July 08, 2010

MENSTRUUM is any liquor that serves for the extracting of the essence of anything.
 (The Art of Distillation of John French)

Spiritus Vini, tartarification.
The Science of Menstra is ONE BIG BASIS that's one should know imperatively if one want to do anything in Spagery, Archemy or Alchemy. Otherwise, nothing can happen !

A Menstrum can be dry or wet, composed of volatile part, or fixe part, it can be entirely fixe, or entirely volatile, it can be deliquescent, or not. It can be easely made, or extracted, or with a lot of work. It can be an alcaline substance, or it can be an acid substance. It can even, by time, extract his own sulfur !

With that you can Ex-tract, pull out of the body, its blood, its force, its oil, its sulfury part, the Soul. This is the vampire, blood sucker.

A menstrum can be mineral/metallic, from salts, from vegetables, or animals/humans. They all have their forces and weakness.

A mentrum is a key to unlock the doors of matter. It is a very great thing indeed, because you can make wonders with it.

Plants and Vinegar evolution

The result of the vinegar and the different plants circulated during a month. I notices no effect upon me after the intakes for several days.
The colour is a nice orange/pink, salmon, surely due to the rose I've added to it.

Cobalt evolution

A little photo to show how cobalt's colour under acetum is when in thin layer. A very nice pink.
Maybe like Pink Quartz this metal acts upon the Heart's Level.