July 08, 2014

About a secret process : The Plant Alkahest


Today, I decided to share with you an idea, not a secret per se, but an idea in oder for you to start some researches, if you are inclined to do so. 

Opening new perspectives is sometime better than just limiting the possible experience of people by giving everything in clear. They can have marvellous ideas sometime, that are out of our own field of vision.

In order to explain myself better : We have a transmutation process in metals. We will do the same thing, but with plants. The sulfur and a secret fire are added to the metal, and it follows a logic of enhancement of the quality of the sulfur principle - a "graduation process". Id est, a transmutation, this is Archemy.

I propose here to create a liquid or a solid matter, (liquid is better IMO to fit the nature of plants) to transmute, to graduate, the fix and volatile sulfur of a plant. What is the goal ? To transmute it into a plant gold, a perfect sulfur.

The healing qualities of this plant should thus be higher than a simple plant, first because it is enhanced, and secondly because there is a fingerprint, a trace, of an Alchemical process of transmutation. (Transmuted gold is better than natural one, so, the same here too).

Here are some photos I made after having such a process of transmutation with my Plant Alkahest.

Curcuma/Tumeric Tincture.

The description of the process :

The Alkahest is added to a small quantity of zedoar/curcuma/Turmeric tincture made with pure spiritus vini (probably some water in it, of the order of 10%). We witness a direct reaction : everything turns white and blur. Then everything disappear and left a clear liquid. At the top, a moment after, a red hue comes. Then, the whole mass of the liquid turns deep ruby red. Which is not at all the colour of the turmeric, which is deep orange red. After a moment, the day after, everything turned deep gold, exactly of the colour of gold tincture (not represented here).

Do we have the same tincture that we had at the beginning ? No. There is a coction and a transmutation.

I'm still working on enhancing the process, because the one I used is gross. I plan to make it more alchemically suitable (even if it is already interesting and giving results).

I took up to 21 drops a day without bad side effects. It helped me in my energies and getting contacts with superior spheres. I also had a physical purification : it seems to go deep and far in the memories of the body. I had an old scar of shot on my left shoulder that began to have a red spot on it, and the whole area began to be red too. A good sign of purification IMO.

What is to be noticed, and which is very important in fact, is that all the plants do not react with the Alkahest. Some just have no sign at all of transmutations/changes. IMO, they are already perfect (to the gold level). We can also notice on very fine tinctures that the alkahest can separate impurities from the sulfur. Impurities, fall down, as a gross material cloud (like a Gurh in fact).
It clearly makes a separation from what is not pure from the pure.

I hope this will interest you and give you an idea about the transposition of processes in the metallic realm to the vegetal one :)

The Primum Ens melissae problem.

A lot of you guys do the Ens Melissae recipe - it's like a pre requisite of some sort, that popped out a magician's hat several years ago, and everybody does it now. 

But no one gets the expected results that should come with it. Why ? It is said to be one of the most potent recipe in the vegetable kingdom, that has deep rejuvenating effects on the physical body.

It is Franz Hartmann that the first stressed on the recipe of Paracelsus - (in short : letting tartar salt in deliquescence to the air, adding melissae, and then after letting the extraction being done, making a tincture of it with pure alcohol and 'tadaam', you have an ens (means "being" in latin).)

But here the the long form :

“Such a remedy is the Primum Ens, the source of all life. As the fabulous halcyon becomes rejuvenated and its own substance renewed by drawing its nutriment from the Primum Ens, so may man rejuvenate his constitution by purifying it so that it may be able to receive without any interruption the life-giving influences of the divine spirit. But the vehicle that forms the medium through which life acts consists of elementary substances that are found in Nature,and which forms the quintessence of all things. There are some substances in which this quintessence is contained in greater quantities than others, and from which it may more easily be extracted. Such substances are especially the herb called Melissa, and the human blood. But the Primum Ens Melissae is prepared in the following manner: Take half a pound of pure carbonate of potash, and expose it to the air until it is dissolved (by attracting water from the atmosphere). Filter the fluid, and put as many fresh leaves of the plant Melissa into it as it will hold, so that the fluid will cover the leaves. Let it stand in a well-closed glass in a moderately warm place for twenty-four hours. The fluid may then be removed from the leaves, and the latter thrown away. On the top of this fluid absolute alcohol is poured, so that it will cover the former to the height of one or two inches, and it is left to remain for one or two days, or until the alcohol becomes of an intensely green colour. This alcohol is then to be taken away and preserved, and fresh alcohol is put upon the alkaline fluid, and the operation is repeated until all the colouring matter is absorbed by the alcohol. This alcoholic fluid is now to be distilled, and the alcohol evaporated until it becomes of the thickness of a syrup, which is the Primum Ens Melissae; but the alcohol that has been distilled away and the liquid potash may be used again. The liquid potash must be of great concentration and the alcohol of great strength, else they would become mixed, and the experiment would not succeed."

The description of the effects are wonderful and of course, triggered a deep interest in the process.

Let see the marvellous effects now :

"Lesebure, a physician of Louis XIV. of France, gives, in his "Guide to Chemistry" ("Chemischer Handleiter," Nuremburg, 1685, page 276), an account of some experiments, witnessed by himself, with the Primum Ens Melissae as follows:- "One of my most intimate friends prepared the Primum Ens Melissae, and his curiosity would not allow him to rest until he had seen with his own eyes the effect of this arcanum, so he might be certain whether or not the accounts given of its virtues were true. He therefore made the experiment, first upon himself, then upon an old female servant, aged seventy years, and afterwards upon an old hen that was kept at his house. First he took, every morning at sunrise, a glass of white wine that was tinctured with this remedy, and after using it for fourteen days his fingernails and toe-nails began to fall out, without, however, causing any pain. He was not courageous enough to continue the experiment, but gave the same remedy to the old female servant. She took it every morning for about ten days, when she began to menstruate again as in former days. At this she was very much surprised, because she did not know that she had been taking a medicine. She became frightened, and refused to continue the experiment. My friend took, therefore, some rain, and soaked it in that wine and gave it to the old hen to eat, and on the sixth day that bird began to loose its feathers, and kept on loosing them until it was perfectly nude, but before two weeks had passed away, new feathers grew, which were much more beautifully coloured; her comb stood up again, and she began again to lay eggs." 

Well ... it's not the simple recipe given by Paracelsus that will bring such results, it is much more like a rejuvenation by Phi Stone. It seems obvious to me that the ens in question is not made by simple deliquescent tartar salt, pure alcohol and fresh Melissae... It is thus, something else that is used as so called "angel water", and maybe (maybe not) as plant melissae.

There's a "trick" (or two) behind all this, and the effects given by Lesebure should trigg something in you, because if you ever did the recipe as given by Paracelsus, and tested it, you'll see that your nails will not fall and regrew anew.

So, where is the problem ? Maybe the basis of the recipe is good. It is well tartar, alcohol and melissae, the process is maybe the good one. BUT, it is prepared tartar, prepared alcohol and prepared melissae. It is also maybe no common deliquescence ... and the Angel Water is truly an Angel's Water... Just my two cents.

My book, soon published (in french).

My dear friends,

I'm glad to tell you that I have finished to write my first book since two months now. It will be published this year at "Alliance Magique", a french publishing house specialized in occult, esoterism and well being. I'm very, very glad of it. Right now it is in proof reading at my publisher's house of edition. I hope we will soon work on the cover !

Everything began when I write an article on my blog, that I reposted here :

I considered that the newbies had a lack of basis. So I wrote this article. But, something popped in my mind and I decided to write an entire book, expanding the concepts and everything that goes with it in a single book. Fully documented etc. 307 pages on "word" at the end.

The title of the book is to change (maybe) but it is in english "The Alchemical Quest" (La Quête Alchimique).

At first, 60 laws, but it quickly passed to 68 ! Everything was falling into place and the book that was just a skeleton, grew to a dense, rich, illustrated peace of chapters - not anymore just "paragraphs". Like a magnet it was radiating of a sort of flux revolving on and on, it was at the end like blended, connected in himself. The mercury was flowing in it ! Writing this book was a very interesting experience for me. I learned a lot about the "inspiration" process, my muse, and how it gives me information from above. I learned tremendously about the process of writing and giving a form to ideas that goes not only ot the mental, but to the heart too. this blog helped a bit before, and it was like a training to write here.

These 68 "laws" or advices are described and commented in this book. Everything that I consider to be of importance is in it, in order to reach your goal, the Philosopher Stone, quicker, safer ... but for that, you need to rise yourself as an Alchemist. And it can be disappointing. It's not an easy task, and I give there some advices. Of course, I don't consider this book as finished (will it ever be ?). And things already evolved in my mind since I wrote them, but it will be nonetheless ok.

As the title of the original article stated : it is a Weird, Wild, Wide, Wise Science, Art, Mystic and Philosophy. So, I explore all these concepts, and all the things I've developed during my Alchemical and Hermetical studies over the years, like : Virgin Vision, Virgin Ground, Hermetical Vision, etc, and much much more concepts.
I also speak of Magick a bit, because everything is related in this world, to energies, and very much Alchemy itself.

People imagine that the Phi Stone can be reached out with a recipe. But no. It's not the case. It's more complex than that. You have to be first an Alchemist. And it's bits by bits that you can reach that state. A state of Alchemist and Hermetist at first, then, a state where you have the authorization of being Adept - you passed the exam, you graduated. Because this, this green light, comes only from Above. I explain all this in the book also.

Anyway, I hope it will be translated into english for you guys to enjoy it !