April 16, 2010

Federico Gualdi

Federico Gualdi


August Melech Hultazob

Principe Di Achem

A very nice & passionating book about this Adept Alchemist Federico Gualdi. This is a good read for all true alchemist desiring to learn more about this strange man, and also about long life and other interesting things.

by Hans W. Nintzel

Friederich Gualdi, Gualdo or Gualdus was a resident of Venice in the 1680s or thereabouts. At that time, outer aspects not giving any indications of prosperity, he assisted a nobleman to open some mines and support the operations until they became profitable. The nobleman suggested Gualdus to marry his daughter. However, they came from different levels of society. This difference posed an insurmountable obstacle.

Gualdus presented the Republic with sufficient funds (thought to be in gold) to acquire a title of sufficient importance to allow the marriage to take place. The couple lived in a fine villa and Gualdus had on display, many fine paintings that belonged to him. A visitor examining one of the paintings, a portrait of Gualdus, noted it was painted by the renowned artist, Titian. Gualdus admitted that Titian did indeed paint this. The problem was, Titian died in 1576!

Gualdus shortly disappeared, leaving Venice the next morning. In Compass der Weisen (1782), he is referred to as being alive and over 600 years old! Centuries earlier, in Venice, he seemed a man of middle age, but indicated he was much older and the portrait clearly represented him as he looked more than a century earlier.

Contained therein, are letters between Gualdus and Baron von Reusenstein. The latter refers to Gualdus as an Adept and Dr Sigismund Bacstrom held von Reusenstein in very high regard. We have here, also, Gualdus’ recipe for longevity. A subject, it seems, he knew quite a lot about!