May 01, 2011

Effect of Alkahest upon pure Gold. Transmutation.

Some High Spageric process use an Alkahest in order to open and reduce metals into their first matters, and to create a humidity that will bring fermentation and blackness in order to start a new cycle of life in it.
It was a week ago. I used 2 gold leaves for the test, and 15 drops of the Alkahest. The process took maybe, 10 minutes.

After cooling it, I saw a grey dust at the bottom of the flask. I wondered if my flask wasn't clean at first. But no, a new element was there, under a metallic form.
Iwill not give all the process, but what Ican say it that obviously, a special part of the metal (the 'metalline' one) mixed with a specific part of the Alkahest (a structural one), created, with the energy released by the fermentation process of gold under the influence of vulgar fire and the cold fire, a transmutation or, a generation of a metal/recombination of elements.

I had to make several other tests with gold under various forms and this Alkahest to understand what element was at play.

Alchemy IS a Spiritual Path

Spiritual mean from Spirit. Alchemy studies Nature, and thus Nature's Spirit. If you discover what is behind those terms, you can find your own True Nature/Spirit, out of the bonds of Human Culture.

The Human race is a part of Nature, not apart, its arrogance is to believe that, when a human take an action in a natural process, it is no longer natural ... here is where the human stand : out of nature.

We regain this natural quality by being ONE, in fusion with Nature, yes, the Alchemist IS NATURE (in such state, there is no more "Alchemist" - I personally begin to reject this term, I almost do an allergy of all '-ism' and '-ist' and such, but I have no other way to speak for now).

Alchemy is a way, a medium, a path, in no way it is the Truth. It's just a way to make things clear in this jungle. Unlearning is essential, intuition too, you also need to be reasonably crazy (a certain kind of craziness - don't you have to be crazy in order to believe in the rejuvenation process ? But being out of reason will be a problem, we are not in these stupid mangas here, we have to be clear with what we seek and what we can reach in the next step).

Today, and it is incredible, millions of people heard about the Philosopher Stone in the books of JK Rowling's - 'Harry Potter'. What is even MORE incredible, is that on all these people, maybe a handful of them actually believed it is a possible thing - and that they can actually do it. There is no real rush in alchemical forums. Alchemy seems to be very dusty maybe, incredibly complicated and hermetic? An old, romantic, poetic vision of nature for crazy people. In reality, it is a hard clash with the strong and raw forces of Nature. How can the Alchemist deal with this Omnipotence ? By regaining it. You master it, or you are mastered. It's a path of wisdom, total love, suffering and solitude, happiness and miracle, gratitude and humility, knowledge and intuition, learning and unlearning, remembering and forgetting, of tremendous power and delicate blossoming, of wonder and profound disgust... Such a roller coaster ! All the opposites are united and live together; they must be lived, dreaded and enjoyed.

It is indeed not a simple path. Why is it so ? Because of the Cultural programming of people. How can you reach the rawest level of Nature's Power and Expression if you are not a True Virgin ? Virgin in culture. Once you unlearned everything that makes you a social being, you can find the expression of Nature into Culture, and you can enjoy it without problem. - I'm regaining this ability those days, it is a curious thing. Once you separated Culture and Nature you can join them together, in the right place. But only after, otherwise you can’t do any real difference between them, and what is right or not in culture and nature. Because after all, we are not living as wild animals in savannah, we mostly live in towns … with other social beings. We need to be readapted. Which is a natural process.

When you 'see' a process in Nature's language, it is simple, because you perceive it with the simple part of yourself (when you can reach it of course), and when you want to express that under a cultural form, in order to discuss it, or to share it, it endorses a very complicated form and expression. Culture is complicated, Nature expressed under cultural concepts, in order to be easily understood, with the less filter possible, must be put under the fairy tales' form, because the inner child is closer to the Alchemical world than any inner adult could be. The Inner Adult is an adult-ery form, between Nature and Culture, a bastard. I try to not express my alchemical adult-ery form here, because this blog would become such a mess with concepts and books, and sentences ... it's too much heavy for me to bear and express. But I still have this part, this very scientific, and rational part in me (Virgo one), but I’m able to express my child's Gemini side, more poetic, more sensitive, with both I combine head and hearth together, serious stuff and humour, in order to give an alive message, at first to myself, and then, to other.

For some Alchemists, Alchemy is serious Stuff, it's dry, not funny, a duty, a mission. They tell you to read books for 10 years (or 20 is better) and THEN you can do some lab work. They tell you to learn Latin, Greek, Arab, French, Italian, German and English. They tell you to go in European libraries in order to read the true old texts in velin folio. They tell you to go into old R+C orders and to find there a master, because doing Alchemy by yourself is impossible. They tell you how to learn to DO Alchemy, but it do NOT work like that. It's not a cultural and Human cursus, it do not work in a mental way, it's a path of Life. I answer okay to this methodology, only IF you don't HAVE *IT*. This knack, this stamp, this mark, this flame, this intuition, this ability in you, this talent, this profound need, this pain caused by duality, ce "tour de main".

You're a great cooker, when you make an Art of the technique, you're a great painter when you make of your technique a delight for the eyes, this "something" that another do NOT have. Mozart was a genius, a marvellous compositor, it was in his blood. Alchemy cannot be done without some genius talent. Maybe going a little to the autistic side ... a Nature's Autistic Side, not a Cultural one. This is mostly why Artists are linked to drugs, and "non reality" experiences (preferably, other realities). You clearly need to have a foot on the other world. This is from where comes the genius - a genius is an angel, or Spirit, the Hermes, that makes you a genius (a genius is not, what is commonly understood), as everything, there is a vulgar genius and a philosophical one !

Alchemy is not just "Alchemy", it is an ART, a "very personal way of expression", it is of course a capacity to be holistic in the perception and fusion with Nature, but it is still very personal. Even when you don't have ego, you still have a style. This Style is your signature, the way you sign your piece of Art, the baby you take care of in the flask. It's indeed Nature's Production, and Generation, but it is still Your Natural Expression, Nature will be Expressed Through You, because You and Nature are One; and there is No One Else Here. No In, No Out.

This capacity to make a technique an Art, requires two capacities, a receptive one, and an expressive one. A feminine part, and a masculine part. This is the natural androgyny of the psyche, it is very important to grasp all the sides of Nature, because Nature It.Him.Herself is in it's expression a polarized and medium polarized expression (here is the adult side speaking). This ‘Rebis’ must be well affirmed into the Child and the Adult.

To give an example: when a bi sexual person or a gay/lesbian person is stamped by hermetism or Alchemy it is generally (not always OF COURSE) an advanced person in these Arts. Even more when this sexual/polar orientation is fully accepted and lived with the Child part of the psyche.

Nature in His Expression created polarities and medium Polarities. Fire and Earth elements are extreme polarities, and we could say that they are heterosexual, because they are linked with only one element, for Fire, with Air, the medium, with Water, and Earth is linked with Water, which is the Medium with Air. Air and Water are medium elements, they are linked with two poles/elements, can we say they are bisexual, yes in a way. Air is slightly more feminine than Fire for example. Earth, is slightly more masculine than Water. They are all co-ordinated in order to create a perfect balance. Such is the role of gay, lesbian, bi, transsexual people in the energies of this world. They create a better equilibrium. Maybe a new kind of person will exist, true complete man and women, able to auto-reproduce themselves, like the Ouroboros. Some animals already do that like snails. Just hypothesis. But The Whole tend to be imitated into the Particular expression.

When it is a gay/bi man, the feminine side is generally far more reachable and accepted than into normal people - the womb is alive, and the nurturing breast also. The capacity to reach the cycle and the mystery of giving birth is updated in the psyche, maybe not every month, but often (and when you are heterosexual you discover that with Alchemy, ‘the cycle’). A macho man will have more difficulties with all this stuff, same thing with straight women, the penis is more at hand than in bi/gay girl's psyche. But even gay have their own sub polarities. Some are more ‘man’ and some more ‘women’. Isn’t it marvellous to see this expression of Life in such a range of variation ?

I speak by experience, I'm not gay (should I say unfortunately ?), but I know, and I knew gay persons, and I am still friend with some of them, that were like that, these persons are initiators for us so called "straight". We have to overcome our own DNA/hormonal disequilibrium in order to have the capacity to touch in ourselves all these worlds of possibilities that lacks us, most part of the time - but we don't really have to make an effort, because our cycle/path will guide us, Nature's process is already defined, and everything is done in due time, in the right conditions. Great beings are Androgynies. Having the capacity to develop a tremendous Masculine Power, and a marvellous forgiving and compassionate side, totally equilibrated, a perfect harmony, both here, and in the other world, some are just Light coagulated, that they can uncoagulate at any time. This is one of the high goal of the Game.

So if you have difficulties with gay/ lesbian people, bi sexual, transsexuals (and after all, any kind of person in this world), ask yourself if it is not a cultural vision, and that in fact you accept them as they are, as expression of Nature, because nothing out of Nature can exist here. If you have difficulties with some of their behaviours - and you feel uncomfortable with them, or seeing them behaving, you can see that some part of you are not liberated and expressed (maybe not SO much !! of course ... I don't ask you guys to wear a dress and lipstick and you girls to cut your hairs and wear ranger’s boots and being muscular). So, this is for repulsion.

Now attraction, as "straight"/hetero, I enjoy women, DNA tendency, and also probably a psychic tendency. My psyche is searching 'outside' some qualities or a ground in order to express them. Remember that we always cultivate what we lack. We speak of what is important for us…

I saw something very curious lately in my daily life, I've been amazed to cross people, in which I can see my own personality in them, like if it was me, but in another body. Very different people, of different ages, and sexes, and styles, but having 'my' personality signature... Not a few, but a LOT ! Thus I guess that I perceive what is the general integration of the universal personality in other and in myself. And you can see what you are by the acceptation you have of these persons and actions they can do. You can only accept the world totally when you have been it all.

This is a daily Alchemy I could say. 'An Alchemy' is a marvellous harmony. It is. Alchemy is a Spiritual Path, by which you can gain access to your True Divine/Natural State of Consciousness. And this is the most important thing.

Alchemy can lead you to several "miracles" as creating autonomous moving images, creating new creatures (in different realms - known as homunculi), regeneration /rejuvenation of living beings and giving them a higher level of energy, and spirituality, a very very long life, transmutations of metals, and transformations of structures (salts changing their crystallization form for example, and their colour), matter evolving through different colours by cycles, you can bring dead to life, and give inner death to living beings - in all kingdoms, you can heal illnesses, you can gain powers and develop abilities, you can gain access to different realms of Nature and see the living beings there, you can develop Wisdom, I said it, it is our WWW : Wild, Wise, Wide. In a word, "an Alchemy".