April 12, 2010

I'm looking for ...

This Book :

Schlussel der Wahren Weisheit, Leipzig 1787
439 pages
by Adam friedrich Bohmen

If you have the link to a free resources giving it, or a pdf, email me, or post a commentary please, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you :)

The Philosophers Of Nature

The PON, are well known in the Alchemical world.
Here is the publisher with some resources online :


Here via Mc Lean great site, also texts etc.


You can have videos, books, etc of Jean Dubuis (foundator of PON) on the Triad site.

For beginner, to well advanced practicionners, these courses upon the different aspects of Hermetism are good to read.

Jean Dubuis, the fundator of PON, passed th 9 th of April 2010, at 91 years old.