February 02, 2010

An Artist... but with drawing tools !

I present you a multiple talents artist, her name is "Doigts de Fée", ("faeric/faery fingers") and yes, she really have them. I think that each time a new alchemical style product will be released by her, I will make a little article here, I think some of you are keen on these kind of art for a Lab or and Oratoty place. This artist can make what you want, and even ... 3D statues in clay, I made the command of the "Kind of the Magnum Opus" in Solidonius for my Oratorium. Surely, when finished it will be showned here.

The last alchemical related product is a Salamander, like the Fulcanelli one (on the cover of the english edition), presented here while drawned, eveything is hand made of course, and moreover fresh, just made today. It is in the wood carving style, like in old books. A unique piece.

Here is a photo of the drawing almost finished :

Here you can find the link to ebay 

Hurry if you like it, because french alchemists skim off ebay.fr often.

Here is the Beast finished ! It is the symbol of the Perfected Magnum Opus, because here the Salamander is crowned, which is of course a symbol of Royalty, and perfection. So, it is the symbol of the Philospher Stone.