August 03, 2010

Tinctures and inner cleansing.

I wanted to say something IMPORTANT about the metallic tinctures (and all the other in fact). For example, after the intake of a tincture of Venus (copper), I had a dream where an egg, then a caterpillar, a chrysalis, and a butterfly where going out of one side of my chest - where the heat is.
The night, after two intakes of a nacre/shells tincture (1/4 of drop in the morning, and half of a drop in the evening) I dreamt that i was on a beach, and I was walking in the sand, where crabs where buried, once disturbed, they ran to the sea, I was also opening a shell and from where a very disgusting "alien" style (you know, these babies alien in the film ...) going out of it and returning to the sea. The other dreams where about boats, sea, sea salt and sal gemmae etc... all linked to sea in some form.
What does it mean ? That a tincture extracted from a material will be signed of the environment from where it comes and from the energies that it carries within. Air and earth for Venus and sea (water) for Nacre.
It means it is important when we begin alchemy to have several tinctures coming from different elements, in order to make a selective, but global purification of the bodies. Fire, Air, Water, Earth are the basics. But also from different realms, like vegetal and animal, salts and minerals, gems, metals. The idea is to cover the whole system of zodiac and planets also. The initiated one can enhance the power of a tincture by a condensation of energy in it, by mantras, prayers, rituals, force condensation (Bardon's way) etc, only if he knows what kind of energy it is, otherwise he can charge it with Universal Life Force (Golden Light). It's not required, but it's simply more effective. Sometime, only touching the flask of the tincture before sleeping can make dreams - and simply looking at it can even produce a kind of shamanic experience in the night by being initiated by the spirit of the plan in question (my experience was with chelidonia) ! It happens often with my products that I keep next to me.
I had a lot of experiences of this kind with different products, almost every time I can have a dream of purification, seeing spiders or snakes that I told to go out, or that I push out of some place. I ...don't like spiders, but in dreams it's not the same state, last week i pushed out a spider as big as a car with a forked stick. The important thing is to actually see them going out, if you just see them, it's not enough ! Astral parasites are of all realms, all kind, and you may not suspect it, but everybody is parasited.
I was once confronted to a weird purification, (with my gold tincture), a ball of quicksilver, with a tiny piece of gold leaf on it, was running out of my nose. Weird isn't it ? In fact it seemed that the intake of the previous day, just pushed out this poisonous metal and energy out of my body ! I also had in the dream a kind of comedo, that I opened, and thousand of transparent bacterias fall out of it with floating black spots... weird. I prefer it is out of my bodies than in ! What, with a long run effect would that produce on me ? Ageing ? Illness ? Plus an astrological condition or psychological ground or both, and these beasts can run faster.

The only tincture said to make the whole job of purification is the evolved tincture of the Phi.Stone.

Now, you can make researches in order to find a tincture or two for each sign of the zodiac, for each element, for each realm and planet. It could be wise to have the whole pattern of energies while trying to achieve the Great Work.
A note also, a lot of U.S.A practitioners use "ever clear", just know that you have to tartarize it, and distil it after, the slower possible. Just know that every distillation or circulation rises the level of energy of your mercury. With wine you have to make at least between 5 and 8 distillations, and the level of energy is far far more higher, then, your tincture do not have to be circulated very long in order to be very potent.