April 01, 2012

Specialization VS Holitisc.

One of the trap you can fall in, while practicing Alchemy for years and years, is to develop a knack for certain things, like Spagerics and getting specialized into this field, in plants, and tinctures, for example, and avoiding the rest.

This would be a big trap. A double specialization like this will make of you a great Spagerist, sure. But you will probably miss a lot of things by not working differently in your lab.

If you never 'spageric' metals or gems, rocks, you won't learn a lot more. Once you know the occult anatomy of plants, sulfur, salt of sulfur, oils, volatiles oils, fixes oils, mercury, flegm, volatile salts, fixes salts, ashes, insoluble salts, tinctures of ashes, tincture of soluble salts ... done.

Specialization will lead you to the top of a practice. But also to a disequilibrium.

I'm for holistic practice. I consider it is important to develop equally all the sides of a practice.

I'm for the Trivium Hermeticum. It's a whole. Astrologia, Theurgia, and Alchemia. And in Alchemia, Spagiria, Alchemia, Archemia.

I saw that after working a lot in Wet ways, I had a urge to work in Dry ways. Too much humidity leaded me to work with the opposite way.

If you work with the above, you have to work with the below.

If you work in the short way you have also to work with the long way.

If you work in dry, you have to work in wet.

If you work with salts, then also, work with metals, and astral ways, and animal path, and vegetal, and gems ...

Try to stay in between by playing with the opposites.

This is why you have to understand "where"/What level, you are working. In order to know, where you should head to, after, if it is necessary.

Going from an extreme to another will make you understand deeper and quicker severa Principles and Laws at play in the matter.
You'll have a holistic vision of the Inferius and Superius. This is the entry gate for being in between, in equilibrium. Which is more than essential.