January 27, 2010

R.A.M.S Digital

The latest upadate of the Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts Society : the complete catalogue and tables of contents of all the books on DVDs or CDs sod by RAMS. You can find it here :


From the latest News Letter :
Readers contact.
Occasionally, the question is emailed if I know of alchemical groups in particular areas where readers live. Numerous searchers come to the R.A.M.S. collection having typed something into an internet engine. Their individual journeys through alchemical landscapes can have little local support or assistance with initial knowledge. A driving passion, as disparate as cancer research or esoteric truth, empowers many readers searching for more than a collection of ancient alchemical texts as much as a catalyist and essential resource as it is. Several readers expect that R.A.M.S. is a front door to a greater community. In truth, this newsletter travels to a diverse collection of global readers established over the years of maintaining a website. All have one thing in common - the ownership of the R.A.M.S. Collection. Except for the quarterly newsletter little contact is continued or utilised. Preference is given to enable readers to progress at their individual pace and path with minimal interuption from R.A.M.S.

Recently, however, a successful introduction of two consenting readers has established a working relationship where once there was only potential. So, a gentle invitation has been included in this newsletter to consider the question of private introductions...