January 08, 2011

Know where you are, and accept it fully.

In the process of Spiritual/Alchemical evolution or initiations, you can maybe wonder where you are wandering now. At first, you should feel and see clearly what's happening in you. Do you feel depressed ? Or maybe you are learning new things and enjoying social life, you could feel meditative and very detached or feeling balanced, or maybe you have a feeling of accomplishment ? You have to see what's going on in your existence. And then you can put a label on the phase/colour where you are. This is not an easy task at first, I admit it. Simply because you have first to look deeply in you, with some distance, and you also have to understand what are the characteristics of the four major colours.
When it is done, and you think you are in such or such colour, try to feel how you live this special colour. Is it fun ? Is it painful or problematic ? Do you enjoy the process or do you tend to refuse it in some way ? Do you fully live the colour ? Do you have problems with the living of this colour, maybe with friends, parents, relatives, etc ? What is happening in you, and around you while you are in the colour ?
Of course we can have reactions in our surrounding concerning the way we live the process. Most part of the time people will not understand what is going on in you. They don't even know that the inner cycle exist. So, how could they understand ? We have to explain what is happening. To say that it is normal. It is a quickening (yes, almost like in the "Highlander"). We receive an energy, we have to surrender to it in order to be initiated, and to evolve more in our human and Divine potential. If they don't understand, present the cycle as a natural and psychological process, you can use Jung, in order to explain the seasons of the Soul. Keep your explanation simple and clear. And remind them often what is going on in you. A lot of persons having a Black, a Green, a White, are worried, nowadays it is the Black that worries people. They don't know what is happening. They understand nothing. Lately, a woman was telling me that "she was lost, totally lost, impossible to know what to do, where to go" (perfect Blackness), another, in divorce, cheated by her husband (probably in the Green period of the 50 years old...), loosing her job, house, stability, etc. Well, when you have made something mature, like the red apple, it will one day, fall of the branch on the floor in order to putrefy and to give life to another existence. Every stability will call instability one day or another. I explained her, both, that it is normal, something is happening, that it is for something better, and sooner or later, she will regain joy and life. I explained the cycle in simple words, in optimistic words. You can't explain the cycle in the same way to everybody. Simply because you have to know where they are. According to their place in the cycle, and how they are living it, you have to change your point of view and words.

"After the Black, there is Green ! Keep your faith, light is coming, a new life !"

"After the Green, there is White ! Don't worry, you will not loose your freshness !"

"After White there is Red ! Finally you will have the fruits of your stability !"

"After Red, there is Black ! Prepare yourself to loose everything you are,
and have, but thanks Nature for that, because your wealth will be multiplied !".

This explanation should not trigger a flee from the present colour, you have to deal, and face the NOW, and nothing else. In the Black, it is understandable to have a need for green. It is perfect. It's the role of Black mostly at a certain time, to make this need. Maybe, it is also a part of the cycle to create this need for the next colour. But it must be clearly understood that you can help the colour, and then, the cycle itself, or you can interfere with it. It only depends of your inner flexibility, non resistance, and total, unconditional acceptance.
Your desire for something else than what is happening right now can make you feel bad. For example : You can reject your blackness, as we said before, (and most part of the time it is the case, because it hurts, but we don't have the force do get rid of it), you can reject your immaturity/greenness, because you never felt like that before, or you want to do very bizarre things, you have desires for experiences you are not accustomed to, and maybe it is not part of your cultural vision/ programming (by peers, and parents, relatives, etc), and it is also the case when you are surrounded by persons that are in some other colours. You could try to keep them close (in mind) to you, and it would not help the cycle ... you could do that because you could fear to loose them. Sometimes it is necessary.
So, you block, you strive, you suffer, you are torn, and moved by desires and needs, passions, etc. If ever you repress them, or push them, they will come back, with even more force a day or another in your life. There is no "time" in the subconscious for the cycle. You'll have to do, to live, what the cycle needs to be completed.