August 14, 2010

Why Alchemy

Because of puffers, Alchemy lost her spiritual nature. It is now a "way to make gold", due to ignorance of people, this science is seen in contempt or only taken as a fool's science. A lot of searchers are drawn to it, just in order to make gold in order to make a living. It's, in this case, preferable to save in order to buy a gold mine...
We recently had a new vibration bearing spagyrics to the public, on internet, but the physical side/therapeutic is highlighted.

The energetics side is not yet really understood, nor the spiritual side.

Alchemy is a Science of Enlightenment of the spirit and of the bodies, until one goes into Light and disappear, burning all the Karma that make him dense and physically existent. One then live into the Sun.
The quest of Alchemy is the Universal Philosophical Stone, or, an enlightened matter in order enlighten the Alchemist.

Universal because it is made with a Universal Matter, Philosophical because it is made by following the Laws of Nature, and Stone, because this evolved product is at the end of the process, a stony matter.
Of course, one can develop "powers", wisdom, knowledge, physical health and wealth, and long life, but all these are only side products, that comes by addition.

This Stone, is a gate. Divine Light shines in it, and if one ingest it, he can thus makes one with It.

A repeated fusion fills the Alchemist with Divine Light until he becomes totally One with it, and then disappearing in it.