September 19, 2010

Armand Barbault, Gold of Thousand Mornings

I propose you some photos, of unknown origin, maybe a french magazine, that shows Mr Armand Barbault, author of the "Gold of Thousand Mornings" in its laboratory.

"The importance of astrology. All delicate operation is leaded in accordance to astrology."

The gathering of plants, (previous page). Just before sunrise, like with dew, one take the chosen plants (the day before). Here Armand Barbault and his son, are examining a "Bouton blanc".

"Mixing of earth and plants, in the alambic full of earth to regenerate. It was devitalized before the previous coctions, they will add it plants that will bring vive forces. Adding of dew. Dew is filtered, and added to plants. This gives a kind of dense mixture that one will place in the alambic." (Here you can see Alex Barbault).

"The regenerated turb. After being heated, moistened during several month the matter introduced in the alambic, is removed a black matter which digested ... "

"... the plants, this is callen "regenerated turb". It will be blacken to the sun."

"Filtrering of the concoctions. The concoctions are filtered in order to gather the liquors and the earth liberated of its salts."

"At last the gold liquor. The liquor will be examined during a week in order to verify its purity."

An Unknown American Alchemist : George Rapp (1757-1847)

George Rapp

Here is a webpage that can be very profitable to understand who was this man :

"Alchemical notations found by the author in George Rapp's own copy of von Welling's Opus Mago-Cabalisticum at Old Economy, Pennsylvania. This is the first publication of this discovery."

"Frederick Rapp also practiced alchemy, as did a number of others both inside and outside the Harmonist community itself. On 10 April, 1823, an old friend of Rapp's, A.F. Belser, wrote Rapp and alluded to an exclusive society of alchemical adepts that occasionally inducted those who were qualified into its ranks.[12] Later, in 1827, Belser again corresponded with Rapp, who by this time was engaged in alchemical research that was to become extremely controversial within the Harmony Society. "