February 15, 2014

Alchemy naturally.

We are in a a vortex of informations. Just by reading few pdfs of the RAMS material you are just litterally flooded, in a biblical sense, of (seemingly) paradoxical informations, tips, hints, techniques, paths, matters, instruments, myths, etc etc.

Whole centuries of works are just rushing into you mind as you read. A feeling of tireness can arise, you feel disgusted, disoriented, perplex.

Especilly if you have absolutely no clue whatsoever of what (the hell) the philosophers are sometime speaking (and I must admit, that myself, years after reading texts, I sometime still don't get what they are talking about). A newbie, an alchemist 101 will be like a young dog chasing 10 balls throw in 10 different directions.

Let's refocus, let's pounder the things in the calm. No hurry, a moment of chilling is an absolute necessity now.

The legit question is : does realgar, antimony, stibnite, cinabar, blood, quartz, marcassite, lead, galena, mercury, salts, dew, rain, sun, whatever, will do the thing ?

How do you conceive Alchemy ? For example : Do you think you need a meteorite in order to make the stone ?
Do you think that Nature made the things like that ? I mean, do you imagine Nature's intelligence conceives something very complicated and, finally, unatural, in order to make the Stone ?

What is the Stone ? A multiplication of a Sulfur ? Ok, that's the principle. A stone is a matter, external to yourself, embodying a Divine Principle (perfectly cook/evolved).
There's a tons of Sulfur around you right now. Cooked, or crude.

Why not using petrol in this case ? Or earth ? Ho yes, but imagine you are in the desert ?
Sea salt ? But imagine you are far in the country, no sea. Petrol ? We are not in Arabic Saoudia.

So, Antimony ? Hey sorry, no antimony where I live. Cinnabar ? Nope, I'm not chinese, nor Indian nor spanish.

So what ? What ? Is it natural you think to seek for something you don't have at hand ?

Plants ? Should we do a Philosopher stone with plants ? Is it universal enough ? Why the magnum opus is never said to be done with plants ? Maybe salts of plants, but not plants themselve. Why ? Don't they have everything in them ?
We eat plants and animals and we pee, poo, sweat. It's processed by the body. Is the key here ?
We are closer from a natural perspective no ?

And sun light ? 
We have plenty of it yes, but not enough all year long, not the same amount in all countries. So, it is good to use it when we can during 3 weeks or so in the year when it is at it's climax), and doing nothing practical the rest of the year because of the lack of sun ?

Now, what about a more ethereal approach ? Spiritus Mundi ? Yes, but we are dependant of the cycle for it. Seasons, moon, etc. Does Nature conveive things like that for us ? Maybe. That's how the reigns work, with cycles after all.

After all this, where do we end ?

Does, the most pertinent answer is not "recreate everything from zero" ?

No matter to start with, just a nothing. Is it not more "natural" thant anything created ?

Won't we acheive something greater with the Prime Principles ? Prime Mercury, Prime Sulfur, Prime Salt.

Isn't it more logical than using any other kind of matter.

After all, can angels, or demons, or gnomes on their astral planes can use their own urine ? Don't we need to use the Cosmic Urine instead ?