 
reunion of the first distillate upon the reduced tincture. The oil 
of gold or its so called "Sulfur" is denser than the almost pure 
Spiritus Vini. They don't mixt at first, but after slowly revolving 
the retort, the colour finish to be of a very nice orange red.

TITLE: Blue love

A simple experiment taking place with copper and a 
mixture of tartar salt/K2CO3. A very nice crystallisation first 
took place, then an extraction of the colour of the copper, wich 
is of a very nice pale blue colour.