December 28, 2010

Twenty times on the Fire, put back your Work.

I thought during a year or two that my Alchemical system was valid. I thought I knew something valuable, and I was very happy of that. But one day or another, you have to put back your Great Work on the anvil of Vulcan. If you don’t, you are forced to do it, a way or another, if you want it, or not. Personally I had no problem with that, I was happy that something new could manifest in my Lab and in my experience of Nature and Life. Some people can refuse and resist change. Fortunately, I already knew it wasn't "that", I had doubts. And it was easier to accept.

More you evolve in Alchemy, more the door leading to the next level is low, and more you have to bend yourself. Humility is the only state that can make you go through it. Of course it is closed. You can have the key, but not being able to bend enough, to make the voluntary effort, to go through the door. Do you even want to do this effort ? Do you even imagine what is behind this door ? Do you have enough courage to be able to loose what you 'are'. If you think you will be the same after being through it, you're wrong. Simply because you have to change before going through it ! But you can be sure you have freedom to go or not, to stay where you are, but, really, it's an impulse, you chose to evolve, even if you feel you are loosing something during the process.

You can see behind the curtain,
but you still can't go behind it,
and you'll have to drink the elixir Alice ...

So, I had a system, a vision. Now, the vision is changed, but what is amazing is that the "old vision" was in fact a necessity in order to make the baby of the new vision able to come into life, without it, impossible to reach the next level, and it is part of the new vision, but in a different way than before, before it was an end, now, it is a mean to another end. When I look back I see that every step is in the stairs leading to the goal. How marvellous ... amazing. A deep respect again, a glimpse of the perfect pattern of Life expressing Itself through my existence. The "Choice non Choice", again.

You can try consciously to recreate your vision of the world. Personally I doubt one can voluntarily. It must be part of the cycle/process of evolution.

Beliefs, are just what they are, and one day or another they can die, because they are part of the cycle. And new beliefs will come to the surface, and on, and on.

You can loose your faith. And it is necessary. Faith, truth and beliefs are linked. You think (faith) something is true for you, then you make of it a belief, or a reference point. A perspective. Change your perspective and your faith and belief will also change. If you cling to belief (idea) or faith, or your expression of truth, you will suffer. Be smooth, flexible. But a tender meat, is sometime beaten during a long time before... that's for immature meat, the immature you. And then you are cooked :)
I also wanted to say that Alchemy is a very personal path. Let me repeat it : It is a very personal path. It is selfish, but, (at the end if everything turns for the best) without ego. Another paradox I know. If you imagine you can save the world with it, you are wrong. If you imagine you can really save someone with Alchemy (we are speaking about ALCHEMY, and not spagerics, and we are speaking about SAVING someone, not just healing), you are wrong, you can't force someone to be truly healed, to be saved. You can just preach by your example, but Alchemy, the Stone and all this stuff is so special, that very very few can bear this Path. At a moment of your path, you can have the power, but the power is unstable. Like nitro-glycerine. Shake it and BHAM, heat it and BHAM, let it fall and BHAM, drink it and ... Okay you get it.

You have created : responsibility. You are handling something greater, and wider, and wiser, and ...and ... than you can imagine. And you don't even really know what's behind the next door !You need to be mature with power in your hands, otherwise, Bham... again. And Bham again, until you learned the lesson.

I'm wondering if this blog is of some utility. A friend told me that he enjoys it, personally I think you can enjoy what I write when you are going through the same door. Otherwise, you don't care because you understand nothing, and you don't see yet "the little door at the base of the volcano" or you don't care, because all this stuff "is old now".

This friend and I had a talk about the first Alchemist, that's why I mentioned it earlier in a previous article. We deduced that Alchemists should be like cavemen in ancients times, in the Stone-age, when culture wasn't yet really developed (cults = culture, you worship, for example : your Ipad, Ipod, your Iphone, you worship you "Iself" to make short, just a short cut to explain the culture, concepts, technology, hyper super tools for hyper super cultural men and women, ask them to debug your "Ismthng", everything is okay, but ask them to make a fire in the forest by their own ...), I have nothing against culture if you don't loose your vision of Nature. You have to see the Hermetical Nature's Technology first if you want to go somewhere in Alchemy.

Here I try to explain the idea of "virgin mind", like the prehistoric mind/cavemen. Nothing in it. No concepts, that's a virgin birth in a sense. To be totally lost in the world, trusting only what you can experiment and see. Now, you have the relevant information everywhere.
With all this cultural stuff, it's a tsunami of B.S about nothing really important. Of course, it is particularly important, but not universally important. The universally important is lost with the prostitute mind, embracing any seducing side of culture. A virgin mind for a culturalized man, can be very very scary. That's why only few of them reach it, and can stand it. It's simply a shock to see Nature naked after you never ever really saw it!