May 26, 2011

Sub-cycles, sub-colours.

Cycle is cyclic. Sub Cycles are in the Cycles. As such we have to be aware of that. Only if we want to be precise of course, but sometime we can have the need to know, where exactly we are.

Die to blackness. Let go of your archetype of victim, of hermit.

Black, green, white, red, are also composed of black, green, white and red. Here I took the example of the Green phase, with a black peacock, peacock, white peacock and red peacock. All these phases have a gift to give, and a trap in which one should not fall. We can experience also both sides, the "Light side of the cycles" and their Darkest side ... it is a necessity sometime.

Green, green, green. An amazing change. Learn to be alive.

Lately I was remembering my teenagehood, I felt that it wasn't enough green at all - nor the years after. I was feeling regrets. But it is stupid after all, because I behaved in the way I behaved, it is done, and it was like that, the cycle wasn't green, it was another colour. Now the colours are coming and going. And I have to accept them. Otherwise it hurts and will hurt.

You learn what is life. Now you can see it.

It is amazing how we can change during all these cycles. Several years ago I was fond of Non Duality and Enlightenment - it was my goal, but full of bypasses on my material life. I had the taste of the Bliss, the Vacuity, the Now, the Clarity, etc, I 'worked hard' for that. Now it is souvenir. And I don't care at all. I don't see Enlightenment as an important thing now. It's just a colour as another, not more important than the greenest green possible. We are not fix personallities. We change in the colours, even if we have a basis as "being".

Now I know and I enjoy it fully.

"Spiritual" People run after Enligntement. They run because they have to. One day they'll stop running, because they can see that ... Enlightenment stand where it stands, in due time, in due place, in due conditions, you can't run after something that do not move. A fruit cannot bring new seeds in earth before being a flower and being fertilized. Logical thing. I don't put spiritual stuff before material stuff. Material stuff comes into the material cycle. Spiritual Stuff comes into the spiritual cycle. Both hand in hand, alternatively, and both are not separated at all, because spiritual is material, and material is spiritual.

And of course, I speak now, from a biased point of view, because, of course, I am in a colour ...and I enjoy it. Really. I don't feel the need to have no colour.