May 09, 2016

Circulatum and Spiritus Mundi, Archetypes of matters and the Stone.

From a conversation on Alchemyforums. A post of mine : 

"Some advanced Spagerical preparations can smell good, be extremely volatile, have a great surface tension, be clear as the purest water, and act as a secret fire. Weidenfeld wrote an extensive book about it. But also an extreme level of energy. For those having an idea of the scale, such product can reach at least 7 millions of Bovis unities (my own measures).

The names ? As stated as above and few more : "Circulatum", "Radical Menstrum", "Phi Spirit of Wine", "Quintessence", "Alkhaest", sometimes "Paradise Water", "Eagle's Gluten, "Magister"... 

And, there, a type of Mercurial Spirit is involved, but it is not Spiritus Mundi. But a derived of it, and the result of this is an Ersatz.

What is it all about here ? It is a preparation of the salts and Sulfur that are already created in this matrix. Nothing else. No big deal.

Spiritus Mundi induces something else. It is the closest matter from the origin, crudest. Freshly polarised. A new born. And because of the lack of density it will go back quickly to the nimbs. It is at first a concept, then an astral energy and then a cold plasma/ether. Cooling down it will give a vapour, then a water, and all the other archetypes of matter but on the purest form ever.

This crudity will be fixed and give birth, in perfect conditions (in a lab for example), to a very pure, and special matter. In which the level of "life force" is so dense...

The Stone is a name for a type of matter, understand it as a general archetype. The subject is far more complex and it is only after several years of intense work in the Lab that I can reach a bit of understanding about it. Describing it is simple, but understanding it is dense.

In a simple phrase I would say that the "Stone" gives you immunity and access. To this world, and to the others, but also power over them. It is blessing, healing, benediction, perfection, evolution, transmutation. All these terms in one. 

Archetypes of matters is a great thing to understand, because whatever the chemicals, whatever the source, a sulfur is a sulfur, a fix soluble salt is a fix soluble salt, a volatile salt is a volatil "ammoniac" salt... etc. This is why the Stone can be reached from several sources and do actually exist in a physical form and sometimes can naturally occurs in nature, but it is extremely rare because of the cycles of this universe we are in, right now, but in the future of future, Stones will happen naturally when the whole universe will be ready to produce it, but it is yet not ready. 

Because the Stone is the "physical" beginning of the end of the world as it should be : evolved and perfected in the matter, until it is so perfect that there is no more difference between it and the Source, i.e no more polarities in the Stone because it is a pure QE. All forces united for good.

For now, duality is way too great in order to be able for the universe, and it's smaller manifestations, to produce Stones by itself/themselves everywhere, this is why it must be transmuted in all kingdoms and in it's overall "corpus". For it and them (kingdoms) to be able also to give birth to their own version of the Stone.

"I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy."