December 16, 2018

Von der Universal Tinctur. 1677

Description officielle en ligne : 

L0066950 Credit: Wellcome Library, London 
Von der Universal Tinctur. Author's holograph MS. Illustrated with 50 large drawings in water-colour or wash, one double-page and six full-page, of furnaces and alchemical apparatus, flasks, etc. 

The dedication to the Princess of Brandenburg is signed 'Christian Wilhelm, Baro von Krohnemann. Actum Bayreuth den 10 Augusti. 1677'. Produced in Bayreuth.

Folio 42 
From: Krohnemann, Christian Wilhelm von, 
Published:   1677 

Collection: Archives & Manuscripts 
Library reference no.: Archives and Manuscripts MS 3132 

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0