May 03, 2011

Grasp the essence of the Art before your bunsen beak.

As a beginner you'll rush on labware, on protocols and recipes, you are eager to create tinctures and different products and most importantly, to test them in order to have results.

You want to express your creativity and your inner genius in your practical work with what (the little) you know. But, you have no experience yet, you don't even know how these products will work, some keys are obviously missing. Of course they miss because they are not found in books, or you can have them by an initiator. (and I wonder why it's always a kind of "101"- a lot of stuff on this blog, very important 'details' and informations, coming out of my practical experience in the lab was exclusive and new, and I wonder why, if all the authors have been actually working in the lab, why then, they don't express all this knowledge in their books, rarely, very rarely old authors speak about the inner contact with the matter in the flask, the contacted "archetypes"/beasts, the feelings and experience you can have in such situation, as if, a whole side of Alchemy was hidden or only existing as symbols in engravings, but it is a far more vast Science).

It is important to grasp the essence of the Art before being a technician in Alchemy. You technique is just a mirror of what you have inside yourself. At the beginning you have nothing personal (as experience and philosophy) in you, what you have can come from others via books, teachers, conferences, blogs ... but all this must be checked in the reality, and must pass the test of truth : Matter Never Lies. This is why Alchemy is one of the most concrete and palpable spiritual path. If the Matter shows you the Truth, if you don't see it, it is because of your inner chaotic vision. You cannot grasp a message when you don't understand the language, and when you are not able to decipher it.

Here are the two main problems : How to make the matter speak, how to understand what it says. Both depends of what you understand of the Art. Both can be solved by the Hermetical Vision or the True Understanding of Nature.

All this takes time & work, also a lot of engagement, dedication and energy are needed by the neophyte in order to have some advancement in this Art.

In order for you make matter speak, you need to open it, to make it evolve, and for this you need to know the Fires. Once you master the different Fires, you can witness changes. And then you can try to understand what Nature is trying to tell you. We can really touch cosmical concepts with that.

Empty techniques will yield nothing philosophical. You need to act philosophically in the Lab, and to make a conjunction of Lab, and Oratory in order to really have a Laboratory work. Only one will give nothing, both complete each other and are the complete philosophy. Alone they give nothing striking, but together they will generate a deeper impact on your psyche. And this is important.

Not all that shines is Gold, not all that is red is the Stone. Fool’s Gold is not just a pyrite, but an important principle. Discrimination can only be done by the mind’s eye, and not by the physical eye. Only the essence of the Art will give you this understanding of the real level of a production you have. Alchemical Science encompass a lot of levels of powers, from the simple extraction to the multi cycle evolved Pure Spiritus Mundi upon itself, which is the highest level of Stone. Between them you have a variety of productions, more or less powerful. Only the knowledge of the levels can give you a reference point for what you get.

Being an Artist is being a philosophical technician, with this Wild, Wise and Wide Vision of Nature in yourself, in a communion with the process you launch. You are just an agent of Nature, an applier of the Fires.

Matter never lies because it is an impossibility. Matter is the engraving of signatures, cycles, energies, process, evolutions, forces... and will express it as they are, directly under a language of forms. This is how God.ess speaks down here. The imprint, or fingerprint of Life is directly stamped into shapes and events, qualities of the matter. You see it or not. Having the Hermetic Vision is having access to this level of language. At first you find the language, and then you can speak it. The matter is the body of God.ess, as such, it is a precise vehicle of principles, the tables of laws were engraved into the rock, the laws are engraved into matter, this is the same thing. You can see specific things in the lab, and you can, will and should, broaden your vision by encompassing everything that is. You can decipher the whole creation. You can clearly find the Ariane's string into the labyrinth. Explaining this Vision in the detail would take a whole book, and one should have a strong stomach to digest all the principles and complexities of such language...but to the brave heart, everything is possible !

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