December 05, 2011

For some, hair should be standing on end ... and smelling like burnt toast.

At a certain point in the evolution of an Alchemist, it's not at all possible to speak about laboratory work.

- Taboo. Forgiven. Not allowed. Shhhhhh !!! Shut up !! Silence !! Not in public - there are special places for that ! -

I don't want to have a thunderbolt on me. And my hair cut is perfect right now, hair standing on end is not a good look for me (and burnt toast parfume is not great either).

Anyway if I would be able to reveal some "keys" of this marvellous Science, and being cursed by our ancient Gate keepers, those who write about Alchemy without practicing, speaking without knowing, understanding, seeing, touching even a flask sometime, for the sake of money mostly,  should also be cursed - and sometime not only once.

Why ? By speaking without acutally knowing, they only repeat (generally always the same) quotes of ancient authors - thinking that it gives them some legitimity (look I made researches in old books !), and they follow, and parrot, some other persons that imposed a vision at a moment of their quest.

By doing this, they actually do an act of violence, and a lot of harm to the understanding of generations of seekers.
 Some seekers, generally neophytes (and when are we no more a neophyte ? When we produce a Green Lion in the true way ? Then 99 % of the persons I know are neophytes) will take for granted, maybe because of the reputation of this author (i.e, number of books and hours of conferences done), that what he said is truth or correct indication.

Take the Hermetic Labyrinth, it's quicker. The Lab/yrinth is made for you to find your way. Not to loose it. All cards and maps of the world/or of the Labyrinth are not making the path easier. Sometime they promise short cuts. And they will loose you. For years. Some persons never come back. They still think they are on the right path. They're not.

Happy Days ! :)

Some authors of blogs, conferences, books, DVDs, are only surfing on the wave of the interest of an ignorant population. Nicolas Flamel, here, there, and here again ... "gold transmutation", and false concepts ... Damn !! This is how Alchemy is popularized, vulgarized, and lost.

They wake up a morning and "Oh I will write a book about Alchemy". And the publisher says "Ok" !

Worse, the so called "more serious" authors are giving wholeheartedly indications about - what they think to be - Alchemy.

Here comes the - old, never finished, 99% of the time dead end - ways with tartar, antimony, iron, sometime a little bit of copper here and there in order to make a nice purple net, what a lovely thing, thinking that when you mixed it up, the Spiritus will come and stay (some believe too hard in fairy tales) - the star says it all. And then, what ? What's next ? "The authors are not very clear, they contradict ...". Damn, damn, damn ... facepalm (bis).

What a Star trek !

{I know only one guy who did it in the correct way. He didn't told me much about it, but knowing him, I'm sure he did it well. Thumb up for you my friend ! :) }

Come on ! Read again, open your eyes guys, you take the responsability to teach, and speak Alchemy. Which is generally for you only spagerics in fact... Are you not afraid of what you are doing ? Don't you realize ? Even a little ? No ? ...
Don't you see how it is now difficult to crack the minds in order to show truth ? You see the caput you've done ?
So, stop distorting the texts, images, symbols, stop giving hidden meaning to the old texts, thinking that old Alchemists were all liars... and all practicing the same ways.

It's a performance of high-profile to make a comment on an alchemical book or engravings. It's in fact impossible for someone in the knowing, to explain that in veiled words in a book for a more or less large audience. Saying things without saying them ... taking the risk to tell too much or generating disappointements ...

Truth is more complex than it seems to be. The same principles everywhere, but, thousands of different applications ! This is why they seemed to contradict. But they weren't.
This is why it is worthless to try to understand the practical applications without a minimum prerequisite of understanding of the underlying Principles - which are, in fact, the basic Alphabet, after the Alphabet, comes the reading, and then the Vision, after the Vision, the practical retranscription of the Principles into the Lab World. And then there is the P.C.F = Philosophical Crossing of the Fingers ... in order for it to work, and not to explode or make you mad (well, more than you already are).

So, when you don't know what you are talking about, just keep your mouth shut. It's better for everyone.

There is no such thing as "The Philosopher Stone 101", "Hermetics for Dummies","The Magnum Opus in 7 easy steps", or "How to become an Alchemist in a month" ... it's impossible. It's fake, stupid and empty. No reasonable Alchemist would explain the entire process explicitely. One has to get the AHA !! This is how one become an Alchemist, you have to earn your Alchemy. In a way or another. That's my opinion.