February 05, 2010

Old Book - Lamspring in color, hand writen.

You can find here a very nice document of Lamspring, full of colors !
I made a compilation of the images :


am-what-is said...
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am-what-is said...

Does this work refer to antimony in your opinion/knowledge?
Lamb and spring are both symbols of aries. Does aries refer to antimony
as Glauber suggests, or something else?

your brother,

S. H. D'Artigné said...

Dear Brother,

If I am not wrong, we have two possibilities, one way with Stibin, another less known, use mediators in the mineral and metallic realms.
But you analysis is a good possibility I think, It's always difficult to know exactly what is the matter described in such treatrises.
Lamb & spring can also be seen as the pure Secret Fire joined to the Prima Materia, of the lamb of the Holocaust, and the Divine's Fire.

I hope this can help !