July 21, 2010

Cobalt finally

De Images Blogger
Cobalt's tincture should be carefully distilled. But it cannot be condensed very much, in fact it makes a precipitation of the Sulfur, into a violet cloud (very nice to witness). So, if you make a Tincture out of Cobalt, do not extract too much of it, just extract it when needed.
Finally, here end my lab adventure with Cobalt, a very nice moment to spend with this matter. its energy is sweet, colours are inhabitual and great to see.

Now it needs to be circulated a little in order to rise the planes.

We perfectly see the colour of the Soul of the Cobalt.
This is not always the case, that one can deduce the "colour" of a metal by the associated gem. Like manganese, that is of a brown/orange colour, and amethyst which is also a manganese gem, but its colour is violet. Wonders of Nature ...