June 28, 2010

To speak like an Alchemist ...

What is it to speak like an Alchemist ?

Do you have only to speak in riddles ? "Make the Doves of Diana", or in an incomprehensible language ? "The first mercury is of the Philosophical Mercury, both are one, but are different, because of the animation and the acuation of this Duenech, in order to have the key, to the palace of the king, after seven eagles"... well, just a quick example.

No, speaking like an Alchemist, it is speaking the language of Nature, it is a practical application of what you understand from Her, and first you have to read Her, and deeply understand her, breaking the limits of your vision, mostly made in the fog of "culture". Speaking like an Alchemist is in silence, in the Labor of the Laboratory, acting, waiting, seeing, being grateful, humble, respectful, and present, that's all. And after that, you eat alchemically, you sleep, discuss, travel, etc Alchemically, once it is really deeply integrated. Not an "easy" task at all.

People can talk and talk,on and on about Alchemy, doing nothing respectful in the lab, staying in the chair in front of the computer, do they speak Alchemically, or do they speak about the speach of the Alchemists ? The later of course.

Alchemy is not chemystry at all, it is another dimension, Sacred.

As I stated before (in the Black Opus article) an "Alchemyst" (for "mystic", and not an "Alche-'mist'") by his own work in the lab gain a responsability upon the matter that he works. Respect and humility, are very important.

One should not dabble ! You have to know where you go first ! And if you don't exactly know, just know from where you matter just comes, and where it should go, and deduce the step to do. If you come from Black, then you know you have to go to White.

What's new with gold dissolution.

The solution of gold stood for two days at room temperature, and began to turn brown, it made a kind of "oily" nature in the bottom, now it is black with a red and gold crown because of the Sulfur.

I'm sorry, the rest of the process will be kept 'sub-rosa'.