November 12, 2013

What if ... ?

I won't write a big article today. Sometime a big article is not necessary to express in simple, short, concise thought.

What if, the road to success in Alchemy was located somewhere else of what you are currently doing ? What if the understanding, and the line of thought that you should express in your Lab was different of what everybody/every book told you ?
Do you think it is necessary in nowadays to follow the same line of though of the people living in antiquity, middle age ?

What if our old masters of Alchemy had not all the keys, but only a part of them ?

What if modern technology and quantum could give a boost to your alchemical practice ? What if in fact, the explanation was clearer with "modern" scientist vision ?

We should not lose of sight that humanity's understanding of Nature has also evolve with this branch of researche : physics, chemistry and quantum physic, we did discoveries in optics, astronomy, biology, mineralogy, crystallography and all these cosmo things... (the list is non comprehensive).

This "what if ..." is a great key. You have to go beyond the bundaries. Beyond the predetermined box of thoughts and ideas that we are teached when we practice Alchemy.

There is maybe something BIG behind the wall of the box that is waiting to be discovered by you !