March 23, 2013

Reasons to ... and not to ...

Alchemists are generally concerned with basic things :

Gold to be rich and not having to work. Health. Long life, rejuvenation. Sometime Enlightenment, wisdom. Sometime psychic powers. Sometime Ascension.

But, if you do gold, and make money, more than probably you'll get shot, or found suicided in your car or home. ORMUS community knows very well that the Cartel of the Metals kill people when they try to sell their production.
Anyway, imagine you make gold and with the right connexions you sell it, you have plenty of money. Good.

What will you do ?

You'll do what you are already enclined to do.

The genie of the lamp will give you what you desire : If you are enclined to material things, you'll whant a big house, fiesta all nights maybe, girls, big cars, travels, food, alcohol, marijuana. This can shorten your life. Anyway it could be cool to materialize your "green" moments, but there is a limit.
Money is a threat for people with no wisdom, a threat for themselve and others.

Finally you kill your health, and your friends are not true friends. They just are parasites. Generally we have a very small handle of friends, I mean true one, the one that ask news about you and your life, and you have a good connexion with them. But party friends, are not friends.

If ever you have some heart and wisdom, you can use your money for people. But it's rare. Then you can help poors, orphans, etc. Lot of work to do there. Flamel is one of the best example. During a whole century after celebrations where made in his areas after his "death".

Now, of course you become lazy, and spiritually inactive with all this food and fiestas... karma is karma you know. You reap what you saw.

Now, let's talk about health. No reasons here to avoid health IMO. It's a blessing to be in good health.
Seek health and seek to help people attain health.

Long life and rejuvenation ... fool is the one that wants such a thing. Have you observed lattely this world ? Do you really want to stay in such a mess for 200 years more ?? Are you crazy ? Come on ! Never you'll have the possiblity to stay alive such a long time without becoming a lab rat, I mean, scientists will not understand why you stay such a long time alive. They'll study you etc.
And what if you stay hiden will you ask me ? No no no, impossible. Even a beggar has an identity. You can't really fake that for a long time. And money is also a problem. you have to work, you have to pay taxes, you have to live somewhere. You need an identity. You are followed, registered, etc, soon we will have an RFID   (radio frequency identification) under the skin. Big Brother is watching you, remember this.

Will you try all your looooonnnng life to escape the governments ? No.
It's very hard to f*** the system, they always get you.

And rejuvenation ... you have to quit everything you have, the place you live, your job, etc. To go where ? To do what ? To do like Mc leod in Highlander films ? It's Hollywood ! It's a film !

Wisdom is so important, because it helps you to grow and go deeper in your understanding of the spiritual/material laws at play in the Big Illusion. It gives you the keys to achieve your cycle. Wisdom is spiritual candy.

Now, enlightenment, no reasons to not seek enlightenment. But sometime, people are not ready. You still have to pay the bills like says Jeff Foster, and he is so right ! You still have to deal with the mess of this world, and the karma is not totally erased.
To erase all karma, you need to put spiritual teflon in you nadis and chakras. Soma must fil your entire body.
Soma is not easilly triggered, it is a very wet and cold etheral liquid dripping in your system from Chandra/Bindu/Soma Chakra. Very special techniques are used to trigger it.

Ascension : That's the real deal. Now we speak. That's not an erzats of Alchemy, here we deal with the matter, with the body, we transcend it. It's Spiritual Suicide. Enlightenment is a first step (bliss, presence, vacuity all this stuff is a preparation for this). Here we deal with the death of the physical structure. It must go into Light.
That's the MAIN concern of Alchemy, it should be the MAIN concern of Alchemists ! 
The rest, money, health, rejuvenation, enlightenments are helpers and minor steps to achieve this.

Alchemy, depending what you seek in it, can be a great helper. That's like everything. A knife can kill, a knife can save your life.

You have everything to win seeking wisdom, health, enlightenment and Ascension.
Money, rejuvenation and long life are not that important. They could be seen as minor gifts.

March 04, 2013

Fixation of mercury

In the Alchemical processes we need to know how to fix the volatile, and how to volatilize the fix. Here it is, of course, a fixation of the volatile.

I present you here something I've considered very weird and interesting since several years ago, the coagulation or solidification of common mercury. I've heard of it in Petri Murien books.

It's mostly a curiosity in fact, but it can be useful in confectionning magickal items (that's mostly, for now, the use I can atribute to such a thing), and traditionnaly in Ayurveda it is also what is done, doing with them Shiva Lingam, amulets ...

Several methods are possibibly used, some more or less quick, some longuer (but with less work). I've heard of an oil able to fix it quiclky, but maybe this oil requires more time to be made.

The good thing is that it can be molded and then doing of it shapes.

Here are few images.

Here it's a very small tentative. I've done it twice. The first time I broke the "regulus" I had, and used a part of the powder to re amalgamate with new mercury. In order to see if there were any change in it. None happened.

(Caution : Hg, mercury is hazardous to work with)

March 03, 2013

To be a good mother

A short reflexion about the Mother Archetype in Alchemy.

Most of the processes described in old texts, and even recipes, often say to cook for a long time. It is also said to not hurry, and to cook slowly.

Aurora Consurgens

The image that is given is related to the nature of the fire used in the first regimen, nigredo, depicted as a hen incubating its eggs. We find the image in Aurora Consurgens, and Flamel.

Our uterus, womb, is the Athanor, a green house, and we, Alchemists patiently wait, and watch over our egg, regulating the fire, observing the colours and the forms that can take the matter, we react in consequences if the fire is too slow or too hot, we graduate the fire accordingly to the signs given by the "baby" stone. 

M.Maïer, Atalanta Fugiens.

This archetype must be developed in ourself, in our psyche, our anima part must be delt with and accepted, nourished and enhanced. I mostly speak for men here since very few women practice. It's maybe easier for them, I don't know.

We have to incarnate and develop this archetype of "philosopical mother", the Baby Rebis is a white and a red, two but one, with a shell, whe have ton consider it as a whole, because in Alchemy, 1 + 1 = 1. This is also seeing that in ourself, we are double, and one in the same time.

Roger Bacon in his Mirror of Alchemy, speaks of the mountains, of the fire from below, slowly maturating the metals by a long coction. There is no other regimen of fire he says. And he's right of course. 
I want to point out here the fact that the combined fire + egg, + oven creates the Nature's action of the Universal Mother, the perpetual pregnancy, milking, cooking, hatching ... Nature is "big", and thus the "Mother is Big", and this is how the old traditions saw her, as a big mama. 

When an Alchemist watch over the Philosophical Egg he becomes a mother too. 

But beware to not become a "A hen mother", "Une mère poule", a french expression to designate a hatching mother - stifling, posessive, intrusive mother - a burden, that in fact, by its presence, do not give "air", or space for the evolution of the matter. 

It needs space to grow, to fly, to condense, to circulate. You don't have to interact too much with the process, doing more than your part. You just have to watch, be present, act when needed. Not acting when not needed. Otherwise, you become intrusive and an obstacle.
We also need to give time to time, time to the process and not hurry anything.

We have to know exactly what part, what role we have to play in this process, and not crossing the line, in our own risks.