July 13, 2010

The Brass Vessel of the Wise King Solomon.

King Solomon, The Wise, by magick, imprisoned 72 demons in a Brass Vessel. These 72 evil spirits, can be seens as the chaotic counter part of the 72 Spirits of the Schemhamphorash (Franz Bardon link them to the Mercury Sphere).

• Why a Brass Vessel ?
• Why imprisoning them ?

First, it is a *Brass* vessel, and not a copper vessel, or Iron vessel, nor Bronze (another alloy out of copper, but, not zinc, tin instead) because Brass is linked as "metal" to Mercury. (with mercury, Hg, but try to imprison something in a liquid thing ...). If effectively, these entities are in a mercurial level, then, they can be imprisoned into a vessel vibrating in the level of their own world.

The Seal, Sealing the Brass Vessel.

Secondly, this "brass" is maybe a special brass, alchemically made, I mean, and Electro Magicum, looking like brass. This is more probable, because, in the mind of Solomon, these 72 kings represents the whole part of evilness in the universe, so the vessel should be in link with all the levels of the creation.

I don't believe, as the legend say, that the vessel were put deep into the sea. Maybe it was put into A special kind of sea, protecting magically, and physically, any harm to the vessel.

I doubt Electro Magicum or common brass could resist several centuries of sea salt attacks...

We see that in the Goetia, the vessel is said to be engraved of black letters upon red, and the top of the vessel is sealed with a "magical seal". This is of course part of the protection and the magical imprisoning of the Spirits.

Solomon was very Wise indeed, certainly far more than the man how opened the vessel, what a Pandore box ! Releasing these toxic poisons into the nature ... bad idea.

Today some people instead of trying to put these spirits back into the box, prefer to see the vessel as a half symbolic/pragmatic box for the seals of these 72 demons, that they call upon when they need money or something else for their comfort of everyday. And paying the double of the price they asked for, as boomerang, quite a normal thing, it is the law. Franz Bardon tells and warns us again any pacts or other trade with these spirits, and today, people go to see them, asking things ! This is not wise at all, this is dangerous.

These 72 spirits are like psychic, energetical poisons. Don't even look at their seals, don't even read their names, look at flowers or a night sky instead, it is far more beautiful isn't it ? A rose scent is better than rotten flesh smell no ?
When you do Alchemy, at a certain time you come across process of making gold. One night while trying to sleep, I saw in my mind's eyes, a little ...devil, in front of a crucible (with gold in it). He didn't speak but was very submissive, and was "giving me" the crucible... what a temptation right ? Imagine what could happened if I had say 'yes' ? I told him a big NO, projecting to him Light via my palm center. At that moment, I saw, in a big Light, Durga coming to me, on her Tiger, with her thousand arms raised, all armed.
This devil remembered me my bank advisor asking me if I needed a credit...

I don't, I can't understand these people asking to these evil spirits material etc, things. But know that, even if you ask a "good" spirit something, you also have to "pay" for that !

If Solomon actually imprisoned them, it is for a, or several, very good reasons.

In some evocational magic current, the evocation of a demon is considered as the dominance of this very default in the personality/psyche/archetype, for them, these spirits are just a projection of the own psyche of the magus, a very complicated and dangerous thing for just a psychotherapy thing... of course, everything is a projection of the "Creator's Mind", but since you are not at the Christ level, don't expect to actually see these entities like "nothing" (believing they don't exist, just in your mind ...God's Mind). Please, don't be so stupid. It is not because Creation is imaginary that these imaginary things cannot destroy entirely your life and yourself, giving you even more darkness and karma than you could imagine. These things are made for that, they are actors of the Fall of the Soul (your Sulphur becoming Black and stinking ...). If you want to understand more deeply this idea of "Creator's Mind" and this level of perception, look at the film Matrix N°1. Curiously Neo, for the scenario, is no more powerful in the other 2 chapters ... ha, Hollywood... but this is partially a true and valid system, yes, when you cannot be tempted, or when temptation is proposed to you and you refuse it, you gain power over this region of your psyche, also, over this very entity. I tend to believe that all spirituality is only this... resisting to the "world of ego" or the duality and gaining "control" (transparency of though and emotions) over it.

Another idea, is that this imprisoning work was to make them cook ... alchemically speaking. As they are already in a putrefaction process (more advanced it is, more the evil spirit is high in the hierarchy), it is an already began process that just need to be achieved... good luck with that. But what is true for me, is that, when you alchemically dominate, i.e, putrefy something, and make it evolve, you have power over the level of its energies. Since you control the manifestation level, you thus, control the other levels contributing to its manifestation, enclosed into this "material" piece of metal or something.

My idea is that, more you can have power upon material Sulphurs, more you can control parts of your own psychic level, this is Alchemy.
I once made oxidize iron, in distilled water. Oh... what a hard time I get from that. I was empty of energy, I could not even walk for 10 minutes long without being exhausted, I was in black opus, bad moods, tired. I made several dreams where a wolf was involved, in the first, I was running after it, in the last, it was on its back, showing me its belly, in a submissive attitude, and i was hitting it with a remote control! Several time I had dreams with wild animals, bears, snakes, spiders, lion, tiger ... always in link with a matter I was working on.

Of course this do not means you have to work upon a lot of materials in order to explore the whole creation.

Fortunately, like in Goetia, when you control a King, you easily control the lesser levels. Matriochka system !


Anonymous said...

Hi man. Great site. Why do you believe that it is bad or sinful to find a way to produce your own gold? The formation of gold is a physical process. Or you were referring to the way whereby you shall reach to that end? I am referring to your dream with the crucible which was full of gold.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Hello, thank you very much. :)

In the vision (I wasn't asleep) a demon was proposing me gold. This is the very problem.

There is no problem to do gold or anything since the moment you know what you are doing, and how.

The difference is in what you manifest, do you do gold for greed, or by love ? (curing ill metals for example). This demon was greed. Saying him yes, would be my loss.



Gunther Cox said...

You have a typo on this post, In the paragraph it says "the man how opened the vessel" I believe that you meant 'who' instead of 'how'.
-just wanted to let you know so you could fix it, you can probably delete this comment afterward.

Anonymous said...

I like your site.
Does anybody know what the letters on the bronze vessel mean? Not the symbol on top, but the letters around the vessel? Is it hebrew letters?

Kindly regards

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Hi !

Thank you :)

It is indeed hebrew and I don't have the signification.


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Demons lol curious creatures arnt they they'll hive you anything you desire let you have any form of knowledge you could dream of and you could think it's for all the right reasons if your inexperienced demons are to be respected just as much as the angel you must never interfere in the processions of the divine less they mean to lead you astray you acted out well to refuse such a thing may have held a terrifying price if you had accepted after all they always have had a taste for human fear to but that cones from a long time of being amongst us and us generally treating them as less then divine only respecting the angels both need to be respected but just beyond an arms length so to speak I hope your sight maintains well I enjoy reading what you continue to post time an again.

.: Salazius Hermès D'Artigné :. said...

Yes I think too Vashisht !


Anonymous, thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Salazius Hermès D'Artigné The demon was not asking you a question, but triggering a response of which he already knew the answer, the response/reaction was the opening of the door. Go back replay it in you mind then correct what caused him to be summoned in the first place. Then tell him to get out of your way and imagine yourself acquiring Gold/Value through hard work and honest living. Then he is truly banished.