August 07, 2010

Third Picture of L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages by Eugene Canseliet

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

This drawing seems less complicated in fact, all is in the details.
I recommend to read the paragraph on the Fountain of Vertbois in Fulcanelli in order to have a good explanation of this ship and of the cubic stone in it.

We see the Remora and the Salamander, Mercury and Sulphur, ready to meet and fight in the Philosopher's Sea.
The ship is like a bird, the flag is black, and the moon crescent is on the sail, a sail is used to capture the wind, or here, the spiritus, the Mercury, maybe coming from the South Star, a celestial representation of the Salamander (south pole, hot nature) and the north Star or polaris, celestial representation of the Remora, the cold nature.

Second Picture of L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages by Eugene Canseliet

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

I see here four elements. First, a Mercury, as the Sea/Bath, containing the Antimony and Mars symbols, under them, the Star, symbol of the gate of the Spirit and also used for Purity. It can symply designate the Sea itself or being another elements. We have something hidden behind this Star, something rectangular containing also a cross (maybe) on it.
These Mars/Antimony conjunction seems to mimic the shape of a boat, a logical thing since they float on a sea.

FAIRE (doing) or Fer in french, mean IRON, and the lowest inner part of the circle contains vertical lines, maybe meaning it is "masculine", horizontal lines are in the TAIRE (stay silent, make silent) or TERRE, (earth in french). This is a conjunction, a marriage of two polarities into one, this is the REBIS allegory.
Put the FAIRE TAIRE upside down and you can see Venus and Mars, this is more explicit in this sense.

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

Maybe the black moon crescent in the TAIRE indicates the next colour coming. I don't know what is this grey triangle in the FAIRE.

First Picture of L'Hermetisme dans la vie de Swift et ses Voyages by Eugene Canseliet

Copyright, Fata Morgana 1983.

I will try an analysis of this first image :

The symbols of Antimony and of Bismuth on the top.
Another symbol of bismuth is a "taurus" symbol, like this rock and crescent moon under it design.
A rod, perforate the rock, see the idea of the fountain and the Staff of Mose.
Note these three are in the "air".

On the right, a source coming out of the air, a spring, this is the Philosophical Mercury, it also seems to come from the conjunction of the sky and the earth, making a "black spot" from where it spring and go on the ground, in the ground via another hole, and out of the image.
Note the rising sun, under the moon.

A fire on the left, near a nail. The hammer is the power of the Fire. The top right side concerns WATERs, and the left top side, concerns FIREs.

An enormous symbol of venus hathed stars (mercury), and growing like a tree on a philosophic earth, surely nurturing itself from a philosophical sea, itself containg the Remora, this fish perforated of several arrows of martial/sunny (Sulfur) energy, it will be captured and surely put into the egg.

This part is not linear and is not a logical description of the process in my opinion. These are just peices of the Magnum Opus in disorder put together.

The symbol of niter and of the double mercury (maybe).

Crystals on the left side of the egg/venus symbol, can represent one of the multiple aspect of the fixation of the Spirit into the matter, on the other side, a cube, from where sprout something, directing to the double moon symbol.
I must admit that without the keys, it is very difficult to read something in this drawing.