June 28, 2010

To speak like an Alchemist ...

What is it to speak like an Alchemist ?

Do you have only to speak in riddles ? "Make the Doves of Diana", or in an incomprehensible language ? "The first mercury is of the Philosophical Mercury, both are one, but are different, because of the animation and the acuation of this Duenech, in order to have the key, to the palace of the king, after seven eagles"... well, just a quick example.

No, speaking like an Alchemist, it is speaking the language of Nature, it is a practical application of what you understand from Her, and first you have to read Her, and deeply understand her, breaking the limits of your vision, mostly made in the fog of "culture". Speaking like an Alchemist is in silence, in the Labor of the Laboratory, acting, waiting, seeing, being grateful, humble, respectful, and present, that's all. And after that, you eat alchemically, you sleep, discuss, travel, etc Alchemically, once it is really deeply integrated. Not an "easy" task at all.

People can talk and talk,on and on about Alchemy, doing nothing respectful in the lab, staying in the chair in front of the computer, do they speak Alchemically, or do they speak about the speach of the Alchemists ? The later of course.

Alchemy is not chemystry at all, it is another dimension, Sacred.

As I stated before (in the Black Opus article) an "Alchemyst" (for "mystic", and not an "Alche-'mist'") by his own work in the lab gain a responsability upon the matter that he works. Respect and humility, are very important.

One should not dabble ! You have to know where you go first ! And if you don't exactly know, just know from where you matter just comes, and where it should go, and deduce the step to do. If you come from Black, then you know you have to go to White.

What's new with gold dissolution.

The solution of gold stood for two days at room temperature, and began to turn brown, it made a kind of "oily" nature in the bottom, now it is black with a red and gold crown because of the Sulfur.

I'm sorry, the rest of the process will be kept 'sub-rosa'.

June 24, 2010

Heinrich Khunrath's Athanor

Heinrich Khunrath'sAthanor !
(Here it is, see !)

De Images Blogger

Huginus a Barma.

We see that both Athanors are the same models, with little differences, but both were under un curtain. We can see that this furnace is quite large and tall ! Almost 2 meters...

June 21, 2010

Gold ...

Some little works again about gold.

I put my Alkaest and 5 gold leaves for the "test" (well, I already know how it will react, so, it's not really a test, just some fun with a new Alkaest). 6 minutes after ... at a low temperature (around 60°C maybe, I don't know, it was on the first level of my hot plate so ...) I had not even the time to take photos of the evolution (doing something else). But I knew it would occur so quickly.

We can see here the gold falling appart ...and bubbling, after loosing it's colour.
Gold is like silver when it's colour is extracted.

This is a funny and amazing process, gold is vanishing ... litterally, into this mercury (all potable ! what a great thing), yes funny because you see a such difficult thing (it is considered as such generally) occuring in front of your eyes so quickly. And the second thing, is that it is easely done. Of course you have to prepare your alkaest before etc, but even that is an easy and relatively (if you make lab alchemy, this relatively mean something precise lol) quick task.

We Can see here the body of gold.

I think I can saturate the Mercury wilth gold, until it dissolves nothing more.

June 17, 2010

Gold Elixir

Gold before distillation.

To make short, I use an "Alkahest" to open my gold leaves, they appear red, and still solid, you can wash them, dry them, and a further treatment will dissolve them into pure spiritus vini (tartarised), and then you have the above tincture.

Distillation of Gold, the Oil is concentrating.

Mercury put back on the "caput", and the color changed.

After three more repetitions of the process, here is the final Elixir.

This Elixir is really Sun's rays in a flask.

I felt, the first time I took some of this elixir, (1/4 of little drop in some white wine, morning, empty stomac, and no theurgical work on it), after ~ 30 mins a gentle heat in the stomac, liver, spleen zone during 30 minutes almost, I felt it also once in the day, it lasted 5 minutes approx.

I've charged it, with solar mantras, etc, and the absorption did nothing that my consciousness could notice. But I beleive I've not made enough intakes to see clearly the action.

Update : Thing done, this solar elixir made a nice, and very weird purification of very tiny astral transparent parasites, like 'bacterias' or very little worms (I saw that in a dream, all psychic or energetical purification or initiation are lived in "dreams" i.e, on the astra mental level, or energetical and psychic level.)

Simple vinegar extraction of plants

This is quite a simple thing, but it worth doing it.
You take a litter of distilled vinegar, and you put some good cooking herbs in it,
from the garden it's better !
I took 21 flower of chamomile, 1 rose, some rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, some pine needles, some leaves of absinthe, laurel, eucapyltus, and melissa.
I put to circulate 40°C for some hours and then exposed to the sun.
Filter and take a spoon everyday, fool of good things !

Cobalt evolution

Cobalt can have is of pink colour, also fuchsia purple/pink, some violet depending of the angle, and also a nice red as you can see on the picture.

In an old german alchemical book, (sorry I don't remember the title), Cobalt was associated to planet Mars.

If you have any experience about this metal, let me know :)

Of course, this pink colour could be realted to a more feminine energy like Jupiter or Venus. A deeper exploration of this metal will surely learn us more.

June 16, 2010

Green Opus

Salomon Trismosin, Splendor Solis.
After the painful passage in the kingdom of darkness, here we are, back to the surface of the earth, with a new life beginning. Spring ! see that the word/verb spring means a season, a foutain, or a new birth, something coming out of.

A personnal Work. We can see a chlorophylian green, even if it is not at all a plan work.

Sap is runnning to the top instead of staying under earth, in the core of the roots or seed, stagnant. There is an Ex-pression, because of this new pressure, new sun, new dew.

Salomon Trismosin, Splendor Solis.

This stage is linked with the Cauda Pavonis, or Peacock Tail, because of sometime, a multitude of colours coming in the surface of the bath, and also the deep colour green that can be seen, sometime, but only with some matters, we can have a peacock throat, of a very nice blue, but it is more linked to Nigredo.

A personnal Work. We witness an evolution in the green, from the very dark to the lighter.

This Opus of green colour is callen Viridis, in latin, and is the sign of the renewal of life into the matrix of the matter. This is joy coming and expressing itself, energy coming out ! A new breath, new projects are coming into mind, we feel happy and ready for planning future, wanting to create things, and to learn, express new things. After the darkness of low moods, this is a big change, and you feel it clearly. I also see that I listen far more music.

The Sulphur is coming out of hell, darkness.

The subject of the Cauda Pavonis, if we dig, can be very interesting, and even complex, as we can see, there is not only one Cauda Pavonis, we have the Black Cauda, see the image below :

Personnal Work, you can see on the wine, a kind of peacock tail, of course, it is not alchemical, only spagyrical and not related to the 'new life', it is something else. Here, we coud call that, "rooster tail".

We have the Alchemical Cauda (more complex than it seems to be, but, it is "under the rose"), and also a Mercurial Cauda Pavonis. In the last case, a rainbow colour is often seen in the glassware during a distillation for example. Another kind of Cauda Pavonis is also seen in the Mercurial Water while it is in elevation in the vessel, and when we apply to it by the side, a little light.