December 10, 2011

"Look, I distilled water, it's Alchemy !"...

"Look, I distilled water, it's Alchemy !" ...

Oh yes, you made a tincture, it's Alchemy. You made a sublimation, it's Alchemy. You melted gold, antimony, bismuth or watever can melt, you made Alchemy ... that's nothing more than chemistry in the first hand. Then what ? You made a transmutation, it's Alchemy too ? 

Now everything is Alchemy. (And yes of course, everything IS Alchemical .. since it's Nature's Path).

But that's not right, it's not the case. There's a big difference between the different branches of "the Alchemical Science". The Alchemical Science is a hole corpus of different type of practices, from the very chemical one, to the most incredible Alchemical Practices. So we have to make distinctions. When do we speak of Alchemy ? High Spagery ? Spagery ? Particulars ? Archemy ?

Too much confusion. I'll give and explain MY definitions.

So lets clarify the terms.

What is the difference between a simple chemical (and advanced chemical/exotic reaction) and Alchemy ?
Answer : the use of Spiritus Mundi.

If I make a tincture, of gems, metals, plants, human or animal products, I'm practicing Spagery.

If I make an evolution in a matter, (black, green, white/yellow, red), if I create a medicine and I can even make a transmutation (generally weak) with it, it's High Spagiria.

If I make a non potable product, only for making silver, or gold, in this case I'm practicing Archemy (because it's not for "medicine").

If I use Spiritus Mundi only, then it's Universal Alchemy.

If I use particular matters, like High Spagiric process + Spiritus Mundi, it's Particular Alchemy for me.

If I use Spiritus Mundi plus an Archemical process, it's High Archemy.

If I create a special product, not for gold, but for a special purpose, it's a Particular, if there is a use of S.M then High Particular.

These are just example. It's in order to know, what exactly we are speaking about.

Okay, you made a tincture, but at what level are you working now ?