July 29, 2014

Alchemyforums Congress Amsterdam 2014

The Alchemyforums Congress is of the first of the kind, - and was a success - it was only for the members of the www.alchemyforums.com/

A house in Amsterdam.

We finally were nine at this congress and we had seven different nationalities represented.

Everything was just perfect. The atmosphere, the place, the weather, the food, the rythm, the conversations, the program, the conferences, and the people. 
A great fraternity was felt, and great friendship too. We were very relaxed and open. We had a lot of informal conversations - about life, alchemy, and everything else. 

We also had time to joke, and to know everyone better. We enjoyed a visit of the Vondelpark, relaxing on the grass, also later, ice creams and milk shakes (bough outisde and made by some of our fellows at home also).


We had three presentations during the conference night. One by myself about Alchemical Yoga and the importance of spiritual practice in alchemy, Kiorionis shared his way to practice the inner smile, the middle pillar and the taosist microcosmic orbit, theFool explained us his understanding of the ormus, which opened for me some new fields. Then Androgynus presented the Genesis of the creation and the paradox linked with it. He explained us also his internal Alchemy. 

We then visited the Ritman Library. We could have an access to the treasures room, and enjoy a great talk with the conservator. I could see the Duchanteau's book, an amazing, huge book of 70 engraved plates.
We could also see the first edition of the Confessio Fraternitatis published in 1616. An exemplar of Michael Maïer 'Atalanta Fugiens', and the Compass of the Wise, published with the ICH's True and old Path of Hermes, with the rotations engravings, in colours !

In the Ritman.

We enjoyed also a moment of search and reading of different books at the first level of the library. We were warmly welcomed also by the director of the library.

A sacred shamanic truffle ceremony was also prepared for those who wanted. We took some "Hawaiian High", 25 grams by person. It began at 10pm and finished at 4.30 am.

The kind of vision I had. Also a lot of labyrinths.

Six of us tried. Everyone received what he was meant to receive. And the experience was very strong for all of us. Androgynus with his shaman's powers protected us, and had a discussion with the truffle spirit. A very loving and friendly spirit. 
My understanding from the experience ...

I had many visions, I fought several entities also. The cleansing was very deep and the spirit helped me to heal my "grid", the "lines of the world" (see Casteneda) that was disconected sometimes. I saw a lot of rainbows and golden light, flashes of light... and many, many other things. I saw, even eyes opened, the labyrinth covering everything. It was very interesting and fun.

I dreamed also the night after that Hg was going out of my nose, generally this is what happens when a spageric tincture cleanse the heavy metals in my body. So the truffle is by itself already "prepared" or eveolved in a way. 

I regret the Congress didn't last two more days, but it is as it is ! We had a good time together and I hope this will happen again. Thank you : Dev, Sleeveless, Ghislain, Thoth, Bubu dwarf, Kiorionis, theFool, and Androgynus for your friendship, openess, and cool, but serious when needed, attitude.

Ghislain, thot, Sleeveless, Dev, Androgynus, Bubu Dwarf, Kiorionis, TheFool, Salazius.