May 09, 2010

Read and work ... but pray too.

I often present old resources, books, etc, and of course books are important in the Oratory part of the Alchemical/Hermetical studies, BUT, Lab work is of a such importance, that it can almost perfectly (when the intuitional & understanding part of the Alchemist is awaken) do the "thing" by itself.

It is paradoxal, but, when you have found some truth in your alambic or vessel, then, in fact, you can read Alchemical books, and understand them.

If you read 'green dragon' 'silver knight' 'red lion', 'kiss of the pricess' and such and such, how can you identify who is who ? Maybe you know who do what ... and what else ? You cannot really go further than that.

Reading, working, it's okay. You maybe missed the prayer part in the message above.

I said : "when the intuitional & understanding part of the Alchemist is awaken", this can be done by meditation, or prayer. This is a very very important part.

We can see the thing a little like this image above.

I wish you all, good meditation, good reading, and good lab work ! May you take enjoyment, and find truth !

May you  see that you ARE One with Nature, that's the Point of all this !

Secrets Symbols of R+C

Here you can find an old book, (in german sorry) but with nice symbols !
Enjoy !

A R+C group : Sodalitas Rosae Crucis et Solis Alati

I have found that the resources of this group are interesting :

Some docs are in old german but also in english.

Enjoy !