May 01, 2011

Effect of Alkahest upon pure Gold. Transmutation.

Some High Spageric process use an Alkahest in order to open and reduce metals into their first matters, and to create a humidity that will bring fermentation and blackness in order to start a new cycle of life in it.
It was a week ago. I used 2 gold leaves for the test, and 15 drops of the Alkahest. The process took maybe, 10 minutes.

After cooling it, I saw a grey dust at the bottom of the flask. I wondered if my flask wasn't clean at first. But no, a new element was there, under a metallic form.
Iwill not give all the process, but what Ican say it that obviously, a special part of the metal (the 'metalline' one) mixed with a specific part of the Alkahest (a structural one), created, with the energy released by the fermentation process of gold under the influence of vulgar fire and the cold fire, a transmutation or, a generation of a metal/recombination of elements.

I had to make several other tests with gold under various forms and this Alkahest to understand what element was at play.


Matthieu said...

Did you really transmute gold into gold ?
more seriously,very interesting :-)

Matthieu said...

(end of my message)
I use myself liquid gold (aurum potabile) in homoeopatic dilution (9 or 30 CH) : it makes a very illumating effect, it's like a sun ray, and anti-depressive effect.
Is it similar to your work ?

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Salut Matthieu,

Evidement, non, cela n'a pas donné de l'or, probablement un métal imparfait. Encore non défini.

L'effet de l'or potable, spagyrique (non évolué par un cycle ou deux et sans Esprit Universel)a un effet intéressant sur moi, avec généralement des rêves ou je purifie des aspects de moi même, au niveau physique cela réchauffe mon plexus solaire... je ne l'utilise pas en dilution homéopathique, j'en prend généralement une goutte. Au niveau du moral il semble que cela ne fonctionne pas sur les dépressions déja anciennes et bien ancrées. Malheureusement, mais cela doit dépendre des terrains aussi.

Merci de tes commentaires !
A bientot et porte toi bien,