May 31, 2011

What you can do if you don't have the Stone.

What can you do if you don't have the Stone ? If you doubt you'll have it some day, you don't have to wait for it, cultivate the qualities you want now.

I already said that the Stone is a mean to an end, not a goal by itself. You maybe seek different things through the accomplishment of the Philosopher Stone. It can be enlightenment, health, wealth, wisdom, rejuvenation...

You maybe seek enlightenment. In this case, practice "Now" Paths, alike Zen, Buddhists paths, and all spiritual Path that lead to an Awakening to your True Nature. It is very easy to find sources about this, a lot of forums, teachers, books, cds, even internet radios are available. The good news is this : You don't have to buy a lot of things, find a teaching that pleases you (more zen with Adyashanti, more hindouist with Gangaji, more everything with Eckhart Tolle, whatever !!) and moreover : don't let yourself be sucked into the tremendous amount of publishing and resources. This is very, very simple : BE, conscious, where you are, now, here, all day long, and also in some reserved moments of peace and calmness. Gently your consciouness will rise. Consciousness rises when it is more conscious of itself, nothing else can rise it than itself. When you are perfectly in the now, you'll be it, and you'll know it. Try to stay like that all day/night long. That's all. The rest is an amount of words and concepts... of forms. But if you like that, then dive into it, get your library full of books, dvds, cds, your head full of teachings, your agenda full of conferences, and retreats...until you're fed up (white stage), and let go of it, until you find a new interest, with a total detachement of all the "corpus" of these teachings (red stage).

If you seek health, then in this case spagerics, high spagerics, and other natural treatments are good for you. Plants, gems, metals, salts have useful properties for the body. Diets of Andreas Moritz (for cleansing liver and gall bladder), fasting, juice fasting etc, shamanic diet of a plant is very good. You can make a lot of good tinctures of metals, plants, gems, and they all will help you in some way, in order to promote health in your bodies. This is a great thing, because spagerics will work upon all the levels of your self.
All tinctures are good. Whatever the technique you will use in order to create them. Just make things with love, patience, quality matters. For me, when it is simple it works better. More a process is complicated, more I charge it with negative energy. Of course you can enhance your products with energy (Theurgy, Shamanism, Yoga, and other magnetism practices, as below). Try to focus on your organs, and the purification process of all of them. Try to focus on all the levels of your inner self (elements, planets, zodical forces) and clean them, enhance them, etc. It is a good way to start.

Practice an energetic path, in order to develop you inner body and your inner equilibrium (vitality, health, inner psychological equilibrium). Alike Theurgy, Shamanism, Yoga, and other magnetism practices. Franz Bardon gives a safe a very good path in Hermetics. It is sometime seen as a path of Power. Yes, and powers are like everything. Like a double-edged sword, they can tremendously help you, or they can be used as a weapon and harm people. Great knowledge mean great power, and great power need great wisdom. Te most important thing is to be able to equilibriate your energetical body, to unfold your astral, and mental capacities (like clairvoyance, imagination and so on). You'll learn about your energetical bodies, your chakras, and so on. Which is very important of course !

Practice sport (able to equilibrate yourself) like gymnastic, bodybuilding, stretching, aerobic, jogging, whatever works for your body and your nature (it must be holistic - tennis is for example, a disequilibrated sport, because only one arm work, but again, whatever works !!). Always seek equilibrium. If you are build like an halterophile, don't practice much of it, which would be a natural, but disequilibrated choice, prefer some swimming, stretching, and jogging. I, for example, practice bodybuilding since 12 years now, because I was skinny and of a rangy type. Now, after years, I'm having an equilibrated and athletic, healthy body, strong, flexible, able to run, walk for a long time, etc. It is before everything, a healthy mental attitude that must be cultivated. Trampoline is one of the best exercise for both muscles and heart, and you don't have to jump high for this. It is used by NASA since years with great benefits. You'll learn about diet, your muscles, and you'll have a sharp feeling of your inner body, because with the effort, you'll have pains, and they will focus your consciouness more importantly in your body, which is very important for the "Now" practice. The sense of effort, exercising your will to push your limits, is also very very good, it can give you confidence and even for some persons, amaze them because of capacities and potentials they would never imagine they could express. A sense of victory over their imaginary limits is felt. It's healthy and joyful !

Live a cool life. Go for a walk in nature, enjoy playing with your pet dog on the beach or in some parks if you can, enjoy sunbathing, and taking fresh air. Gardening is also very good, being in contact with plants, earth, cultivating vegetables is great and gives you rewards, you live in the cycles of nature and you can learn about agriculture (which is important for the Alchemy). Read a novel, look at a film, go to cinema ...
See friends, go to restaurant or a picninc, go for a lesson of Salsa, develop a social circle of nice persons, but again, in an equilibrated way. Don't necessarily stay with only spiritual persons, but go with other kind of people. Be adaptable. Don't drink, don't eat fat, or sugar, don't smoke, don't use drugs, don't eat too much or too less (be careful with red meat and BBQ). Find a good mate, or enjoy the one you have ! Or avoid staying with people that are negative and blocking your life expression. Avoid also places like that. Be careful of what you take inside yourself (like horrible pictures, films, songs, arts, etc). Do new things. Learn a new language, read a new book, go to see new things.
Practice a creative activity, paint, write, singing, play music, sculpt, make graphics, dance, etc, anything you enjoy, and it can even be your job ! Your creativity is very important. Let flow your inspiration and let it go. You can be surprized by your artistic capacity. Let go of your mental, of technique. Let yourself be in contact with beauty, force, life, joy, or sadness, love ... just find the right way for you to let it go. It can be through movements, colours, sounds, forms ... test what is good for you at the moment. Don't force, it is art, it is the Muse that governs it in you, it comes, or not. You have no control over it.

Think positive, adopt a positive and optimistic attitude concerning the present and future, and an ability to understand your own negative patterns and programs, and try to reprogram yourself. It is a very important thing. A lot of resources are available now on this topic. The subconscious' laws are important to know.

Practice spirituality (your ethic and non dual vision of the universe) everyday. Express your truth in your daily life. Get some inspiration in books of wisdom. Whatever works for you ...

If you're seeking gold, and then wealth, then practice archemy. Plenty of delicious, dangerous, expensive recipes are waiting you in almost every possible books of Alchemy ! Just a word : keep on ! (and wear a mask and safety gloves please, don't complain if you have a hole in your hand !).

If you seek wisdom, read philosophical books and make life experiences. And then take your conclusions. The fastest way to wisdom is probably immaturity. Now you know what to do.

Personnal developpement is also very important. Psychotherapy, psych.ology/analysis, etc can be good for you, a lot of thechniques can be important for helping your self. Holotropic breath is great and powerful too. Just find the technique that works for you.
If you want rejuvenation, then, get old and die, and you'll have a new, fresh body (next time you reincarnate) ! Or avoid ingesting oxygen while inspiring the air .. since it is what oxidizes us ! But it is not very easy...

All this is an act of love and respect for your self. It is a gift you give yourself. It is very important.

You can't give yourself the Gift of Gifts, which is the Stone, if you don't give yourself minor things ... and all these things are steps on a star, leading you to greater gifts. You get aligned with the vibration of the Stone.

If I speak of Karma I would say that, in order to have the Stone you must have the predispositions in all the levels ... I mean predispositions in the solar level for enlightenment, predispositions in the lunar level for your subconscious/psychic level, predispositions in your mercurian level for understanding and wisdom, predispositions in the venussian level for total love and acceptation, and the artistic abilities it will give you, predispositions in your martian level for the force and power you'll have, predispositions in the jupiterian level for the wealth it can give, predispositions in your uranian level for the revolution it will causes in your ability to function 'technically' in this world, predispositions in your saturnian level, concerning your health and longevity ... I made it short ! But I hope you get it. You need predispositions in every possible levels. All of them are one. This is why they are all enclosed into the Stone.

Anyway, it is just a quick overview of the possible things to do, in order to have an ersatz of the Stone in your life. Enjoy !