August 25, 2012

When Alchemy meet Theurgy and Magick.

When you distill soap, you have glyceryn. It's inoffensive.
When you distill salpeter and sulfuric acid together (well, it's not inoffensive of course but still, it's not TNT) you have nitric acid. Glyceryn and Nitric Acid together give something tremendously unstable and explosive. The perfect match. Nitro-glyceryn !
This is a comparison of the meeting between Alchemy andTheurgy /Magick when they meet. It's a perfect match.
The entire universe is a fluidic condensator/capacitor. Magick uses them extensively in its practices. And Alchemy can produce the best fluidic condensators ever. Even more if it is the Philosopher Stone that is used.
A fluidic condensator is a matter that has the capacity to act as a battery for energy. Some are specified, (for Fire, or Moon, or Libra ...) and some are Universal.
Some are complex (gold, plus beeswax plus oliban, plus ...) and some are simple (only one matter is used). It can be solid (resins, plants, metals, gems ...), liquid (tinctures, fluids, etc), or volatile (volatile oils, smoke, etc). Fire is also a capacitor. Few mention it, but it is extremely effective if one knows how to use it. Fire is also Sun or Moonlit light.
It can be very simply made (beeswax ... no prepration !) or extremely long and tedius (lets say the Stone).
This is where Alchemy meet Magick.
You can use the knowledge of Alchemy for everything you'll produce in and for Magick.
You make a wand ? It's a Fluidic Capacitor !
Sword ? Dagger ? Cup ? Incenses ? Lustral Water ? Altar ? Circle ? Amulet, talismans, sigils, inks, pantacles ... everything is made of Fluidic Capacitor.
This is why I'm disturbed when wands are painted with artificial colours, coming out of the petroleum industry.
I use only natural pigments out of metals or natural sources (like coal, and earth, clays ...). Same thing with inks used for sigils. This is why it is always better when it is engraved in a metal or beeswax.
We can personnalise and make a stronger charge or accumulation of energy with personnal fluids like sweat, sperm, secretions, saliva, blood, tears. But sperm and vaginal secretions, blood are the bests and the most powerful agents.
This means that BEFORE practicing Magick one has to have some knowledges in Spagerics and Alchemy, basics can be ok, but for some tools a real knowledge and a practical background is necessary.
One can tells me that it is possible to practice Magick without tools. Yes, of course, I practiced Magick myself for more than a decade and I daily practiced with a minimum of tools.
But practicing with bad tools and highly effective/fluidic capacitor tools makes a great deal of difference ! Trust me, I tried !
What you make with dedication, knowledge and time, will always bear fruits.

August 23, 2012

Now, this is a long life !

Ecto-mists, ghosts, astral memories, poltergheists, possessions, vampires, demons, angels ... the world of the spirits is full of surprises ! I've been "initiated" in a early age to all these things with my familly and it's always a pleasure to read stories and looking at tv shows on the subject. I'm not a Ghost Hunter. I'm not used to go in graveyards at midnight.
Generally I avoid places with spirits. They have their space, and I have mine.
Anyway I'm not against visiting graveyards when I can. I've recently been in Paris in Père Lachaise, where a lot of artists and great men are buried, and I visited it with friends. One of them, Anita, is psychic and before going there she mentioned that she wouldn't come with us since she is always annoyed with random spirits.
I proposed her to do a relaxation with the erection of a shield. I conducted her to a personnal sanctuary where she met her guides.
And everything was ok for her during the visit.
But I didn't asked for such protection :) I've felt ghosts there, and I jumped one time by surprise and ran few meters because I felt so strongly the presence of this mass of energy ... and my inner alarm was ringing ! But everything ended well and we enjoyed a fresh drink after that.
I've been reading since two days a book of Melba Goodwin "Chasing Graveyard Ghosts" at Llewellyn publications (here some ghost photos), and at the end of the book is mentioned some odd inscriptions on graves like :
In Bolton-on-Swale in Yorkshire, "Henry Jenkins - 169 years old - Born in 1501 - dead in 1670."
In the church yard of St Luke in Bristol "1542 Thomas Newman, aged of 153 years old" This stone were restaured in 1771 in order to keep in memory this incredible age !
In Williaston, in Cheschire, Thomas Parr's epitaph says : died in Shropshire, in 1635, at 152 years old, burried in the abbey of Westminster.
Thomas Damme, born in Chester died at 154 years old.
Isaac Ingall, in Sussex, 120 years old.
In the church yard of Stoke-on-trent, Henry and Sibil Clarke, both died in 1684, 112 years old ...
Matthew Peat, from Wirksworth in Derbyshire, 112 years old.
Sarah Jarvis, from Corsham in Wiltshire, dead in 1753 at 107 years old. It is said that before her death she had a third dentition.
And a last one : William Billinge, from Longnor, in Staffordshire, born in a field of corns, and served in Gibraltar, died in 1791, at 112 years old.
Well, I hope this is not too long ... But I never heard about such things before this author mentioned this in her book. Incredible.
This man living for 169 yo ... 152, 153, 154 yo ! 120 yo, three of them at 112 yo !

Is it true ? Were the dates of birth properly recored ? Did some of them took some special Philosophical Steroids ? It's okay to live up to 100, or even 112 years old. But it's odd to go up to 150 or 170 !
Hmmm a lot of questions and no answers. A necroman, a medium, a spirit, could ask the "dead" person if it is true.
Sarah Jarvis's *third* dentition is not a fairy tale, I head about a Thaï woman that had a third one too at approx 70 yo. The other one was appeared at 45 yo (well, that's what my memory tells me, I'm not that sure about the age !).
She complained that it was a painful moment ... Well, sharks regrow teeth all along their life after all. Why not humans ? Maybe this is a normal and natural condition. Not regrowing teeth is maybe abnormal.
A 107-year-old Chinese woman was surprised when she suddenly discovered two new teeth in her mouth, Chinese media said on Thursday.
Jiao Zhenwa, a resident of Yichuan county in China's eastern Henan province, has been demonstrating her new teeth to curious friends, relatives and neighbours, the China Daily said.
Chinese dentists were also astonished by the incident and said it was a rare natural phenomenon.
According to official reports, there are more than 40,000 centenarians living in China.
BEIJING, November 19 (RIA November)
This is a natural phenomenom. But as we know, we can provoke it. Philosophically.
Well, even ghosts can lead us to Philosophy ... I love that :)
But still, I won't go into grave yards at night ! Just read Melba's books (the other one is "Ghost Worlds" same publisher), you'll see that their excursions are often finished abruptely with a quick run and an adrenalin rush ... :)

August 07, 2012

Grandir et vieillir ...

Grandir et vieillir sont deux concepts dont généralement, on fait l'amalgame. Il y a pourtant une réelle différence.

Grandir, c'est aller à ce Point de Maturité des corps. Ce dernier est entre 24 et 30 ans.

Vieillir, c'est perdre sa force et sa capacité de captation de l'énergie. C'est intoxiquer ses corps. La machine se rouille et se bloque.

A savoir qu'une régénération alchimique va au mieux, ramener le corps au Point de Maturité.

Les anciens parlent des Glaires de la Mort comme cause de la vieillesse et de la maladie.

Les Glaires de la Mort en tant que condensateurs fluidique mortels attirent doucement, mais surement, l'énergie d'opposition à la vie, et une putréfaction se met en place dans les couches profondes du corps. A savoir que les anciens n'ont pas remarqué qu'il y a aussi des Cristaux de la Mort.

Les Glaires sont de nature Electriques, et les Cristaux magnétiques.

Les sueurs abondantes sont pour les cristaux, et les glaires sont crachées, ou passent aussi par les intestins.

Ce que nous savont de cela maintenant, au point de vue Scientifique, c'est que deux types de déchets principaux existent dans le corps : Les colles (glaires !) et les cristaux. Ces concepts sont retrouvés en naturopathie !!

Les glaires sont liposolubles, et les cristaux hydrosolubles.

Les deux aiment bien le système lymphatique ... qui est dur à nettoyer (on peut utiliser le jeune sec un ou deux jours, ou une tisane d'amarante, gingembre, écorce de citron, racine d'échanacée, trèfle, ou mieux un élixir, d'expérience personnelle le gui, de chêne si possible est le top, des kystes disparaissent du jour au lendemain, pour les femmes les pertes blanches sont un signe d'un système lymphatique surchargé mais qui fonctionne en tout cas, car certains sont plus bloqués que d'autres).

Le jeune tout court est très bien aussi, le sport, évidement, aide au massage des ganglions, ainsi que le bain dérivatif, les monodiètes, les cures de raisin ... tout cela aide. Les massages et les étirements des fascias ("étirements myofasciaux) aident aussi. L'hydrothérapie du colon est aussi très bien !

Bien, maintenant il est évidement qu'il y a une LARGE différence entre un élixir ou une Pierre végétale Spagyrique et des tisanes. Cependant, tout cela aide !

Je n'ai pas parlé des parasites, astraux ou physiques (de nature bactériennes ou encore des vers ou douves) qui peuvent migrer des organes tels les intestins ou le foie, vers le cerveau (des ondes, des sons, des gazs peuvent faire cela), ce qui provoque parfois parkinson ou alzheimer... pas mal de rapports d'autopsie en parlent, à l'étranger, mais les autorités françaises elles ...

Les parasites astraux peuvent se détacher par un bain chaud, avec de grosses quantités de sel de mer empactés autour du corps (plus il reste solide mieux c'est). C'est bon aussi lors d'attaques magiques.
Il est donc aussi important de prendre des plantes, voire métaux et des mesures préventives contre les parasites.