April 26, 2011

Message to a Neophyte.

This is a message I've post on an Alchemical Forum for a young neophyte, I though it could be good here.

Without Hermetical Vision, all the labware is of no use, all the books read are not understood, you go nowhere. If you don't have this "Hermes" in you, you could be on the right track/Path to the Stone you wouldn't understand a bit of data of what you're doing.

If you are marked as alchemist, you will know, if you have this Hermes, you will know, and if you have this flame in your heart, this second nature in you, this "knack", you will notice it.
How many so called "alchemists" have been in fact puffering around for years and years ? Doing "alchemy" and finally never going nowhere with that. They even opened schools and tried to give *their* 'vision' to people. THE vision of nature is non cultural, it is universal. To reach the level of universal vision ask a long work of unlearning the cultural visions, even at the subconscious level.
The Hermetical Vision is a whole view of Creation, with no necessity of the nowadays scientific view (both are sometime not incompatible). Explaining this vision is not easy.
I'll give you an example about this "Vision" :

If you take wine, and distil it, you'll have a fire, as sulphur principle, but also a fire, as volatile and fix alkaline salt - or element air, a spirit (which is also a latent fire, because it can burn) - superior air, and a phlegm as element water, plus a fix opaque salt, as earth.
Being able to see the elements in the matter is the Hermetical Vision, ability to see the signatures of matters, cycles, composition, and hermetical structure (big roots in plant mean more earth signature for example), is the capacity to understand Hermetics for the lab process.
You have to understand life as a universal fluid, running everywhere, every time. The Fluid is God.ess, the quint.essence of Nature.

Grasp the true essence of Nature into Nature Herself. ALL the answers are there. Nowhere else.
The first time I practiced lab alchemy, I was on the right track for the Stone, I had a good guidance, and I never read a book of/upon alchemy. But I didn't really understood what I was doing.
At first, then, before buying anything, ask yourself what you are seeking in Alchemy. Is it a medicine ? A long life ? Enlightenment? Gold / money and wealth ? Healing yourself and people ? What are you seeking *exactly* ? Alchemy or the Stone will NOT resolve your problems, it will only bring them out and stress them at first in order for you to deal with them, but it is not a psychotherapy.
Do you even know where you are putting you feet by wanting to practice alchemy ? Do you know how it can ruin your life ? Do you know how it can enhance your life ? Do you even know what happen during a damned simple & stupid process when you are linked to evolving matter ? Do you think you are ready for that ? To be confronted to your wild subconscious archetypes ? To the black stage you could produce and all the depression that will arise in first place ? Will you be able to bear that and to live in such state ? You 'll encounter lions, tigers, snakes, spiders, and dragons... Each time you'll have to master them.
When you practice alchemy you have to pay the price for the crossing of the Styx. When you leave, and when you come back.
Think twice before putting yourself in such a process, Nature will chew you, eat you to the bone and spit all the dirt out of you. It's long, hard, complicated and difficult, painful for the neophyte when the process run effectively. Because I guess that if you want to make alchemy you don't want to puffer around. We are speaking of real & effective alchemy. This is a spiritual Path, for those who truly want to break the matrix. For those who NEED to break it out ! Do you understand what can be this profound need to know this universe in which we live in ?
What and how many will you be able to give for the Stone then ?

Even at the end the Stone will take your life, of course, it will give you another, but anyway, you'll have to quit a world in order to join another, are you able to envision that ?

If you ask for the Power of Alchemy, Power will test you until you are able to handle it. You pass the test or you don't.

Alchemy is Wild, Wise and Wide. This is our WWW. A big net in Nature. Your spirit is your browser, you can only reach what you are inside. The other levels are not reachable until you embrace them, and for this you have to change yourself inside, to put order into your Chaos.

I don’t want to kill your ambition, but Alchemy is not a game, you engage yourself to the marrow in the process. It’s just a little of what I experienced in my Alchemical life, which is short. This is a reality that every neophyte should know and ponder deeply.
Good luck. Do everything in due time, and at the right place. This is a first step to wisdom.

Some people are like Mercury.

Being an Alchemist is *always* a problem in regard to other categories of persons in this society - it surely always was after all, we know the story of the poor Edward Kelly, alias Edward Talbot (the medium of John Dee). (Take a look at his biography here) A lot of wandering Alchemists were present in Europe during the golden age of Alchemy (15 - 18th cent). Some, very powerful, like Lascaris, were lways moving, changing place and identity. Not every 50 years, after rejuvenation, but each time they felt "something". Which was very often. Some were established and with social rank (like Gualdi, but this one two disappeared suddenly, and reappeared some time after coming from a foreign country under the name of Prince Hualtazob).

Some people are like Mercury. They play a role of menstrum and you are the subject of their extraction. They will try to get out of you all your sap, all you that you know, everything and even more.

Some people would pay you, some would try to read in your mind while you're asleep, some would try to be close to you, and kind/manipulative in order to extract you some process, in the worse cases some would threaten you, some would threaten your familly and friends, would kidnapp you, would torture you (some black magus can do that easily at distance), and some would kill your familly by a way or another - astral mafia. Some Alchemists had nocturnes visits of high demons for example. I imagine it is the game.

What I know is that some succeeding alchemists, or even advanced one are under a Big Brother Eye (more like a Sauron's one ...), a French Alchemist died several years ago, and some people runned into his house in order to take his production, unknown people, coming out of "nowhere"... fortunately one of his friend came before and took the most important things.
This is not paranoïa. Alchemists are not psychotic.

This mafia is a real problem for those who don't know how to protect themselve, but we can perfetly blind them. We can see their action clearly. They want what we produce because it is Power, and everything they are not able to create. They want it because they do not deserve it. And because they do not deserve it, such Power is in their hand totally out of control, which will, by the end, destroy the owner. It is an intelligent Power, you have to Master (domesticate it) totally, otherwise, at such level, it will kill you, or push yourself to kill yourself. If you don't even know what to do with it, all its potentilities, all the applications, and how to handle it ... don't !

Je suis désolé pour mes lecteurs français qui ne lisent pas l'anglais, l'inspiration (et donc l'expiration sur ce blog) me vient en anglais, et je n'ai absolument pas l'espace-temps nécessaire à la traduction des articles en ce moment, un jour probablement, je les laisse aux malencontreux et distordants soins de notre ami Google traduction ... en espérant que vous saurez vous en contenter pour l'instant ! Mes amitiés.

April 22, 2011

The Book of Nature's Elucidation - I was blind now I see the P.O.L.E.

The Book Of Nature's Elucidation : B.O.N.E. And the P.O.L.E concept.

Once upon a time, I was blind. I say once upon a time, because this BONE is like a fairy tale (again, yes). It's imaginary, it's a story, it's a world. Exactly where we are now. Now.where.

I already said it : if you don't have the eyes of a baby, blossoming to this world, you'll have old structures in front of your eyes, acting like opaque glasses, filters and blinders - you'll not see. Remove them and everything is clear. It's indeed so clear that it can blind you. Alike Plato's Cave example, if you come back and speak to people of what you saw, they will not accept your speach. It's out of their possible understanding because it must be an experience of life, and not a meer mental concept.

This is a root experiment. This vision is induced by a personnal, profound, deep and structural rearragement in the alchemist/hermetist/;"guy.girl"'s psyche and bodies.
Rearrange inside, and everything rearrange outside. And you can see it.

In my daily life I speak a lot of Laws, Hermetical Principles applied in the cycles, compositions, structuressignatures and natures of living beings present in this matriochka universe.
The vision of 'It cannot be otherwise' is an impressive one. Because when you see clearly the BONE, and when you have it, the veil is being removed. Once the BONE is worked in daily life and subconsciously understood, a whole new array of experiments are opened to you, and a new quality of life also.

Of course BONE is a pun. It's because you have to perceive the whole thing/game to the deepest possible core of Nature Herself. The BONE is something palpable, you can touch it, smell it, see it, draw it, look at it evolve, and interact with it. BONE is the program of creation, preservation and destruction of everything/anything, every/anywhere, every/anytime. 

Thing = something poping out of Nothing.
Where = here (here is everywhere).
Time = now (and now is always).

It means that BONE deals with the Now. Where in No.thing.
Of course, it also deals with the Some Where out of Some.thing.

The Book Of Nature's Expression vision is vast, it's embracing everything, it is the pure philosophy of this world, without religion, without unverified concepts or theories, without culture infused in it (which is a chaotic factor because it is with blinders and taboos, etc). It's based upon Principles Of Life's Expression : P.O.L.E.

POLE is base upon ... polarities (tadaaaammm !! I wouldn't suspect it), POLE and BONE are the same thing in a different level of expression, one deals more with duality and this world (POLE) and the other one embraces everything even POLE itself. You need POLE to understand BONE and BONE to understand POLE.
POLE and BONE are one and the same thing after all... It deals with EVERYHING in this Nature's Expression. As I said earlier : "cycles, compositions, structures, signatures and natures of living beings present in this matriochka universe."
When you find a POLE expression/Law (to make it short), it's because you reached its level. When you reach a new level the Patterns Of Life's/Light Expression (this POLE = the first POLE cause it's the same) is seen in a clearer way and you world vision expand a little bit. Each time a little bit. And you can "discover" amazing things !! Hard time for blinders ...

Hermetism is not new. Alchemy is not new, it's only new to you, to me. Everyday it new for me. Fortunately it is. Hermetism is a label. Alchemy is a label. I would prefer to use POLE and BONE, it's speaking far more to me. Alchemy is too much full of history and cultures and social concepts, it's not pure "BONE".

All this is part of the Oratory part, these concepts must be understood because they have a direct impact upon the Lab expression of an Alchemist, because it is a reflection, a mirror of the interior level of perception of the BONE !
The perception and understanding of the Book Of Nature's Expression depends a lot of the Hermes in the Hermetist. The Hermes is this "something" you have, this knack and this fire in the deepest place of your heart for the breaking/understanding of the Matrix. What is the Hermes if it's not a spirit ? It is the abaility to see through the old vision. The old vision is the cultural one, the parental one, the delusionnal one. The one that makes you believe in false things. This hallucinatory state is based upon a vision without understanding of what surrounds you. It's like living a in chinese dictionnary and not understanding a single word !! (or Hebrew one ... ;) ) When you begin to perceive ... damned ! You begin to have the code ! There IS a code ! There IS a designed and functionnal Pattern. Oh WOW, S**t !! This happened by the medium, the hermes is you, able to unlock the locks in you. It will not unlock something out of you, but you will then be able to unlock things in this world (I didn't said out of you, because it's not the case, there is nothing out and nothing in... because what's in is alike out, and vice versa... so look at your life and tell me what's in you !!).

Anyway, seeking the "lost" Book Of Nature's Expression is passionnating. And it is a marvellous quest. It's very very rewarding spiritually.

April 20, 2011

Alchemy will chew you, just dive.

Alchemy will chew you, will chew and spit out the non pure out of the psyche's deepests parts. Just know it. Be prepared. Expect it. Why alchemists don't speak about that ? I don't know. I wonder why. It is very important. Everyone should know that. It's a spiritual Path, you want it or not. Those who play the gold seeking game will not be pleased. Because, when you seek richness, you have to give a lot of yourself before. You only receive gold when gold is in you, and when you are ok with being poor and very rich. You receive immortality only after diying/dying a lot and being ok with life itself.

You will have to master all the archetypes that master you. You don't master them because you fear them, so yes, fear will come. Sadness will come, anger, and pain, and distress, like a scream coming out of a black hole in you and infusing all what you are. Vulgar suicide can come to mind yes. Some did, a good friend of mine last week wanted to put an end to his physical existence. I totally understand. It's very close to totemism. Totem animals, some wild forces, running in the subconscious mind, that must be tamed and domesticated. If not, the wild beasts will devor you one day or another. Alchemy is Shamanism. Not in form, in the essence of course. The Shaman and the Hermetist will feel the same way after having the flesh torned out fom the bones. Many forms, one essence, Nature cannot work out of her principles of actions/laws (my lawyer side ...).

Alchemy will chew you, just dive, no escape. No where to hide. It will kill the you living in you... where it is, now. Don't expect, it's coming. One day or another you'll be bite. Bleeding all the blood running in your poor veins, feeling this warmth succed out by wandering beasts at night, you'll live with a sense of despair, with a sense of hurge, it is inevitable.
People don't expect that from Hermetics, and people don't want that. They want to evolve without change. But you have to loose everything before. Is it good or bad ? It's just as it must be.

Of course you will ressuscitate one day. But to come back to life, you have to kill something before, and for this, you have to build something in order to present it on the holocaust altar. Don't get fooled you'll keep nothing, not a drop of blood in your veins. You need to empty the cup totally in order to receive a new life fully after. And the sacrafice is great.

Of course Alchemy will bring you a new life. For sure. That's the enjoyable part, the easy part. You live, you are, you enjoy the fruits coming out of the fertile compost you've just made ... by you own putrefaction. That's how gardening works. You use a fertilizer. You are your own fertilizer. Welcome to Al Chemia/"Black earth" !

Alchemists are changing, we had a bunch of scientific one, now we have the reverse side, the artistic, non materialistic one, musical one, shamanic one, psychological one, psychonauth one ... the type of sensitive persons. But still bearing the Hermes in them, and with great intuitive gifts and talents, some are truly marvellous people. Some are true genius. I'm please to be good friend with some of them (yeah my ego speak sometime, but I'm Green, I don't care !!). The Old R+C groups are no more now, just child play, 99% of such groups lost everything, no arcanas are able to be brought to such structures, dinosaurs are no more, everything has an end. Today it's far more out of bonds, it's international now. Like attracts like. It's not by chance that we meet and collaborate effectively. Brotherhood, fellowship, fraternity mean something to me, it's deep, it's strong, it's very important, and this is how the keepers of the Alchemical Keyring of Arcanas work now. We chat, we phone. We laugh a lot.

Some old texts in alchemy speak of long life, long life for Paracelsus was a normal life for us nowadays.
They wanted to have a long life in order to work for The Work. But after all, after an ingestion of True Stone, what else could 'poop out' from this world ? You found the gem, "tadaaam", nothing else to do but to leave this place now, maybe you have the soul of a Boddhisattva and you will renounce your spiritual evolution in order to bring people out of the caput ... Do you have an interest to stay (if you have no agenda or mission, or family) ? Long life ? No, Alchemy is a permanent suicide to something, suicide to life, suicide to death, it's a permanent renewal, a new discovery. You find the pill, you take it, and you're over. Game over. You're healed when you're "dead", you are healed by a Life intake.
Nothing, nothing better.

Enjoy your trip down here. And one day you'll enjoy "caput" as much as gold, and even more.

April 18, 2011

Notes sur les médecines spagyriques.

Il y a plus d'une chose qu'on doit comprendre vis à vis des médecines spagyriques.
Premièrement, l'effet de signature. Une plante, une gemme, un métal ou un produit animal, pour exister dans notre monde de dualité doit porter une signature ou une singularité propre, du coup, elle est réduite dans son action à son propre monde, à ses propres qualités.
N'attendez pas un effet sur la sphère martienne avec un élixir lunaire. C'est de la pure logique.

De plus, la manière de préparer la médecine va énormément influencer son pouvoir. Plus la qualité est raffinée, élevée, haussée, plus son effet va avoir un impact profond et spirituel sur les corps. L'idée est que plus une substance est élevée plus elle sera pénétrante dans les corps qu'elle va toucher, afin d'y infuser son pouvoir, c'est un ingrès énergétique et non plus un ingrès matériel comme en archimie. Nous renouvellons l'electro-magnétisme d'un corps entier en le touchant à sa racine, et non pas dans ses plans inférieurs, du coup, nous devons savoir que pour effectuer un rééquilibrage, il faut aller toucher la structure la plus élevée, qui va ainsi aller agir sur les plans inférieurs et plus denses d'une structure.

La question est donc : et la Pierre Philosophale alors ? Comment peut elle guérir toutes les maladies ? Et bien c'est qu'elle est Universelle dans sa signature et à la place la plus haute en qualité, voilà tout. Du coup, je vous donne une précieuse indication pour savoir d'où tirer la substance nécessaire à sa génération !


There are more than one thing to know about spageric medicines.

First of all, the signature effect. A plant, a gem, a metal or an animal product, in order to exist in our world of duality, need to bring a signature or a proper singularity, and then, is limited in its action to its own world, to its own qualities.
Do not wait an effect upon the martian sphere with a lunar elixir ... it's pure logic.

Moreover, the way of preparation of the medicine will tremendously influence its power. More the quality is raffined, highten, elevated, more the effect will have a profound & spiritual impact upon the bodies. The idea is, more a substance is high, more it will be penetrating into the bodies it will touch, in order to infuse its power, it is an energetical ingres and not a material one alike in archemy.We renew the whole electro-magnetism of a body by touching in at its root, and not via the inferior plans, and thus, we need to know that in order to create a reequilibrium, we need to touch the highest structure, that will then act upon the inferior and denser plans of a structure.

The question is : and the Philosopher Stone ? How can it heal all the illnesses ? It's because it is Universal in its signature and at the highest possible place in quality - that's all. Here then, I give you a very important indicitaion in order to know from where to take the necessary substance to its generation !