April 20, 2011

Alchemy will chew you, just dive.

Alchemy will chew you, will chew and spit out the non pure out of the psyche's deepests parts. Just know it. Be prepared. Expect it. Why alchemists don't speak about that ? I don't know. I wonder why. It is very important. Everyone should know that. It's a spiritual Path, you want it or not. Those who play the gold seeking game will not be pleased. Because, when you seek richness, you have to give a lot of yourself before. You only receive gold when gold is in you, and when you are ok with being poor and very rich. You receive immortality only after diying/dying a lot and being ok with life itself.

You will have to master all the archetypes that master you. You don't master them because you fear them, so yes, fear will come. Sadness will come, anger, and pain, and distress, like a scream coming out of a black hole in you and infusing all what you are. Vulgar suicide can come to mind yes. Some did, a good friend of mine last week wanted to put an end to his physical existence. I totally understand. It's very close to totemism. Totem animals, some wild forces, running in the subconscious mind, that must be tamed and domesticated. If not, the wild beasts will devor you one day or another. Alchemy is Shamanism. Not in form, in the essence of course. The Shaman and the Hermetist will feel the same way after having the flesh torned out fom the bones. Many forms, one essence, Nature cannot work out of her principles of actions/laws (my lawyer side ...).

Alchemy will chew you, just dive, no escape. No where to hide. It will kill the you living in you... where it is, now. Don't expect, it's coming. One day or another you'll be bite. Bleeding all the blood running in your poor veins, feeling this warmth succed out by wandering beasts at night, you'll live with a sense of despair, with a sense of hurge, it is inevitable.
People don't expect that from Hermetics, and people don't want that. They want to evolve without change. But you have to loose everything before. Is it good or bad ? It's just as it must be.

Of course you will ressuscitate one day. But to come back to life, you have to kill something before, and for this, you have to build something in order to present it on the holocaust altar. Don't get fooled you'll keep nothing, not a drop of blood in your veins. You need to empty the cup totally in order to receive a new life fully after. And the sacrafice is great.

Of course Alchemy will bring you a new life. For sure. That's the enjoyable part, the easy part. You live, you are, you enjoy the fruits coming out of the fertile compost you've just made ... by you own putrefaction. That's how gardening works. You use a fertilizer. You are your own fertilizer. Welcome to Al Chemia/"Black earth" !

Alchemists are changing, we had a bunch of scientific one, now we have the reverse side, the artistic, non materialistic one, musical one, shamanic one, psychological one, psychonauth one ... the type of sensitive persons. But still bearing the Hermes in them, and with great intuitive gifts and talents, some are truly marvellous people. Some are true genius. I'm please to be good friend with some of them (yeah my ego speak sometime, but I'm Green, I don't care !!). The Old R+C groups are no more now, just child play, 99% of such groups lost everything, no arcanas are able to be brought to such structures, dinosaurs are no more, everything has an end. Today it's far more out of bonds, it's international now. Like attracts like. It's not by chance that we meet and collaborate effectively. Brotherhood, fellowship, fraternity mean something to me, it's deep, it's strong, it's very important, and this is how the keepers of the Alchemical Keyring of Arcanas work now. We chat, we phone. We laugh a lot.

Some old texts in alchemy speak of long life, long life for Paracelsus was a normal life for us nowadays.
They wanted to have a long life in order to work for The Work. But after all, after an ingestion of True Stone, what else could 'poop out' from this world ? You found the gem, "tadaaam", nothing else to do but to leave this place now, maybe you have the soul of a Boddhisattva and you will renounce your spiritual evolution in order to bring people out of the caput ... Do you have an interest to stay (if you have no agenda or mission, or family) ? Long life ? No, Alchemy is a permanent suicide to something, suicide to life, suicide to death, it's a permanent renewal, a new discovery. You find the pill, you take it, and you're over. Game over. You're healed when you're "dead", you are healed by a Life intake.
Nothing, nothing better.

Enjoy your trip down here. And one day you'll enjoy "caput" as much as gold, and even more.