June 02, 2017

Pour l'exposition de Buenos Aires 3

Photos que j'avais envoyé il y a quelques années pour l'exposition de Buenos Aires.


TITLE: Gold opening
Spageric process concerning the opening of gold for 
it's future extraction. I remove the thin layer protecting Gold with 
a special liquid, able to open, but not to extract. The whole 
process can  take place at room temperature.

TITLE: Winter's sun
Sun rising with difficulty during a cold morning of winter. 
Checking the preparation and the evolution of a process 
during the night. both atmosphere were perfectly matching, 
since the flaskis containing a "nigredo" (black or putrefaction 
stage) in process.

TITLE: A Salamander
During the process of the melting of the Antimony, one 
can sometime give a little piece of metal as gift, for the 
Salamander, in order to nourish them and thnaking them for 
their help. Here this tonge of fire can be seen as a 
manifestation of a Fire Spirit since generally, a flame is not so 

TITLE: Cave and Star
The Antimony Dry Path. Once melted and poured, the 
Regulus (the piece of metal) cool and crystallize, giving in it's 
structure a cave, and a star just under the cave, we can see it 
as a kind of radiation. One can sometime, after having 
manifested these two elements, see a golden colour under the 
cave, in the middle of the star. It is the "Light" beginning to 
gather in order to give birth to the embryo of the Philosopher 

TITLE:  The Dragon
White flower of Antimony is the name of this Antimony 
trioxyde formation. Flower is the name of a volatile compound. 
Here, the formation is exeptional since it is quite rare to have 
such big 'hair' in a cave. It is almost the same process that 
happens in geods. But here without water and soluble salts, 
just by volatilisation.

TITLE: Esmeraldas
This is a personal path called "the Way of the Moor 
Man". This is something very simple. I didn't expect to find 
these crystallisations in the bottom of the Alambic. I consider 
such things as gifts in my practice. 

TITLE: Hot Snow
This is a distillation of urine. At a moment, Ammonia 
salts will begin to make stars and very beautiful patterns in the 
Alambic. Because of the fresh smell and taste of ammonia, I 
give it the name of Hot snow. One can witness some golden 
drops. It is a volatile sulfur in urine. The smell is absolutely 

TITLE: Mineral grass
This is not a "normal" crystallisation, the salt used do 
not take this shape, nor this colour. It was a total surprise for 
me, I didn't expect that at all. I gave it the name of Mineral 
Grass, simply because it grows out of a mineral and on a 
black earth.

TITLE: Dragon's blood
This is a distillation of Antimony's Sulfur or blood. The 
photo will never take the amazingly deep colour. It's like a 
profound ruby, with a kind of pulse in it, a life and a power.

TITLE: Vegetatio
Sometime colours happen, and let us in a state of 
astonishment. How could a mineral under the influence of a 
"mercury" could take so much colours, from Black, to Green 
(Vegetatio), to Whie and then Red

7 photos were taken for the expo.