December 28, 2010

Twenty times on the Fire, put back your Work.

I thought during a year or two that my Alchemical system was valid. I thought I knew something valuable, and I was very happy of that. But one day or another, you have to put back your Great Work on the anvil of Vulcan. If you don’t, you are forced to do it, a way or another, if you want it, or not. Personally I had no problem with that, I was happy that something new could manifest in my Lab and in my experience of Nature and Life. Some people can refuse and resist change. Fortunately, I already knew it wasn't "that", I had doubts. And it was easier to accept.

More you evolve in Alchemy, more the door leading to the next level is low, and more you have to bend yourself. Humility is the only state that can make you go through it. Of course it is closed. You can have the key, but not being able to bend enough, to make the voluntary effort, to go through the door. Do you even want to do this effort ? Do you even imagine what is behind this door ? Do you have enough courage to be able to loose what you 'are'. If you think you will be the same after being through it, you're wrong. Simply because you have to change before going through it ! But you can be sure you have freedom to go or not, to stay where you are, but, really, it's an impulse, you chose to evolve, even if you feel you are loosing something during the process.

You can see behind the curtain,
but you still can't go behind it,
and you'll have to drink the elixir Alice ...

So, I had a system, a vision. Now, the vision is changed, but what is amazing is that the "old vision" was in fact a necessity in order to make the baby of the new vision able to come into life, without it, impossible to reach the next level, and it is part of the new vision, but in a different way than before, before it was an end, now, it is a mean to another end. When I look back I see that every step is in the stairs leading to the goal. How marvellous ... amazing. A deep respect again, a glimpse of the perfect pattern of Life expressing Itself through my existence. The "Choice non Choice", again.

You can try consciously to recreate your vision of the world. Personally I doubt one can voluntarily. It must be part of the cycle/process of evolution.

Beliefs, are just what they are, and one day or another they can die, because they are part of the cycle. And new beliefs will come to the surface, and on, and on.

You can loose your faith. And it is necessary. Faith, truth and beliefs are linked. You think (faith) something is true for you, then you make of it a belief, or a reference point. A perspective. Change your perspective and your faith and belief will also change. If you cling to belief (idea) or faith, or your expression of truth, you will suffer. Be smooth, flexible. But a tender meat, is sometime beaten during a long time before... that's for immature meat, the immature you. And then you are cooked :)
I also wanted to say that Alchemy is a very personal path. Let me repeat it : It is a very personal path. It is selfish, but, (at the end if everything turns for the best) without ego. Another paradox I know. If you imagine you can save the world with it, you are wrong. If you imagine you can really save someone with Alchemy (we are speaking about ALCHEMY, and not spagerics, and we are speaking about SAVING someone, not just healing), you are wrong, you can't force someone to be truly healed, to be saved. You can just preach by your example, but Alchemy, the Stone and all this stuff is so special, that very very few can bear this Path. At a moment of your path, you can have the power, but the power is unstable. Like nitro-glycerine. Shake it and BHAM, heat it and BHAM, let it fall and BHAM, drink it and ... Okay you get it.

You have created : responsibility. You are handling something greater, and wider, and wiser, and ...and ... than you can imagine. And you don't even really know what's behind the next door !You need to be mature with power in your hands, otherwise, Bham... again. And Bham again, until you learned the lesson.

I'm wondering if this blog is of some utility. A friend told me that he enjoys it, personally I think you can enjoy what I write when you are going through the same door. Otherwise, you don't care because you understand nothing, and you don't see yet "the little door at the base of the volcano" or you don't care, because all this stuff "is old now".

This friend and I had a talk about the first Alchemist, that's why I mentioned it earlier in a previous article. We deduced that Alchemists should be like cavemen in ancients times, in the Stone-age, when culture wasn't yet really developed (cults = culture, you worship, for example : your Ipad, Ipod, your Iphone, you worship you "Iself" to make short, just a short cut to explain the culture, concepts, technology, hyper super tools for hyper super cultural men and women, ask them to debug your "Ismthng", everything is okay, but ask them to make a fire in the forest by their own ...), I have nothing against culture if you don't loose your vision of Nature. You have to see the Hermetical Nature's Technology first if you want to go somewhere in Alchemy.

Here I try to explain the idea of "virgin mind", like the prehistoric mind/cavemen. Nothing in it. No concepts, that's a virgin birth in a sense. To be totally lost in the world, trusting only what you can experiment and see. Now, you have the relevant information everywhere.
With all this cultural stuff, it's a tsunami of B.S about nothing really important. Of course, it is particularly important, but not universally important. The universally important is lost with the prostitute mind, embracing any seducing side of culture. A virgin mind for a culturalized man, can be very very scary. That's why only few of them reach it, and can stand it. It's simply a shock to see Nature naked after you never ever really saw it!

December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas.

Mikhael Maier's Emblema.

The 'Christ Mass'. The Philosophers' Stone, or the corporealization and materialization of the Divine Light, creating a "self" in the dual world, or Creation.

How is it possible ? We know it is possible, but how ? Here is the most important secret in Alchemy, in spirituality. It deals with a how, and a where also.

How, when, where, by who is this secret possible ?

All the answers are in Nature. Where, if not in the Nature ? The first of all Alchemist may have found the Stone by accident, or maybe he found the laws first. But something is for sure : he wasn't initiated by some order or philosopher before, BUT, he was allowed (he had the ticket for the Stone) by the superior intelligence, Nature Her/Itself.

Maybe you see Nature, but you don't look, change your perspective, your point of view, your ideas, your vision, try another angle. Maybe you will grasp some truth.

It is very difficult to actually understand Nature. The human race tried it. Nowadays vision understand Nature from a "dead" point of view, there is only with quantum physics that Life can come again to the surface, but since it is not something you can hold in your hand ...
An Alchemist deals with the volatile, ungraspable, and he tries to fix it. Maier was very aware of this, and we can see it clearly in his emblem.
At some point of your travel, you loose your desire for the Stone. You also loose your desire for healing, yourself or others, and for transmutation, or any kind of "powers". Surprisingly, it is then that all these things tend to come to you. "You passed the audition" would say a friend of mine. You saw the gate keeper, the Dragon, and he lets you go into the cave, to find the treasure and the Princess. His breath is no more deadly for you since you master all the desires he represents. All the dangers are mastered. You don't loose your goals or interests, but you loose your desires, your passion, and your emotions.

December 17, 2010

Clearer and clearer, the end of the game.

It is a good way to explain it.
Here you see the codes/laws making the "curtain" of illusionary reality "looking real".

When things are getting clearer, you can feel the end of the game. You can see the curtain, you can see through it, you can see behind it. It happens in several steps.
At first you see there is a "curtain" like a reality put in front of your eyes, but you know it's not truth, but you don't understand it.
Then, you begin to understand the nature of the curtain, you see the laws making the world to be created, and working properly, how the world of illusion auto sustain it self, in order to be stable, and to exist.

Then, you begin to see the truth behind the curtain, where it is leading to, in a word : the Source behind the curtain ! You begin to see the Creator everywhere via the Creation, there is here a big respect for all life, and a universal understanding taking place in your head and heart.
After that you begin to grasp a special concept in your gut : everything created/the curtain, comes from ONE, then, I'm in the curtain, and then I'm ONE with the Source because the curtain comes from the Source, I am the Source. I'm everywhere !

Then it's time to get rid of your own personal piece of curtain. You have to go beyond the world of creation to go back into the Source. At first, you go there in Spirit, after some time, then, you disappear into Light when your body is tuned with the Source.
This is the real Apocalypse, when the whole creation is uncreated and go back into the Glory of God.
Here is another way to symbolise it, here, you go beyond the curtain. The veil that makes you think the world is cut from Life/God.

This is a discovery of Perfection ! This creation can seems messy. But it is so perfect in fact ! When you see it, you are really deeply amazed, deeply touched inside. And you are part of this Creation, of this perfection. It is indeed, made alike God, since it is the Body of God ! And you feel so ... little. There is after that a deep deep respect, joy and love for God, and everything (since it is seen as God).

For the moment, I'm integrating the laws of the "curtain" (after having found them) and seeing the Source in it and through it. Analysis and study of Nature via the Hermetism is the path I walk. All Philosophers/Alchemists said to study Nature, and they were right, but not in a materialistic sense, not like a scientific mind !

But when you don't actually live this, it is not really real. But, belief makes you able to live this. Believing before seeing. When you see, you can lead people to see if they are able to. And then they can believe. It is irrefutable proof.
I feel my contact with God now, I really feel it because it cannot be otherwise.
Before it was just a belief. Something I was taught.
Now it is "real".

December 16, 2010

Blah blah, speak, share, work, and then keep silent.

(White speaking, in fact, the white of green here, exactly what I saw in a vision)
It happens. One day you have your mouth shut. You are no more able to speak about true Alchemy, or just ... to say banalities, but I must admit one is quickly fed up with banalities.

I've been through several phases in my alchemical speach.

- The firt one is speaking, mostly of ideas, theories and works, experiments and experiences. Blah blah ...
And you keep sharing and working, until you discover some good stuff (you think it is).

- The second phase is a feeling, like : "it's so common for me", and it's problematic, because you can reveal things, and speak out loud too much. You have integrated a level, but, some things must be kept out of touch ! And you are sometime not aware of that. In this case one should close his mouth.

- The third phase is just speaking when there is a real need to share, or to rectify something about a subject, you just speak by little touches, a little here, a little there, you fill the voids, you put some light, but not too much ... it's like an intuition.

- And then, you find yourself unable to speak about Alchemy. There is nothing more to say, and it is almost really possible to share something since, there is nothing really new under the philosophers' sky, everything has been said, in different languages, books, cultures, dogmas, religions, orders, stories, myths ... what could I add ? It's almost boring to read topics on forums, and you can't really innovate or have new conversations with friends of the Art. Loops, and circles, conversations are like ouroboros... every time on a different level, but nonetheless, every time on the same topic, one day, we will remain truly silent, nothing new will be possible to be added. What a great joy ! :)

One day we stop searching, one day we stop chatting, one day we stop being an actor, and we are spectator. We are no more involved because there is no need to be involved anymore since there is nothing to add, nothing to be found, nothing to be chewed and digested or rejected. One day there is no need to open internet in order to read posts or mails on this topic, we don't care.

I'm speaking of it, surely because it is the second or third phase of this inner cycle.

December 12, 2010

The Choice - non choice.

It's like a zen riddle "Choice -non choice", you can imagine you choose, but in reality, the choice is not your. It was determined long long long time ago by your very nature.

What I'm speaking about here ? I'm speaking about Alchemy of course, but of a very special moment in Alchemy, the moment when you begin to see the whole pattern deeply. And when you see it, you have three possibilities : Lab work only, or, only oratory, or lab & oratory.

The good news is that all three possibilities lead to the goal. Just differently. It will depend of your own nature or 'signature' in a word.

December 08, 2010

Départ de l'Alchimiste Patrice Partamian

Patrice Partamian, est décédé récemment à l'âge de 59 ans. Nous regrettons beaucoup le départ, de ce grand alchimiste, et passionné de la science d'Hermès.

Ici ses deux sites internet :

Il était en spagyrie porté sur un travail complexe, surtout basé sur les plantes riche en huiles essentielles.
Il travaillait aussi les élixirs métalliques avec un menstrum basé sur la Voie des Tourbes, qu'il avait apprise par le célèbre Alchimiste Armand Barbault.

Il était passé dans une émission de télévision sur l'Alchimie : Alchimie Science et Mysticisme

Dont vous pourrez retrouver les films et le texte ici :

Ici l'extrait le concernant principalement dans le reportage :

Tout en continuant d’œuvrer pour l’obtention de la Pierre Philosophale, Patrice Partamian, installé près de Vienne en Isère, élève du célèbre alchimiste contemporain, Armand Barbault, développe un important travail spagirique, basé sur la quintessence des plantes et d’élixirs métalliques.

« Généralement ca nous arrive d’une façon assez spontanée, mais il y a un terrain, un terreau certainement, c’est sans doute l’amour de la nature c’est aussi l’attirance vers les choses un peu mystérieuses, peut être vers le surnaturel et surtout quant on est enfant, adolescent, qu’on a l’imaginaire qui marche très très fort, certaines de ces disciplines, sont des nourritures extraordinaire, et pour ma part c’est un peu ce qui s’est produit. »

« la nature est beaucoup plus vieille que l’homme, ce serait la Mère, mais aussi l’enfant, c'est-à-dire qu’elle dispose des qualités de l’un et des qualités de l’autre. »

Pour les alchimistes tout ce que produit la nature est sacré. Chacun travail sur un support, un métal, un minéral ou une matière. Patrice Partamian a choisi la voie des tourbes. C'est-à-dire de la terre prélevée dans une zone préservée, et dans laquelle il ajoute des plantes qu’il laisse macérer des mois et des années, ainsi se trouve accéléré le processus naturel de putréfaction et la concentration de l’énergie que les végétaux puisent dans le sol et les astres.

Pour cette cueillette la période astrologique favorable est le printemps, sous les signes zodiacaux du bélier et du taureau. Les plantes cueillies sont sélectionnées soigneusement.

« Ce sont toujours des plantes très jeunes, qui ont très peu de branchage, très peu de tiges, mais par contre ont un système radiculaire très profond, qui leur permet de puiser dans la terre les énergies et les forces vives dont on a besoin. Cette énergie que la plante emmagasine, elle le doit indirectement au soleil et la lune jouant le rôle de miroir, cette infusion d’énergie lunaire, c’est capital dans le transport de l’énergie dont on a besoin. C’est presque parfois un sentiment amoureux qui peut relier l’alchimiste avec la nature, la nature est considérée comme un être vivant, comme parfois une personne à part entière, d’une richesse incroyable, d’une générosité sans limites, et l’alchimiste qui passe sa vie au sein de la nature, finit par comprendre sa générosité, sa disponibilité, sa générosité, et c’est pour cela qu’à chaque fois qu’un alchimiste travaille, prélève un minéral, un métal ou une plante, il doit le faire dans le plus grand respect. Le recueillement est nécessaire, on peut appeler ça une prière intérieure qui est selon la sensibilité de chacun, simple ou complexe, mais c’est comme si on allait retrouver une personne aimée et alors il y a quelque chose, une émotion particulière qui arrive automatiquement, tous ces liens font une sorte de mariage philosophique s’installe entre la nature et l’alchimiste. »

La nature procure tous les éléments nécessaires aux alchimistes pour leurs travaux. Une étape incontournable, est la récolte de la rosée.

« Cette étape se déroule au printemps, elle a pour but de récolter une eau particulière, qui va permettre de traiter toutes les matières quelque soient les voies alchimiques choisies. Ici vous voyez donc les alchimistes, vous voyez également des animaux ce sont des signes astrologiques, là il s’agit du printemps, et vous voyez aussi une chose très importante, c’est cet éventail particulier qui représente et qui symbolise l’influx céleste, c'est-à-dire toute l’énergie qui descend de l’univers, du cosmos, et qui vient baigner la terre et conséquemment vient s’imprégner dans les gouttelettes de rosée. »

La récolte s’effectue à la pointe du jour avant le lever du soleil.

« La rosée contient un sel, elle contient un feu, et c’est ce feu qui va permettre aux plantes d’être brulées, digérées, absorbées par la tourbe. C’est elle aussi qui va transmettre sa part d’énergie très spécifique et qui contribuera à la maturation du compost. Ce procédé permet de ramasse beaucoup beaucoup de rosée, on touche des mottes de terre, on touche de la terre essentiellement, alors ce qu’il faut faire après c’est une filtration. Et ensuite on a une rosée qui est claire et limpide. »

Après diverses récoltes dans la nature c’est le passage au laboratoire. Dans chaque voie il y a trois étapes distinctes et à parts entières, appelées œuvres dans le langage alchimique. Dans la voie humide des tourbes, le premier œuvre, dénommé œuvre au noir, consiste à faire putréfier de la terre et des plantes avec l’énergie contenue dans la rosée pour obtenir un dissolvant qui permet d’extraire la couleur spécifique des métaux ou teinture.

« Voila trente ans, trois kilos de terre ont été prélevés dans la nature et au cours de toutes ces années ont reçu plantes et rosée afin d’être enrichie on arrive à une matière extrêmement noire et extrêmement riche contenant des sels puissants, qui vont permettre l’élaboration d’élixirs. L’objectif est d’aboutir à cette tourbe, ce compost extrêmement fertile. »

La tourbe ayant atteint sa maturité les élixirs métalliques peuvent être préparés, cela commence par la séparation des eaux noires de la tourbe, elles sont de la rosée rajoutée qui a absorbée la couleur. Après la calcination d’une certaines quantité de tourbe, la cendre obtenue est introduite dans une éprouvette, contenant de la rosée distillée et du métal en poudre, ici de l’étain, ces tubes sont ensuite placés dans un four.

« après quelques heures de cuisson, ces tubes sont vidés, filtrés sous vide et là, nous obtenons un élixir, après quelques semaines de décantation les préparations sont utilisable immédiatement. L’étain traditionnellement est en correspondance avec les voies biliaires, et cette préparation en particulier à aussi des vertus, concernant des possibilités d’éradiquer certaines bactéries comme le staphylocoque doré par exemple. Voici une autre préparation, à base d’argent, l’argentum, qui lui va être destiné à traiter les pathologies liées au cerveau et au système nerveux. »

Le travail spagirique est terminé.

« C’est la fin du premier œuvre, voie humide, et cette terre contenue dans cette eau noire, on la retrouve ici, partiellement évaporée, c’est la terre alchimique, cette terre alchimique c’est la matière première des alchimistes dans cette voie des tourbes, et cette terre alchimique va permettre de donner naissance aux deux principes de l’œuvre, c'est-à-dire, au soufre et au mercure philosophique qui sont les deux agents principaux qui contribuent à l’élaboration de la Pierre Philosophale. »

On nous a communiqué un de ses mail (merci beaucoup à celui qui nous l'a donné, il avait contacté P.P alors qu'il était encore un novice dans cette Science, et nous dit il, la réponse l'avait empli de respect pour la grandeur d'Ame de cet homme, personnellement en lisant ce courrier je trouve que ce mail est d'une importance absolument capitale, et que tous, alchimistes et spagyristes, devraient méditer) :


J'ai du plaisir à constater que le graine germe dans votre cœur et vous conduise à découvrir plus avant la Spagyrie et peut-être l'Alchimie.
Ces deux disciplines réclament une Foi inébranlable: elles sont difficiles entre toutes. Plus qu'une science "ordinaire", celles-ci se fondent sur un regard particulier sur la Nature. Il y a une dimension qui représente la clef de ce savoir et qui doit voir dans la Qualité du chercheur plus un Artiste qu'un scientifique tel que nous le concevons aujourd'hui. Alors, cela suggère bien des comportements différents de ceux que l'homme moderne pratique et cultive et revendique même. Ici, on se met au service de la Nature, en tant que corps constitué, un Grand Tout, VIVANT. Ce dernier vous permettra d'Etre son fils spirituel ou pas, de pénétrer ou non les secrets de la Nature.
Il y a une conscience Naturelle comme il y a une conscience spirituelle dans la démarche d'un Alchimiste. D'ailleurs, c'est la même chose. La Nature et tout ce qui la compose est Sacrée. Alors toutes les actions que mène un homme qui veut être sont représentant, doivent être nécessairement corrigées tout comme le regard qu'il lui porte et conséquemment tout ce qu'il pourra produire, sous ses hospices et sa bienveillance, acquerra une toute autre signification.

Je souhaite vous montrer qu'un Spagyriste n'entre nullement dans le Laboratoire de la Nature comme on entre dans une simple officine de phytothérapie avancée. De fait tous les concepts habituellement retenu par ce milieu ne cadrent pas avec ce que nous devons montrer. 

Alors avant de penser déployer autour de soi des préparations spagyriques et je ne parle pas de celles qui sont issues de l'Univers Alchimique, il est souhaitable de bien réfléchir à la Philosophie qui la soutend, de beaucoup travailler (une préparation réclame de l'expérience, beaucoup de travail, et ce "petit rien" qui fait la différence entre l'allopathie et la médecine alchimique).
Je ne tiens pas à vous effrayer, je voudrais seulement insister qu'en mettant la main à ces "matières premières" vous manipuler la Vie. Que le rôle d'un alchimiste c'est de mettre en bouteille le dynamisme curatif qui provient d'elle. Sachant que la vie est une Entité métaphysique, vous devez concevoir que l'Artiste, que nous devons être ou devenir dans le meilleur des cas, ne manipule pas un corps mort et qu'à ce titre il a une énorme responsabilité.
Il nous est autorisée parfois de préparer des Quintessences ou des Elixirs mais dans des conditions particulières. Nous ne sommes pas maître du jeu. L'alchimie comme la Nature relève du Sacré, qu'à ce titre nous devons nous préparer et attendre le moment propice à de tels développements. Vous n'entrez pas dans un business où il faut d'un  tour de main adroit épater le patron! Je rappelle que celui qui aborde Notre Science s'engage dans une Quête spirituelle profonde et durable et que les "créations" de l'Artiste sont un prolongement de ce qu'il devient sur cette route, ce qu'il EST à un moment donné et non pas son salaire de bon technicien.
Alors il s'agit de prêter l'oreille à la Musique des Sphères et d’ores et déjà d'entamer le Dialogue avec les Mondes Invisibles dont nous dépendons.
Hors de ce cadre, dont je ne peux ici vous offrir tous les développements, il n'y a rien d'Alchimique qui ne puisse voir le jour.
En attendant, il faut se doter de cet état d'esprit si particulier qui est le Nôtre, travailler sans relâche et réfléchir à la manière de soigner son prochain.
Notre démarche ne souffre pas la confusion. N'oublions pas que nous souhaitons évoluer dans une Citadelle où les lois qui la régissent n'ont aucune commune mesure avec les autres. Que nous ne sommes pas là pour prélever mais pour montrer ce qu'une Vision du Monde pourrait apporter au genre humain si ce dernier prenait conscience de sa place au sein de la Création. Il y a une part de salut dans les Médecines Alchimiques.
Aujourd'hui, l'allopathie a répondu à la plupart des questions. Donc l'homme n'a besoin que d'une médecine dont le monde du profit ne peut apporter les solutions. Car ces solutions sont d'un autre Ordre, d'une Autre Dimension, de celle qui n'entre pas dans le bilan de la Société "phyto-tech"!
Aujourd'hui, l'homme souffre du corps mais surtout de l'Ame. Et l'Ame relève de l'Alchimie. Je vous le répète, Notre démarche ne souffre pas la confusion.
Je m'ouvre à vous comme on s'ouvre à un confrère. Tout ce qui est l'envers du décors alchimiques, toute sa structure interne, doit être vécu à 100%, compris avec ses tripes, sous peine d'être un jour rejeté sur la grève alchimique comme une épave désarticulée.
L'Alchimie est une Science merveilleuse dont ne soupçonne plus la profondeur. Le monde moderne qui semble s'éloigner d'elle comme l'univers lointain s'éloigne inexorablement de l'œil de l'astronome médusé, a le plus grand besoin d'elle. car en elle se trouve des ressources vitales qui peuvent sauver. Il s'agit seulement que des Hommes de Bonnes volontés tournent leur esprit dans une direction différente pour tout changer. Ce nouveau regard porté sur la Nature ouvrira des pistes sur lesquelles nul ne se perdra jamais puisque nous sommes attendus.

Je vous souhaite le meilleur travail et espère que ces quelques mots auront les meilleurs échos dans votre démarche que je crois sincère et pleine de conviction. Si je me suis permis d'insister autant sur l'aspect philosophique de notre démarche, c'est qu'elle est plus qu'essentielle. Il ne faut pas se tromper de cible si l'on souhaite regagner la confrérie des alchimistes. Ce n'est pas un Boulot, c'est un sacerdoce, une vocation et dans ces conditions tout change, tout doit changer sous peine de déboires terribles

Bien à vous. et très cordialement


Bonne transition à vous monsieur Partamian.

November 30, 2010



This latin acronym is very famous in the alchemical world. It means : Visit the interior of the Earth, and by rectifying, you will find the hidden stone, universal medicine, sometime it is true (Veritam) medicine, but it is a U and not a V, so I prefer to say "universal".

First of all, we have to visit, not to take something, not to do something, nor seeking for something, but, just to look, to visit the interior of the earth. We have to look deeply at something hidden normally (the interior of), the earth is here the macrocosm and all its microcosm, earth can be understood as a general term for the world and the creation, Nature. So, we have to unveil the laws and mechanisms of the macrocosm.
The first part is the study.

Then we have to rectify, we have to do an action, upon something, in order to have the Stone.
Rectifying is a correction, rectification : to make it right, perfect, able to fit to the purpose of the generation of the Stone. What do we have to rectify, and what do we rectify while visiting the Nature if not our vision of the World and Nature ?
And then, we find the hidden Stone, universal and true medicine ! We find it because we are in the natural path, and no more a cultural one, that prevents us to see and find the Stone (and generate it). It is hidden because it is everywhere, and no one can see it, until one finds it by rectification.
But, in reality, we rectify and then we find the Stone, because it appears after the act of rectification, it appears as a natural consequence, we have to do nothing ! (see Aurora of the Philosophers by Paracelsus, chap XVII).

It is Universal, simply because the Mercury is Universal, and the Vitriol is our Mercury. And it is a medicine, because Light incarnated is the most important thing on earth, it is a blessing, the true blood and body of Christ Principle.

King Solomon's Mines, in the earth of Ophir

King Solomon (Solomon mean 'wisdom' in hebrew), is well known for his temple and wealth, also for some treatrise of magick (Clavicula Salomonis - but I don't think he ever wrote that...).

When the symbols become clearer, and when can figure out a little the Opus Magnum, we can see some links between Alchemy and some sacred texts, like Bible. Bible is said to have stories that are all alchemical, from alpha to omega, Roger Caro, french Alchemist working upon Cinnabar, used it extensively in order to explain the Magnum Opus.

King Solomon was said to have mines in remote countries, having 'red earth', and thus being named 'Ophir' (rich, red earth). It is very close in my opinion to the "Adam's clay", able of life.

Now, Ophir is probably a real place, where mines gave a lot of gold (but, geologist must have found this place by now no ?). Or, Ophir is also a kind of alchemical hint, a place where the earth is full of Sulphur/gold.
In 1 Kings 9:28
They sailed to Ophir and brought back 420 talents of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon.

2 Chronicles 8:18
And Hiram sent him ships commanded by his own officers, men who knew the sea. These, with Solomon's men, sailed to Ophir and brought back four hundred and fifty talents of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon.

Are you prepared ?

The Alchemist plays sometime a perilous game with matter. We tremendously and dramatically enhance the inner process of his inner Alchemical cycle.

The Alchemist ... He is not prepared for death or Nigredo. He is not prepared for Vegetatio, he is not prepared for Albedo, and he is not prepared for Rubedo... And he jumps from one to another, sometime from a day to another. This can be a kind of spiritual and psychological roller coaster. You can be dizzy when you are in this movement.

Are we prepared ? Are you prepared for this ? What are the risks ? I never heard about the psychological side of Alchemy when I began practicing it. I heard of it only in the real practical groups of people who knew that sometime, nigredo can push you far. But in Alchemical old books, never we have to look into Jung in order to make a link between the psychological side and the Alchemical cycles.
Remember that a cycle is cyclic. You are now, in one of the cycle, and maybe in one mini cycle in the big cycle. I found that we can be enclosed in three cycles, or even four, like Matriochka... it asks a little of inner analysis in order to 'see' them, and to feel them. For that you can try to study the seasons in nature for example.

Have a nice cycle !

November 25, 2010

Ritman Library, sign petition or it will disappear !

The PetitionExpress your protest against the dissolution of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica (Ritman Library)

It is widely known that the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica in Amsterdam, founded by J.R. Ritman, was in great danger in the 1990s, when the ING bank took possession of the collection and threatened to sell it. Fortunately, the Dutch government intervened: the BPH was put on the list of protected Dutch heritage, and the State eventually acquired over 40% of it. The books remained at the same physical location, integrated with the rest of the collection, and the government would eventually acquire all of it. As part of this process, there were great plans for further expansion. Largely due to the financial crisis and a change of government this was taking somewhat longer than originally anticipated, but nobody doubted that the library was safe.

Last week this turned out to be incorrect. An extremely valuable medieval manuscript owned by the BPH (The Grail of Rochefoucauld) was put on sale at Sotheby’s, and this triggered a reaction from the Friesland Bank, which took possession of the library, that had apparently been brought in as collateral, in order to get back a 15 million euro loan from mr Ritman. At present the BPH is closed, and intense negotiations are going on behind closed doors. It is impossible at this moment to predict the outcome, but there is no doubt that the situation is extremely serious. There is a very real possibility that the Friesland bank will try to sell at least the ca. 60% of the library that is still owned by mr Ritman, and nobody knows what implications this will have for the rest of the collection and the BPH as a whole, including its staff. The brand-new government of the Netherlands has announced a program of radical financial cuts in the culture section and elsewhere, which makes a renewed intervention from that side highly unlikely.

If the Ritman library would go down, this would mean an enormous blow to international scholarship in hermetic studies. The damage would be irreversible. By signing this petition you express your concern, and ask the Dutch government and the Friesland bank to do their utmost to ensure that the collection will be saved and will remain available for the international scholarly community.
Additionally, you can express your concern by means of a signed letter. The initiative for this petition comes from the Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy and related currents at the University of Amsterdam (organizationally independent of the BPH, and not in any danger itself), so please send your letter to its director: Prof. Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Oude Turfmarkt 141-147, 1012 GC Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: w.j.hanegraaff [ at ]

November 20, 2010

Why transmutation is not a valid test.

Why transmutation is not a valid test for the Philsopher Stone ?

In Hermetism there is the science of Archemy, that deals partly with the transmutatory matters, and "particulars" able to make sometime, powerful transmutation powders, looking like a Powder from a Stone, and making the same effect on lead or any metal (and making of gold a red glass, etc).

Now, gold is said to be different after a transmutation by a Stone (harder, not attacked by acids...). But one can perfectly change the nature of a metal by adding too much of this or that, and to make it very hard or brittle or glowing red instead of green while melted. Depending of the "cooking" !

So, in this case, there is only the very high potential of transmutation of a tiny peice of Powder, from a Stone that could possibly make the difference, but how can we be sure that it is safe as a medicine ?
Sometime a Stone cannot transmute by itself, you need to know Archemy in order to make it a Powder (sometime it is not the case). It can perfectly fail the transmutation, and being a Stone.

Why making a test of transmutation if we seek a spiritual and physical remedy ? In this case, why don't we try the Stone upon an old and ill animal ? Making a healing, and a regeneration maybe. This could be a proof. A real proof. Not like a transmutation  made with Archemical procedures with a Stone. And a metal do not die or present illness after being exposed to a high level of toxic material. How to be sure it is safe ?

It is said that the Stone makes an evolution. Yes of course, as a remedy, it makes things perfect. But an animal regenerated will not be transform as a human baby, and a nettle will not transform in a rose tree. There is not change in the form, only in the quality, it is not a trans-formation, it is a mutation.

Homunculus, secound part

Recently a friend asked me questions about this subject. I do not claim to be a specialist. But I tried to be clear with him.
And here is more or less, what I told him concerning this subject, that seems at first glance very "odd" and fantastic. I made, already, an article about this subject here on my blog.

What is technically speaking an Homunculus ? It is a living form, made Alchemically, and able to live (more or less) by itself for a moment. In order to live, or bring Life, a form must be structured in order for its mercury and sulphur to sustain all parts of its body. Such form is submitted to cycle, and to a realm of existence, also to the laws of signatures.
For example, in his Munsus subterraneus (1665) Kircher, indicates that he made re-birth a flower from his ashes. Exactly like Paracelsus do with trees in one of his book. These are a kind of Homunculi.
But, to make appear from ashes a flower, an animal etc, in a mercury (like the "Universum"), is not at all the same thing, this is just an image in 3 D. Alchemy is a science in "3D" while a good Theurgist/Magus can also animate a picture easily (with the help of High Spagyrics), but it will stay flat, and not have the same impact at all. Of course, a theurgist can generate an entity, like I said in my previous article, but not really on the same level of existence, nor using the same laws.

This is a Palingenesis, a new Genesis from a pre-existent matter, this means that all kingdoms can have its own Homunculus. And of course, as the laws of Life are the same in the little world of Alchemy than in the Macrocosm, we have exactly the same kind of living entities... dendrites, crystals, plants, algaes, and animals, humans (maybe, for the last two, because it is very complicated I think, it is like solving the problem of the egg or the hen - which on came first ?).

I think that if someone try to create or generate, such a living entity, one should begin at first by the "lower realms", in order to understand fully the Laws and methods, the "how to", & "why".
I created, without intention such living entities in Alchemical process. A regeneration of a matter can do such things. I made several time such entities in the mineral realm, witnessing the birth of new crystals from an Alchemically prepared matter. Everything in total perfection. Nature is a living mechanism.
Another thing is to use very good materials, otherwise, you will not create a level of purity able to bear a higher level of Life.

Of course, the creation of an Homunculus is legendary, a little man or women, or even a couple in a flask is a kind of dream... but well, if I generated a kind of alchemical crystals in an alchemical world, in a flask, I could also generate a higher level of Life ... we are Homunculi in a big flask, called the "universe". It is not legendary, it is actually the world in which we live in !! Creating an Homunculus, whatever the realm can have a deep spiritual impact on you. Simply because you play the laws of Nature, as a Creator.

What you see *in* the flask, you see it *out* of the flask... it's an opening, a kind of enlightenment. But, you can only understand what you see with the eyes of an Hermetist. There is a life principle. "What is above, is like what is below". But one must be careful, and be psychologically prepared. Imagine you generate a monster in a flask ? What if it is like Frankenstein !? It can make you profoundly mad. Do not dabble.
The Philosopher Stone is said to have such power, to make flourish and born animals and plants from a totally virgin earth. But one can create such thing without the Stone.

I will not say it is easy, it is not, not at all. One must understand the Laws of Nature perfectly (sorry for repetitions but, it is really important), otherwise, one can go nowhere, and do nothing good.
What could I say more ... the production of the Homunculus is very close to the production of the Philosopher Stone. Creating an Homunculus can help for the Stone, and the Stone can help to create an Homunculus.

We are entering here in one of the domain of the Alchemical culture that is very little known, like a backstage, but you know, when we see wonders in Alchemy, "mind blowing stuff", sometime our limits are broken, and the impossible things can be a possibility for the initiated one.

November 19, 2010

Les Livres de François Rabelais

Vous trouverez ici en ligne les ouvrages (Alchimiques) de Rabelais :

Bonne lecture !

Livre de Matthieu Frécon - "L'Alambic, l'Art de la Distillation."

Une fois n'est pas coutume, voici une petite revue sur un ouvrage que j'ai bien aimé. Lorsqu'on aime, il faut le dire n'est ce pas ? Alors allons y !

Le Livre de Matthieu Frécon est très intéressant, plein d'humour, de tradition, et d'informations précises, sans nul doute il s'agit là d'un ouvrage que je le conseille à tous ceux qui souhaite se lancer ou avancer un peu plus dans la pratique de la distillation, afin de tirer parti de tous les avantages qu'elle peut présenter pour un travail spagyrique, homéopathique, ou de bien être tout simplement, &c.

Cet ouvrage, on le sent a été paufiné, bichonné. En tout cas, c'est quelque chose de valeur. Personnellement j'ai dès les premières pages, appris, encore et encore sur des sujets que je pensais connaître, mais que nenni ! D'une manière sympatique et claire son ouvrage nous permet de comprendre le sujet, et on se laisse ainsi emporter, pages après pages dans ce monde de "goutte" de "Hic Bibitur", &c !

Matthieu est un pationné, qui connait son métier, et qui a ça dans le sang ! Pour cause, il est bouilleur ambulant dans l'Hérault. En ce moment c'est la saison, et il doit certainement distiller chaque jour. Mais il a aussi pratiqué l'Alchimie/Spagyrie depuis des années, et faisait parti des Philosophes de la Nature.

Vous trouverez des extraits de son ouvrage, et vous le proccurer sur son site :
Mais aussi un tas d'autres conseils et "recettes" qui valent la peine d'être lues et mise en pratique.

L'ouvrage a été édité aux éditions "les Gouttelettes de Rosée" à 1000 exemplaires (belle édition en papier glacé).

Bref, en un mot, merci Matthieu et bon courage pour la saison !

A Sea Salt work

Raw sea salt filtered.

Sea Salt is a really interesting matter. It is simply a frozen fix water. If one is able to prepare it correctly it can flow easily and penetrate metals. But it is most part of the time a hard and long process. Of course one can have shortcuts, but it is necessary to know the hermetical laws under it. Sea salt is a dry Mercury, sometime used in Dry Process.

A water, saturated by sea salt, let first the niter crystallize. It is very nice to see.

Here is the caput of the Sea Salt after a dry distillation.
The Mercury extracted is put back "on the head". It is hard as rock after such a process.

When I distilled it, I had at the end a volatile acid, fuming spirit in the air.

The sea salt, dry after distillation.

And then we have a very nice sea salt.

November 16, 2010

Les Rêves en Alchimie/Spagyrie

Selon mon expérience, après ingestion de teintures, ou de travaux sur des gravures alchimiques, ou des matières en cours de travail/cycle, on peut avoir des rêves en lien avec des effets psycho énergétiques.
Exemple, vous prenez une teinture métallique ou de plante par exemple, et vous rêvez la nuit suivante que certaines bêtes sortent de votre corps, ou vous vous battez avec certaines d'entre elles. Lorsque ceci se répète plus de dix fois de suite après avoir ingéré des teintures, on peut réellement faire le lien entre les médecines spagyriques/Alchimiques et la purification énergétique et psychique. Surtout si on a des marques sur le corps après et que certaines sensations sont en accord avec cela.

Il y a aussi les rêves à nature enseignante. Par exemple j'ai pu voir certaines gravures alchimique assez étonnantes en rêve. Ce qui est un réel émerveillement.
Et puis il y a le travail de domptage, ou de dressage des archétypes intérieurs, qui se déroule souvent lorsqu'on putréfie une matière. L'archetype de présente à vous sous forme d'un animal indompté, et petit à petit, lorsque vous avancez au labo, l'animal se soumet à vos ordres et à votre autorité dans vos rêves, et devient de l'état sauvage, un animal domestique. Parfois ça a du mal ...

Il y a les rêves de "cycles", par exemple, un aigle se pause devant moi, il s'envole et laisse un corbeau venir. Puis une ou deux nuit après, je vois une queue de paon et le paon, perché sur une toile d'araignée ... etc.

Une amie a aussi pu assister au combat d'un guépard et d'une panthère noire par exemple après un certain travail.
Les rêves et les processus psychiques témoignent du lien que nous entretenons et devons créer et favoriser avec la matière que nous créons. La transformation intérieure lors des processus, permet de créer en nous même la Pierre alors qu'elle nait dans le ballon ou le creuset. (A mon avis !)

Certains qui préfère l'oratoire, n'utilisent que leur esprit et les peintures/gravures décrivant le G.O et en "y entrant" en faisant une synchronisation psychique peuvent ainsi se cadrer sur le processus décrit et le vivre fortement. C'est évidement un autre type d'alchimie, un autre domaine.

November 07, 2010

Trois principes.

J'ai commencé à comprendre que dans nos activités quotidiennes, nous avons des énergies particulières qui sont le reflet de nos besoins mais aussi de notre nature, et ces activités nous façonnent en retour. Par exemple, vous pouvez avoir des activités en lien avec le Mercure, tout ce qui à trait à la Spiritualité, à l'élévation de l'esprit et de l'âme, mais c'est aussi tout ce qui a trait avec des activités de relation, de médiation de compréhension, d'adaptation. Si vous manquez de ces qualités dans votre existence, vous serez et vous êtes déséquilibré.
Certains activités sont de nature Sulfureuses ... chacun ses définitions, mais pour ainsi dire, c'est tout ce qui est très masculin, et actif, extérieur, et énergétique/mouvementé, "acides". C'est une dépense d'énergie, être sur le devant la scène, etc. C'est évidement aussi la partie de l'Animus, votre "Homme Archétypal" intérieur qui s'exprime. Il est nécessaire de comprendre cette partie de soi tout autant que les autres.
Il y a encore des activités de nature Salines, ou féminine, reliées à l'Anima, votre Archétype Féminin intérieur. Ces activités sont plus internes, introspectives, ou féminines, "lentes", reposantes, calme, "alcaline", si cela vous parle.

Comme les deux autres, il est nécessaire de pouvoir les comprendre, les voir dans sa vie (ou percevoir leur absence).

C'est un exercice intéressant à faire. Et qui je pense est une approche psychologie via l'Alchimie. Aux USA le concept de "l'Alchimie spirituelle ou interne" semble plus développé qu'en occident (dans le milieu alchimique en tout cas). Mais Jung a pourtant apporté énormément d'eau à ce moulin, et souvent les psychanalystes de ce courant, bien que n'étant pas opératif sont très très pointu et au courant des dynamiques alchimiques internes (voir Von Franz).

October 31, 2010

Samhain, Halloween and the Hermetical signification.

At the orgin... Nature's Cycle.

The feasts of the Natural Cycle are very old, nowadays it is a Celtic revival that takes place with the Halloween, or Samhain (from Wiccan perspective). This is a way to celebrate the different aspects of Nature and of the cycle in a social manner, but also in a ritualistic and sacred way. All the cycle is sacred, this is an important message. Of course, culture will interpret and live the cycle in its own manner, but as Alchemist or Hermetist, one must try to delve more deeply in the meaning.

The symbols of Halloween/Samhain

From an Alchemical point of view, we can analyse the feast of the Samhain thus :

Today it is also linked powerfully to the death part of the cycle, since Samhain is the end of the Celtic year. We see skulls, bones, tombstones, coffins, witches, demons, bats, spiders and spiders' webs, pumpkin heads and vampires everywhere... it is said to scare the deads, ghosts, and all the tenebrous night creatures, and thus they cannot harm the disguised one. But the symbolism, taken from an alchemical point of view is just amazingly rich and profound. We are in a world of living symbols, it is just amazing to see how the hermetical culture can live today via such feasts, and it’s really an enjoyment.

From the psychological side of the cycle, it is the moment when we know we will have a hard time. Sometime we can feel it coming. We know the Blackness is coming inside us, and we get prepared for it, winter and darkness, the time to rest in our psychic grave is coming. A necessary moment. Learning to die is not easy, since one have to loose his imaginary control over the cycle, and surrender to death. You learn that you cry only when you resist to death, the dead do not cry, they just rest, in peace (tombstones' RIP). In the dark, still. A lot of depressive people stay to bed. Bed is the symbol of a coffin. When we wake a dead on his bed, it is the same thing. But the coffin is not yet inhumed.
A coffin, is the 'vessel of nature', the bones, the "salt", the pumpkin, the living fire in the matter taking an horrible form, all demons and weird, horrible creatures are the matter transforming, and fixating (spider's web), the tombstone is a link to the secret fire, and ghosts to the Spiritus coming from the dead matter, the Spirit like a vampire, biting the matter and covering it of his black mantle and making of it a creature of the Darkness ... here we are, in full Nigredo !

Enjoy your Halloween, enjoy your death, meditate upon your own inner cycle of evolution, understand how death acts, and what it is finally. What death bring in your life, what it creates or destroy. An end, or a new beginning ? Simply a part of the cycle... different, but equally necessary to the others parts of the cycle.
The sacrificial part, or the killing of the animals for winter, is the multiplication of the Stone or simply the beginning of the cycle in the matter, the living beast is sacrificed on the altar, with the ritual knife of sword, the Secret Fire, creating a (new) Black. The colours of Samhain (pronounce "soween", yes it's gaellic ...) is the brown colour and the Black. Colours that one can witness in his vessel, when the darkness is coming, and taking the advantage upon the Red colour when it is a multiplication or when the matter is already red... but crude. That's why meat is cut, salted, or smoked, all these actions are the sacred and secret Fire's deeds.

October 30, 2010

Cabala Mineralis hidden symbols

Je vous propose ici quelques symboles cachés ou bien voilés semble t'il, dans la première peinture de la Cabala Mineralis : (I propose you few symbols, hidden or well veiled, in the first image of the Cabala Mineralis :)
Ici, nous trouvons par exemple le symbole de Saturne sur le Chêne :
(Here, we find for example the symbol of Saturn on the oak :)

Ce qui est évocateur en tout cas. Mais c'est une autre histoire !
(Which is evocative. But this is another story !)

Nous trouvons aussi un "chapeau" derrière un Aigle ...
(We also find a 'hat' behin an eagle ...)

Enfin nous trouvons une Mérelle sur le pot de fleur.
(A last we find a St James Shell on the flower pot.)

J'ai prit plaisir à regarder et à méditer cet ouvrage fort beau, et bien peint. Mais j'ai été encore plus surpris à là découverte de ces symboles. / I had pleasure to look and meditate this very nice and well drawn book. But I've been even more surprized when I discovered these symbols.

October 25, 2010

Indian Alchemy

A very nice site and products ! Really interesting. Especially in order to have a different point of view concerning spagyrics (even if it is wrongly called "Indian Alchemy"), and also maybe some enlightenments about Cinnabar.

October 15, 2010


Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. Propolis is used for small gaps (approximately 6 millimeters (0.2 in) or less), while larger spaces are usually filled with beeswax. Its color varies depending on its botanical source, the most common being dark brown. Propolis is sticky at and above room temperature. At lower temperatures it becomes hard and very brittle.
Medical uses
Propolis is marketed by health food stores as a traditional medicine, and for its claimed beneficial effect on human health.

Natural medicine practitioners use propolis for the relief of various conditions, including inflammations, viral diseases, ulcers, superficial burns or scalds.
Propolis is also believed to promote heart health, strengthen the immune system and reduce the chances of cataracts. Old beekeepers recommend a piece of propolis kept in the mouth as a remedy for a sore throat. Propolis lozenges and tinctures can be bought in many countries. Though claims have been made for its use in treating allergies, propolis may cause severe allergic reactions if the user is sensitive to bees or bee products.

Some of these claims are being clinically investigated and several studies are published in the biomedical literature. Since the chemical composition of propolis varies depending on season, bee species and geographic location, caution must be applied in extrapolating results (as above).

As an antimicrobial
Depending upon its composition, propolis may show powerful local antibiotic and antifungal properties.
As an emollient
Studies also indicate that it may be effective in treating skin burns.

As an immunomodulator
Propolis also exhibits immunomodulatory effects.
As a dental antiplaque agent
Propolis is a subject of recent dentistry research, since there is some evidence that propolis may actively protect against caries and other forms of oral disease, due to its antimicrobial properties. Propolis can also be used to treat canker sores. Its use in canal debridement for endodontic procedures has been explored in Brazil.

As an antitumor growth agent
Propolis' use in inhibiting tumorigenesis has been studied in mice in Japan.(wikipedia )

Here is my propolis tincture. A deep red colour.

The extraction of propolis is made easely and very quickly, whitout the help of heat. You just need a pure alcohol, water prevent the extraction. When diluted in water, propolis gives a white coloration alike Macis. The taste is good.

October 12, 2010

Make it *alive*, and not "technical"

I made several experiments with plants, and in my opinion, if the product is well done, I mean, a true Spiritus Vini, gently distilled and perfectly rectified (caput, corpus, & cauda draconis removed), and a good quality plant, you don't need to bother with salts, insoluble salts etc, unless you want to make a vegetable stone.
Effects can be more than surprising.

What do you want to add with ashes ? They contain nothing of the plant now, they are burned ! No energy remains, and energy can only be in the Sulphury part. Don't try to imitate an Alchemical process while doing Spageria. This is not the same thing.

Don't over complicate, just make a good job at first.

Another problem I have seen is in the so called 'ens' process. People use K2CO3, or potassium carbonate, but if you extract this salt, per se, you will have a golden Spiritus Vini. Which mean that, if you add a plant in the deliquescent alkaline water, you will spoil your Sulphur with another one that have nothing to do here...

Why using an alkaline salt if you are able to make a pure S.V ... why using K2CO3 upon easily extractible plants and not directly S.V ? I don't know, maybe in order to add a "moon" effect ? In this case, just link it to the moon once extracted. And don't dare to tell me that "the book said to do so ...".

Ignorance and greed

There is, of course, a lack of knowledge of Nature's Laws in the Art of Alchemy today (Science, the servant, like in Fairy tales, play now the role of false Princess, and stole the crown of Alchemy), that's not new, almost all the tradition were lost in two centuries, some peices being still under the eye of people, but not recognised, are waiting for an alchemized eye to contemplate their beauty and secrets.

A lot of people imagine that they will find in paper "lessons" what is needed to be learned, glad of their little experiments, with their brand new apparatus, they decide to open website and to sell products. They call that 'Alchemy', and it's just in fact, spagerics. But, "alchemy" is better for business since the word is used in Harry Potter Books... they all claim now to be big lab, making "Spagerics", or "Paracelsus' drugs" etc etc, and they never, never speak about the true goal of this art, and science. As lab they only understand technique, the science part "take that, grind it, extract it, filter it under vacuum, put the label and put online" (and no circulation of the tincture since electricity is not cheap)... that's so dead.

Dead products are also sold to people that understand nothing about all this stuff. Some "metallic elixirs" white and clear as pure water, containing nothing more than maybe alcohol or dew is sold. A tincture of silver, looking like a tincture of gold ? Both clear as water ... is that normal ? Of course, no. There is nothing in the flask. Metals dead for nothing. They are of course, de bona fide, because themselves never saw in their life the true colour of a metal, they imagine that they can have the soul of a metal without colouring the menstrum... magic trick. Not funny.

It would not be a problem if the tinctures they sell where not made after a "fermentation" of the product...inducing a process of putrefaction in a product will lead to a dead Sulphur, dead, I mean, "giver of death", Sulphur can only give what it has, of course, they don't know, do they have a brain, I wonder... the third problem is that they use improper products in order to make their tinctures. As they don't understand laws, they don't understand cycle and the effect of cycle upon matter and the composition of matter. Some guy selling "tinctures" were in fact caught selling coloured sugar water ... spagerics is not a placebo effect, it's not even a physical effect, it is, before everything, an energetic effect, a living effect. These productions must be alive.
For example, do you know you should not ingest obsidian tincture ? Do you know why ?

I let you find the answer.

October 11, 2010

Spiritual Initiation in Alchemy

We are talking here about True Alchemy, not particular Alchemy (and this is also different from Archemy or Science of Particulars).

Some of us have the goal, in Alchemy, to have Enlightenment, and for this we must have the Stone, which is only a way to produce this State. But we have to be aware that the Spiritual Initiation via Alchemical Path is very very uncommon and rare. It's far less uncommon in Zen, Advaita, Yoga, etc where far far more people reach these states of Being. This simply comes from the fact that Alchemy is an almost lost Science. We have only few rare initiates in this planet that knows the secrets of True Alchemy, and true disciples are rare.
Alchemy is one of the hardest ways to "get there". People imagine that since they have the technique of some process they will easily have the Stone, it is absolutely not the case at all, sometime they strive for nothing valuable, and they imagine that they finally have the Stone (because they have seen few colours, and it looks like a red stony matter), and are disappointed, most part of the time, the story end ... in a dead end, full of frustration and despair, and worse, in poisoning himself and others like in some "orders" where the 'Stone' is given by the guru to the disciples... True Alchemy is clearly revealed nowhere in texts. It's all hints, allegories and images, symbols, and it is needed to have a key to open the process and a real faculty to read between the lines and to decipher the symbolic code used centuries before.
If you want enlightenment via Alchemy, I invite you to revise your spiritual motivations profoundly concerning the possible fulfilling of this goal with this Art. One person upon a billion, even less, can reach enlightenment via Alchemy. It's far more direct by other paths, those who walk these paths of Material realization have a very special quality of soul, requiring a lot of Hermes in it. This is why oratory is required (which must be made of astrologia, theurgia, and study of symbols, texts, meditation (zen like) and also the different laws of Nature), and of course and practical side made with the laboratory, both are one and complete each other.
Most part of process revealed today are part of the said "particular Alchemy". Nothing Universal is involved, but these paths can lead to interesting medicines, transmutations, learning about the process, qualities of matter, laws of Nature, and mastery of inner archetypes, also balancing inner energies etc, and attaining minors states of initiation or purification. These paths are for example the Antimony path of Bacstrom, of "Flamel" as they call it in the PON, involving silver, gold, mercury and antimony (Flamel Path is not at all the path described here), or the Roger's Caro Cinnabar Path, all the different Alkhaests Paths also, the Golden Water Path or Via Antiqua, etc.

Alchemy has a lot of ramifications, like the roots of our old oak. And it is a complex subject.
I want to thanks all my friends in the Art for their support, help, contributions. Thank you my friends !!

September 23, 2010

The Oldest House in Paris

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When Baron Haussmann remade the face of Paris, he relegated much of the medieval city to the wrecking ball.

"House of Nicolas Flamel, and of Pernelle his wife.
To preserve the memory
of their charitable fundation
The town of Paris restored in 1900
the early engraving dated of 1407."

Yet despite his efforts, pockets of the past still remain, ready for discovery. If you are willing to search, you can still find them—including some of the oldest houses in Paris.
Actually, there are several contenders for the title, all of them to be found on the Right Bank rather than the Left, near the historic church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais (4th) and the former abbey church of Saint-Martin-des-Champs (now part of the Musée des Arts et Métiers, 3rd). They reflect the division, already well-established by the twelfth century, between the university on the Left Bank, a burgeoning commercial district on the Right Bank, and the seat of government (the royal palace) on the Ile de la Cité.

Take the house of Nicolas Flamel. The name may mean something to you, as he shows up rather prominently in the first Harry Potter story, and Victor Hugo refers ominously to him in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Flamel has gone down in history, or in the shadows of history, as a dedicated alchemist who discovered
the Philosophers’ Stone and its secret of eternal life. Since the Philosophers’ Stone was also capable of turning base metals into gold, subsequent seekers have not been surprised to learn that Flamel was a wealthy man.
In addition to any time he may have put in at his laboratory, Flamel was a successful manuscript copyist and dealer as well as a major community benefactor. In 1407 he built the sturdy stone structure at what is now 51 Rue de Montmorency (3rd), setting aside the top stories as a kind of homeless shelter, while turning the ground floor into a money-making tavern (which now houses a popular little restaurant, the Auberge Nicolas
Flamel). If you look carefully, you can make out some of the original carvings on the façade, including angels, Flamel’s initials, and a Latin inscription invoking the inhabitants’ prayers. Flamel, who only asked that his impoverished lodgers pray for him and his wife, was also a generous benefactor to the Church of Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie, whose tower still remains at the corner of Rue de Rivoli and Boulevard de Sébastopol (4th). In remembrance of his good works, two tiny streets to the immediate north of the Tower of Saint-Jacques were named for him and his wife, Pernelle. Rue Nicolas-Flamel and Rue Pernelle (4th) still exist, and the spot where they cross provides a wonderful view of the dramatically lit tower by night. The house of Nicolas Flamel is certainly the oldest stone house in Paris, but the nearby half-timbered structure at 3 Rue
Volta (3rd), located in back of Saint-Martin-des-Champs, was long considered the oldest house in Paris.

Saint-Martin-des-Champs, which faces the old Roman road (now Rue Saint-Martin) from Paris to the sea, dates from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, with roots that go back long before that. Like other abbey churches in the area, a small village grew up around its protective walls, and 3 Rue Volta may once have belonged to a leading dignitary of the village of Saint-Martin. Despite its obvious age, this contender’s title has recently been challenged: instead of dating from around the year 1300, experts now say that the house that presently occupies 3 Rue Volta may be a seventeenthcentury replacement for the original.

The last two rivals for the oldest-house prize thrust up their half-timbered structures at 11 and 13 Rue François-Miron (4th), behind the church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais, whose tower foundations date from the thirteenth century, and whose history extends several centuries before that. As with 3 Rue Volta, these houses line an ancient roadway of Roman origins, this one connecting Paris to points east. The tall gabled structures of 11 and 13 Rue François-Miron date from the fourteenth century and give perhaps the best feeling of what medieval Paris looked like. Although various ordinances and age itself greatly altered their appearance over the centuries, they have recently been restored to their former glory, with plaques proclaiming that No. 11 is the House at the Sign of the Mower (reaper), while No. 13 is the House at the Sign of the Sheep. At the corner, an old sign for the Relais Saint-Gervais adds to the atmosphere of this special part of Paris.
These are of course small treasures, in a city that fairly bursts with riches of a larger order. But for those who value the many layers of history upon which present-day Paris is built, these remnants of the past are a delight to discover.