August 25, 2012

When Alchemy meet Theurgy and Magick.

When you distill soap, you have glyceryn. It's inoffensive.
When you distill salpeter and sulfuric acid together (well, it's not inoffensive of course but still, it's not TNT) you have nitric acid. Glyceryn and Nitric Acid together give something tremendously unstable and explosive. The perfect match. Nitro-glyceryn !
This is a comparison of the meeting between Alchemy andTheurgy /Magick when they meet. It's a perfect match.
The entire universe is a fluidic condensator/capacitor. Magick uses them extensively in its practices. And Alchemy can produce the best fluidic condensators ever. Even more if it is the Philosopher Stone that is used.
A fluidic condensator is a matter that has the capacity to act as a battery for energy. Some are specified, (for Fire, or Moon, or Libra ...) and some are Universal.
Some are complex (gold, plus beeswax plus oliban, plus ...) and some are simple (only one matter is used). It can be solid (resins, plants, metals, gems ...), liquid (tinctures, fluids, etc), or volatile (volatile oils, smoke, etc). Fire is also a capacitor. Few mention it, but it is extremely effective if one knows how to use it. Fire is also Sun or Moonlit light.
It can be very simply made (beeswax ... no prepration !) or extremely long and tedius (lets say the Stone).
This is where Alchemy meet Magick.
You can use the knowledge of Alchemy for everything you'll produce in and for Magick.
You make a wand ? It's a Fluidic Capacitor !
Sword ? Dagger ? Cup ? Incenses ? Lustral Water ? Altar ? Circle ? Amulet, talismans, sigils, inks, pantacles ... everything is made of Fluidic Capacitor.
This is why I'm disturbed when wands are painted with artificial colours, coming out of the petroleum industry.
I use only natural pigments out of metals or natural sources (like coal, and earth, clays ...). Same thing with inks used for sigils. This is why it is always better when it is engraved in a metal or beeswax.
We can personnalise and make a stronger charge or accumulation of energy with personnal fluids like sweat, sperm, secretions, saliva, blood, tears. But sperm and vaginal secretions, blood are the bests and the most powerful agents.
This means that BEFORE practicing Magick one has to have some knowledges in Spagerics and Alchemy, basics can be ok, but for some tools a real knowledge and a practical background is necessary.
One can tells me that it is possible to practice Magick without tools. Yes, of course, I practiced Magick myself for more than a decade and I daily practiced with a minimum of tools.
But practicing with bad tools and highly effective/fluidic capacitor tools makes a great deal of difference ! Trust me, I tried !
What you make with dedication, knowledge and time, will always bear fruits.