July 17, 2011

Some old documents of R+C

You can find here a galery of photos of old documents, from SRIA, Bacstrom society, Robert Fludd...

Copy of admission of Sigismund Bacstrom into the R+C order.

July 06, 2011

An historical documentary about alchemy


You can find it at this link.

Anyway, it is a *funny* documentary to look. The film is nicely made, with cool images of old labs and manuscripts. Even if it is a 'reasonable point of view" (from historians) we can learn few historic points.

July 03, 2011

A kind of rejuvenation : the Gallbladder/liver cleansing of stones.

I came to this process after an advertissement in my @mail box of Amazon, telling me that this book : "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush A Powerful Do-It-Yourself Tool To Optimize Your Health And Wellbeing By Andreas Moritz " could be an interesting reading for me. It was, for sure !

It is a month now that I have this book, and I was very intersted in the process described. So I tried it.

I bough the plants for the kidney and heptatic herbal teas, I made the week of apple juice, and then the cleansing by itself.

Here is a photography of the excreted gallstones :

The little orange things are from the grapefruit juice.

I drank the Epsom salt solution with two lemons in it, and the taste was good. This salt is laxative, and keep open the liver and GB channels open for the Gstones.
I was sick during the night, feeling very nauseus by times (after 4 hours of the ingestion of grapefuirt + olive oil), in the book it is said that it is when the gallbladder is purging strongly, and that toxins are released. I had vomiting spams - but my stomac was empty, and several diarrheas, also strong and long diarrheas releasing these gallstones.
This is not in his process, but in the process of the Doctor Clark, that it is said to use a tincture against paratistes living in the liver, and that could be released during the process, so I made a tincture of walnut that I mixed with the grapefuirt + olive oil (approx a ml).

It is said, and I believe it, that this process can heal a lot of illnesses, give you more staminas, well being, at all levels, more mental clarity, a more peaceful emotional life. Everybody, even babies have such gallstones blocking the function of liver and gallbladder.

If you make a google image research with the following keyword : gallbladder liver flush, you'll have other images of these "green stones", sometime, having an enormous size !

I recommend to do such a program of purification.