October 19, 2013

Spiritus Mundi ... miscellaneous.

I rarely speak about the Spiritus Mundi subject. Because it is the last message of Androgynus about it, I'll make an effort and share, not totally openly - sorry, several things I understood during my journey toward it. I'll speak from MY point of view and experience, it can be different for someone else of course.

The Spiritus Mundi really put your brain upside down, and without a close look at how Nature work, it is barely possible to understand the way it works.

You reach, a philosophical (no)limit in your Vision of Nature with Spiritus Mundi, simply because it is a universal and major key. They say the first matter is everywhere, and indeed, it fills the room. It is an essential part of the functionning of Nature, so, even if you don't seek it, you'll stumble on it one day or another. And you probably already have. But the secret is really in the way to condense it physically and quickly.

We already said here that SM must be in link with the Genesis. But more than that, it is linked with awakening. Actually, there is a great bond to do between SM and the process that happens during an awakening. I let you here with your meditation about it.

I said you find a no-limit with the understanding of SM process.
At a certain point there is no more Alchemy, and there is Alchemy everywhere. It's hard to find the limit, because there is no more boundaries. The vision is expended to the secrets of the universes, wide, wide, wide... and everything makes sense. Your own personnal position is also re centered and your place in this world is changed. You find your place, and thus the place of everything.

At that point the high is below, the below is high, the in is out, and out is in.
As above so below, as inside so outside.

We live between two mirrors reflecting each one another.

It's all smoke and mirrors.

Can a single pice of this universe be disregarded after such a realization ? No. All philosophers put the Sun and the Moon at the same level in the sky (in engravings or paintings etc). This is for a reason. Father and Mother, yes, but more than that, I said the the mirrors were reflecting one each other, and thus you find the Father and Mother at a wide range of levels, all acting of concert for the manifestation of Life.

Because actually, this is a raw universe you generate from zero when you condense pure SM.
Understanding this make you see the Cycle of Nature in the widest possible options. And make you discover the reason of the Universe and the Creation. It explains the "big no bang" and the reasons and how the other universes come to life after that there was already several universes before. All the visions of the mystics speak generally of the creation of the first universe, but not of the cycle of the universes.

The Vision of the Nature cannot anymore be confined to the laboratory, because it is universalized to the most extreme extend. There is no more "alchemy", because Alchemy is absolutely everywhere, and penetrating everything. No more limit between the lab and nature, or between YOUR work, and the work of Nature.


Solazaref worked with a tower, where copper antennae and lightning rods pointing to the sky, all connected to a big copper wire, going down into the tower, and being connected to a crucible, sealed, containing a matter.

He puts himself into a Faraday cage, and waits for the lightning, then, when the discharge happens, the matter is in a plasma state and generally transmuted into something else - if the crucible do not explode.

I heard he goes out of the cage exhausted.

Some, also use almost the same principle in via seca, putting a sealed crucible into a reactive agent, firing the whole thing, a little like thermite reaction. Generally the matter is found is needles, crystallized and transmuted into various metals if the matter inside was a metal. But we are no more in the SM field here, butI guessed it was good to be mentioned anyway.

Anyway, we are here in the old fantasmas of "electricity if life", look at Dr Frankenstein and the monster ! A vile body, dead, receiving a spark of life ...

I came to these conclusions via my understanding of Alchemy, I did some researches and the logical solution came out by itself.
Everything was very clear in an instant.

Actually there is not only "on" method to the Universal Archemical/Particular Stone.

But the Principles under the process is always the same.

There are many ways too for the Spiritus Mundi Stone too. But the Principles at work, are also the same everytime.

It can be misleading, but when talking about a "Path" I don't speak in term of recipe, but in terms of general Principles.

There are relatively "a lot" of texts about rejuvenation (Look in Alexandre Danaan "Federico Gualdi" french book and italian). It is generally always (for some variations like in food, bath, bleedings, someone to watch you and take care of you ...) the same process.

I don't know if all this can help ... But by the way, my post above could clear up some things for searchers, at least, opening another window of understanding and vision, that they can validate or not.

I don't care if anybody agrees or not. It's just what I found and it was a great revelation for me.

As one can see, the rejuvenation is not linked, in none of the texts I've read, to a spiritual initiation, only to a physical fasting + detox and rejuvenation.

By experience, it is now a fact (at least for very few people) that Spiritus Mundi is leading to a Spiritual "something". A rejuvenation via this Stone will lead to a great "Ascension", ultimately to the Body of Glory. Making the choice to go to such and extreme point is a suicide, since there is no capacity to go back.
One has to be very clear about his desires, and having the certainty to have no regrets of doing such a thing.


An important distinction needs to be made :

One has to undersand that there is a "Universal Archemical" path.

This may be shocking for some people. There is no Spiritus Mundi involved in it. A vast corpus of well known authors speak about it.

This is why Paracelsus said they are not real Philosophers, since he knew that Spiritus Mundi could result in a Higher Product.

This "Universal Archemical" path will eventually lead to a 40 days rejuvenation process that must be undertaken every 50 years. But, one will grow old every time.
It will probably have little effect on the astral body, giving no (or very limited) "powers".

Now, the Initiation of the Spiritus Mundi Stone will not be as much physical, but far more spiritual. This is more the kind of Initiation that Jesus endured. With a disappearance of the physical body and a total recreation of it. It's truly an Ascension. This is a Philosophical Suicide.

This needed to be said.


What I can add to all this, is about the inherent "dangers" of the practice with Spiritus Mundi. I already made a clear post about the general "dangers" (lack of better term ) in Alchemy, but here is different.

Philosophical Insulation is another very important point I want to stress here.

And I don't really know how to put that in words, since one has to know what's the point of the practice/lab ... We are dealing here with a great Fire. As such, and during the manifestation of Spiritus Mundi, there is a tremendous condensation of Force, it is a necessity.

This Force, is contained in some special ways, and if one makes, by mistake, an exit gate, by touching it, or even being close to it, he can have a discharge of this energy into his bodies, and also, in plain face if he is too much curious ... about what's going on in the Ark of Covenant ... Remember what happened in Indiana Jones ?

For now, I only know it can really shake you up (or down), and put you K.O for some time. And enhance all the troubles you have for a moment.

We are dealing here with an "Emanating Force"/"Hermetically Radioactive". So I let you imagine what could be the consequences of dabbling with it. For your mental sanity, your emotional stability, and your nervous + energetic systems too, it can be too much. Be prepared, and always act with respect for the process.
Since one is not able to understand how it actually works, one cannot grasp how to protect oneself from the ongoing process, and to avoid to be touched by the "Dew".

Understanding the Principles are perfect when we begin because we have a broader vision, and the capacity to understand analogies, which gives us a way to complete the whole pattern, but we also have to direct our perception to a more serious problem : this Isolation.

Here is a key : Meditate on the tree concept. Or try to understand the multiple aspects of the Perpetuum Mobile.

Philosophical Insulation is also a necessity in order for the process to work perfectly, otherwise the Spirit, which is so volatile, will not be stopped. There is a need for a philosophical limit.
But this limit in my understanding must be double. The first one is electric, the second one is magnetic. (philosophically/hermetically of course). Both play a role in the process, and protect both the Spiritus Mundi, and the operator.

It is also important to know that the presence of the Alchemist, near the "Flask" (depending how "open" the 'Athanor' is) can be a trouble on the long term. Because it is a question of homeostasis and equilibrium. If the Athanor is closed, it is not a problem.

I hope this will be an help for the searchers.

It is important to know Philosophical Insulation.

For those who would like to make the Spiritus Mundi experiment, Nature's game/laws, are of course, the most important datas to have. I mean, you need this Whole Picture in order for all this to work.

When you have the Whole Vision, then you can choose to work such or such Path, I mean, when you actually have, really, the datas given by the Hermetical Vision, you can envision to not work only in the Lab/material level. You have other opportunities that are unlocked.

Staying at the level of the recipe/device/stuff, is not generating something Alchemical in oneself. It is limitative and sterile. Limitied. Particular. Specified.

The "Vision" make you the gift to be able to make fructify your spirituality, your self, your life, your being. In an unlimited way. THIS is a great gift, and Alchemical ! Because it is a cycle of evolution of maturation, of true discovery of the World. And not only a simple device ... very sterile. This is why we mostly applicate ourselves to give Principles, more than riddles to decypher. Because a Principle is Universal & Alive !

Again, seeking the Stone is trying to cure the symptom via mean to an end. The Stone is a state of being, it is reached slowly, with care, patience, and experiences of life, a matured Vision/Spirituality. It is something in YOU, and again, when it is something alive in you, you have it, truly. If it is just a peice of crystal you seek, then it is, again, dead and limited a kind of desparate greedy need.

This can lead you to the W.W.W. of the Philosophers : Wider, Wiser, Wilder.

Don't be recipes hunters, don't be stuff hunters, be Principles Hunters ! Try the Virgin Vision.


The big problem with the "personnal vision of Alchemy" is that it is somewhat distorted, or particular.

One need to go behind the 'curtain' and for this there is a need for the Philosophical Virgin Vision (with an unlearning process), otherwise, you don't even see the curtain or filter covering your eyes and you cannot open it and see what's behind...

So, of course, it is unevitable that visions of Alchemy can have some frictions. It is normal.

But the worse thing is to imagine that our vision is mature and finished, complete. It is never the case.

Thinking about Alchemy as a single practice is limitative and when the walls in the mind are destroyed, you can accept a broader vision and holding it as a whole, and not as puzzle pieces. At a moment in the practice, the limits between the Hermetical Sciences fade, and it is very difficult to make distinctions between them, since you see everything as a whole.istic thing.

Of course people that never had this encompassing vision cannot really understand. One day they will.

Anyway, coming back the thread of this Spiritus Mundi...

I latelly had the intuition the Alche.mist must have develop in himself all the required archetypes in link with the captation, fixation, retention plus maturation of the S.M.

I mean that, in order to go through all the process of the Magnum Opus, you must have all the doors opened on the required forces used in the M.Opus. Otherwise you'll lack something, and you'll miss the point. Generally "life"/your existence, will be in charge for this (if you are marked as Alchemist it is an automatic process).

For example, the Martian/al aspect in all the Alchemists I know, and that are close to Spiritus Mundi, is well developped. Swords/blades are generally present in their life, or a kind of military aspect.
Since the Sun and the Moon are together used in the Opus (as Electro Magnetic Forces = in an Hermetical Vision, not a "science one".) there is a need for an equilibrated anima/animus, and one must have cleared all his problems in link with these archetypes in his life, otherwise, the personnal story block the passage in himself of these two forces. Generally, the problems with the Father, and the Mother are important deals. But sometime it is something else that comes into play. There, one sometime need to make a personnal effort, and to get out of his confort zone.

This means that you need to have a very specific and complete integration of several archetypes in you.

Now, one can replicate the process without understanding, and it can work, because Nature's allows him. But this is not an Alchemist, just a technician. And it is good too ! But doing things with consciousness is far far better.

I wanted to speak about the Magnet also.

Excatly as the "Matter", a general term used for a plenty of things, the Magnet is also in this case.

We can have the Spiritus out of a Magnet. And to transfert/distil it upon another one. So here we already have two different Magnets - similar in principle, different in the matter/world.

But the process used is also sometime using a "Magnet". Here we are, 3 Magnets ! But the process itself uses a constant "non field", which is also a Magnet ... 4 Magnets.

Some Magnets are natural, and some are totally made Art.ificially. And sometime one can just make everything Artificially - but with the use of Nature of course, he just have to "work" a little more.

At this level, one is able to find independance. Because when one knows how to imitate Nature's Macrocosm in a Microcosm, then, it is possible to use the Black Sun or the Black Moon with ease.