May 03, 2011

A-Z Genesis 101.

A-Z (easy) Genesis 101.

Big bang, do not exist, it's not big and not bang, it's all silent, and it's not explosive, and it takes place, between two infinites : infinitely big, and infinitely small, so, in no dimension possible, because there is no possible reference point, only a Nothing, but a Nothing is by definition, nothing at all...

Genesis is a perpetual spring, a fog, then water, and then a circulation and a densification. And also, a decreation. The Spring in order to exist must have a reverse process. Like Sun and Black Holes. This is the mystery of the cycle, and of multiplication. We know that when the Stone is multiplied, it goes back to the Source, it is an uncoagulation of matter, back to Silence. Silence is before the Word. The Word/Verb is a beat, a pulse, a wave, a sound, a vibration, a contraction and an expansion, a cycle, a ripple on the surface of silence, a music, and when this expression reach the limit of the Cosmos (which is the limit of its own expression in quality and quantity, which is under the sigil of Saturn) then there is a bounce, a decreation, going backward to the Source for the reverse part of the cycle. The Word have a limit in its expression, because the Whole Potential is Expressed. Each Creation and Recreation will always replay the same song. Because … there is nothing else in the nothing than an infinity of potential. Like all the colours in the rainbow are present in the white light. But this expression is marvellous, because it can by itself set a beginning and an end, a start line and a finish line, because by itself, it is equilibrated, balanced. Creation is a perfect thing. Again, it cannot be otherwise, simply because Nothing is Perfect too, as a mirror of the Nothing, it is then Perfect, even if you don’t think so.

True time is marked as cycle, the only way to mark a moment is to know the entire cycle, in order to have a reference point in the whole cycle, true cycle is marked by colours or phases; the alchemical time is marked by black, green, white and red, and back to back again and so on. But only by its own cycle. The cycle of another structure is not a reference point. We are not planets. We are not (totally) devoted to the planet and Sun's cycles. We are humans, and we depend on another level of the Sun. Each kingdom depends on a Sun. Even the Whole creation depends on a Sun. This is the Central and Universal Sun of the Cosmos.

An Enochean Call say : " the true colours of time", yes, they are indeed, because everything happens now, but not in the same space time. Otherwise, everything would be One and Unified, without ex.istence possible. Nowness in the creation process is diffracted.

The Whole Nothing as Potential will, and need, and must be Ex.pressed as Something. This is the Cosmical Scale, bringing equilibrium.
Spiritus Mundi, Anima Mundi, Sal Mundi, are the Expression of this Nothing as coagulated vibrations. The Word comes BEFORE Light (Sulfur). The Word is the Mercury, the information, from it, everything comes out. Everything you are, everything you touch, see, smell, etc. All this is an imaginary creation by the Nothing as a mechanical process. God is Life, and Life is Lived by Itself. The Whole Creation is an inevitable, and automatic process. It cannot BE otherwise, otherwise it is True Death, and it is impossible, because Life is Life ! It is an imaginary creation because only the mental principle set patterns and conceives things, that will come to density, but nonetheless, will always be from the Nothing, for the Nothing, via the Nothing, into this Something. Only the Nothing is real, everything else is imaginary. The Stone is an imaginary thing, created in order to makes you understand that this world is an imagination.
"It is you mind that created this world" Buddha.
Creation IS Balanced, Nothing IS balanced, but ALONE they are NOT ! Imbalance is just a partial vision of the whole pattern. Cyclic imbalance creates balance and perfect dynamic dis./equilibrium.

Spiritus Mundi is able to express the whole spectrum of the Divinity by making in and by itself a prism able to make a diffraction of its qualities. You have God;ess/Nothing, and you have a Some.thing (as Binah), that express itself as things, as a 'rainbow', this is the Chokmah state (for kabbalists). And then you have everything coming and dividing itself again and again until they create vortexes and begin to agglomerate into denser realities.

Matter finds a dynamic equilibrium in the cycles of its evolution. It is a whole pattern of expression, in perpetual communication.

The Beginning is an End. Depending the sense you take it, from where you come from.
The Primordial Void is a disequilibrium, that's why the Something must come to life, to
When the Something and Nothing are equilibrated it is the maturity of the Universe, but the Something will take the advantage upon the Nothing, and then the Nothing will come back in force. This is the Cosmical Ouroboros or Perpetual Motion/Perpetuum Mobile ad Infinitum. Because it cannot be otherwise. Everthing comes from One Source, Ex.isting as this expressed (ex.pressed something) in the Oneness, and going back to Oneness but in the Nothingness.

Spiritus Mundi comes into our Universe because of an imbalance in the equilibrium between things and nothing.
It is the Word, the Word is the flesh of the World. When you take the Word, and express the Word by yourself, both annihilate and recreate Primordial Silence. Noise or sound, or vibration, is the first something out of pure nothing.

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