October 11, 2010

Spiritual Initiation in Alchemy

We are talking here about True Alchemy, not particular Alchemy (and this is also different from Archemy or Science of Particulars).

Some of us have the goal, in Alchemy, to have Enlightenment, and for this we must have the Stone, which is only a way to produce this State. But we have to be aware that the Spiritual Initiation via Alchemical Path is very very uncommon and rare. It's far less uncommon in Zen, Advaita, Yoga, etc where far far more people reach these states of Being. This simply comes from the fact that Alchemy is an almost lost Science. We have only few rare initiates in this planet that knows the secrets of True Alchemy, and true disciples are rare.
Alchemy is one of the hardest ways to "get there". People imagine that since they have the technique of some process they will easily have the Stone, it is absolutely not the case at all, sometime they strive for nothing valuable, and they imagine that they finally have the Stone (because they have seen few colours, and it looks like a red stony matter), and are disappointed, most part of the time, the story end ... in a dead end, full of frustration and despair, and worse, in poisoning himself and others like in some "orders" where the 'Stone' is given by the guru to the disciples... True Alchemy is clearly revealed nowhere in texts. It's all hints, allegories and images, symbols, and it is needed to have a key to open the process and a real faculty to read between the lines and to decipher the symbolic code used centuries before.
If you want enlightenment via Alchemy, I invite you to revise your spiritual motivations profoundly concerning the possible fulfilling of this goal with this Art. One person upon a billion, even less, can reach enlightenment via Alchemy. It's far more direct by other paths, those who walk these paths of Material realization have a very special quality of soul, requiring a lot of Hermes in it. This is why oratory is required (which must be made of astrologia, theurgia, and study of symbols, texts, meditation (zen like) and also the different laws of Nature), and of course and practical side made with the laboratory, both are one and complete each other.
Most part of process revealed today are part of the said "particular Alchemy". Nothing Universal is involved, but these paths can lead to interesting medicines, transmutations, learning about the process, qualities of matter, laws of Nature, and mastery of inner archetypes, also balancing inner energies etc, and attaining minors states of initiation or purification. These paths are for example the Antimony path of Bacstrom, of "Flamel" as they call it in the PON, involving silver, gold, mercury and antimony (Flamel Path is not at all the path described here), or the Roger's Caro Cinnabar Path, all the different Alkhaests Paths also, the Golden Water Path or Via Antiqua, etc.

Alchemy has a lot of ramifications, like the roots of our old oak. And it is a complex subject.
I want to thanks all my friends in the Art for their support, help, contributions. Thank you my friends !!