March 04, 2013

Fixation of mercury

In the Alchemical processes we need to know how to fix the volatile, and how to volatilize the fix. Here it is, of course, a fixation of the volatile.

I present you here something I've considered very weird and interesting since several years ago, the coagulation or solidification of common mercury. I've heard of it in Petri Murien books.

It's mostly a curiosity in fact, but it can be useful in confectionning magickal items (that's mostly, for now, the use I can atribute to such a thing), and traditionnaly in Ayurveda it is also what is done, doing with them Shiva Lingam, amulets ...

Several methods are possibibly used, some more or less quick, some longuer (but with less work). I've heard of an oil able to fix it quiclky, but maybe this oil requires more time to be made.

The good thing is that it can be molded and then doing of it shapes.

Here are few images.

Here it's a very small tentative. I've done it twice. The first time I broke the "regulus" I had, and used a part of the powder to re amalgamate with new mercury. In order to see if there were any change in it. None happened.

(Caution : Hg, mercury is hazardous to work with)